Aswini Nakshatra Names For Boy

148 Boy Names For Aswini Nakshatra Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Cheana Lord of luck 5 Boy-E
Chedi Which cut and break; Leader; Charming; Wise; King and founder of the Chedi dynasty 11 Boy-E
Chelan Deep water; Consciousness 7 Boy-E
Cheliyan Rich; Resourceful; Prosperous 5 Boy-E
Chellamani Precious Gem 6 Boy-E
Chellamuthu Precious Pearl 7 Boy-E
Chellapan Precious 9 Boy-E
Cheluva Looking handsome 9 Boy-E
Chemmal Premier; Best 1 Boy-E
Chenna Lord Vishnu 9 Boy-E
Cheranraj Life 6 Boy-E
Cherasya 8 Boy-E
Cherish To care for dearly 7 Boy-E
Cherith Beloved 8 Boy-E
Chervik Validation 4 Boy-E
Chetak Rana Pratap's horse; Thoughtful; Pensive 3 Boy-E
Chetan Intelligence; Perception; Spirit of life; Vigour; Life 6 Boy-E
Chetanaanand Supreme Joy 5 Boy-E
Chetananand Supreme Joy 4 Boy-E
Chetandeep Lamp of consciousness 9 Boy-E
Chetansai 8 Boy-E
Chetas Mind; Perception; Intelligence; Brilliance 2 Boy-E
Chethan Intelligence; Perception; Sprit of life; Vigour; Life 5 Boy-E
Chetty Mind 9 Boy-E
Chetu Power of Intellect 3 Boy-E
Chevatkodiyon Lord Murugan; One with a rooster in his battle flag 8 Boy-E
Chezian Graceful 3 Boy-E
Chokshit Purity 3 Boy-E
Cholamitra 1 Boy-E
Cholan A South Indian Dynasty 8 Boy-E
Chotu Small 22 Boy-E
Chudamani Crest Jewel 11 Boy-E
Chulbul mischievous 7 Boy-E
Chuman Curious 6 Boy-E
Chunmay Supreme consciousness 4 Boy-E
Laasak Dancer; Body; Playful; Peacock 9 Boy-E
Laavnay Commanded 22 Boy-E
Laayak Fit; Clever; Capable 6 Boy-E
Labh Profit 5 Boy-E
Labhansh A part of the profit 11 Boy-E
Lachman Younger brother of Ram 7 Boy-E
Ladu King 11 Boy-E
Lagan Appropriate time; Devotion; Love; The rising of the Sun or planets 8 Boy-E
Laghun Quick 9 Boy-E
Lahiri WAVE 3 Boy-E
Lahit 5 Boy-E
Lahu 6 Boy-E
Lajesh 1 Boy-E
Lajjak Modesty 9 Boy-E
Lajjan Modesty 3 Boy-E
Lajjit Bashful; Modest; Shy; Blushing 8 Boy-E
Lakesh Cinnamon tree 2 Boy-E
Lakhan Brother of Lord Rama; Successful; Achiever; Distinguished; With auspicious marks 2 Boy-E
Lakhit Lord Vishnu 7 Boy-E
Lakhith Lord Vishnu 6 Boy-E
Lakit Beautiful 8 Boy-E
Lakni Warrior 2 Boy-E
Laksay Malik (Lord) 6 Boy-E
Laksh Aim; Target; Goal; Sign 6 Boy-E
Lakshak Ray of beauty; Expressing indirectly 9 Boy-E
Lakshan The aim; One with auspicious signs; Propitious; Distinguished; Mark; The half- brother of God Raam 3 Boy-E
Lakshanya One who achieves; Successful; Distinguished; Objective 11 Boy-E
Lakshay Destination 5 Boy-E
Lakshayaditya Looks Like Sun; Destined Sun 11 Boy-E
Lakshin One with auspicious marks; Propitious; Distinguished 11 Boy-E
Lakshit Distinguished; Regarded 8 Boy-E
Lakshith Distinguished 7 Boy-E
Lakshman Prosperous; Brother of Lord Rama; Born to give 7 Boy-E
Lakshmana Prosperous; Brother of Lord Rama; Born to give 8 Boy-E
Lakshmanapranadata Reviver of Lakshmana's life 3 Boy-E
Lakshmanapranadatre Reviver of lakshmanas life 7 Boy-E
Lakshmeesh Lord Vishnu, Lord of Lakshmi 11 Boy-E
Lakshmi Gopal Lord Vishnu 7 Boy-E
Lakshmi Kant Lord Vishnu, Consort of Goddess Lakshmi 11 Boy-E
Lakshmi Narayan Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu together 3 Boy-E
Lakshmi Priya Tulsi; Lord Vishnu (One who is beloved to Goddess Laxmi) 7 Boy-E
Lakshmi Raman Lord Vishnu, Consort of Lakshmi 3 Boy-E
Lakshmibanta Fortunate 3 Boy-E
Lakshmidhar Lord Vishnu, Possessor of Lakshmi, Name for Vishnu 5 Boy-E
Lakshmikantam The Lord of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu 7 Boy-E
Lakshmikanth Lord Vishnu; Lakshmi's husband 1 Boy-E
Lakshminath Consort of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu 8 Boy-E
Lakshmipathi Lord Vishnu, Consort of Goddess Lakshmi 1 Boy-E
Lakshmipati Lord Vishnu, Consort of Goddess Lakshmi 11 Boy-E
Laksit Distinguished; Regarded 9 Boy-E
Lalam Jewel 3 Boy-E
Lalan Nurturing 4 Boy-E
Lalataksha One who has An eye in the forehead 5 Boy-E
Lalatendu The third eye of Lord Shiva 9 Boy-E
Lalchand Red Moon 1 Boy-E
Lalit Beautiful; Desirable; Voluptuous; Gentle; Graceful; Charming; Sporting gentle 9 Boy-E
Lalit Kumar Beautiful 1 Boy-E
Lalitaditya Beautiful Sun 6 Boy-E
Lalitchandra Beautiful Moon 4 Boy-E
Lalitendu Beautiful Moon 8 Boy-E
Lalitesh God of beauty; God of grace; Consort of a beautiful wife 5 Boy-E
Lalith Beautiful; Desirable; Voluptuous; Gentle; Graceful; Charming; Sporting gentle 8 Boy-E
Lalithaditya Beautiful Sun 5 Boy-E
Lalitkishore Beautiful 4 Boy-E
Lalitmohan Beautiful and attractive 6 Boy-E