Indian Baby Names As Per Numerology

28 Baby Boy Names Found As Per Numerology For Number 7
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Vicky Conqueror; Victorious 7 Boy-E
Jayanth victorious.aspx'>Victorious; Star; Eventual victor; Triumphant; The Moon; Another name for Mahavishnu and Shiva 7 Boy-E
Parvez Victorious peace; Luck 7 Boy-E
Faaz Victorious; Successful 7 Boy-E
Faaiz Victorious; Gain; Abundance; Affluence; Liberality; Favour; Triumphant 7 Boy-E
Ranajay Victorious 7 Boy-E
Nisar Nature; Warm cloth; Victorious 7 Boy-E
Zafar Rivulet; River; Stream; Little creek; Victorious 7 Boy-E
Muntasir Victorious 7 Boy-E
Dhanajayan Lord Murugan; Conquering booty; Victorious in battle; An epithet of Soma; Name of fire; A designation of Arjun; Name of a Nag; Name of Vishnu 7 Boy-E
Fatehjit victorious.aspx'>Victorious victor 7 Boy-E
Jayagopal Victorious Lord Krishna 7 Boy-E
Ghallab Ever victorious; Triumphant 7 Boy-E
Jagatjeet Victorious of the world 7 Boy-E
Karunveer Victorious 7 Boy-E
Satrajith Ever victorious; Father of Satyabhama 7 Boy-E
Zaafir Victorious; Of firm and resolute intention 7 Boy-E
Ajinder Victorious 7 Boy-E
Jeevanjeet Victorious in life 7 Boy-E
Vimaljeet Victorious of the pure 7 Boy-E
Aasvi Blessed and victorious; Little Mare 7 Boy-E
Zafeer Victorious; Of firm and resolute intention 7 Boy-E
Ashvik Blessed and victorious 7 Boy-E
Taranjeet Victorious saviour 7 Boy-E
Jaiveer Victorious 7 Boy-E
Jaswant Worthy of praise; Victorious 7 Boy-E
Surjit Conqueror of the Suras; Victorious devotee 7 Boy-E
Sanjay Victorious; Dhritarashtra's charioteer 7 Boy-E
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