108 Names Of Lord Vishnu

108 108 Names Of Lord Vishnu
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Achyut Imperishable; A name of Lord Vishnu; Indestructible 6 Boy-E
Ajitesh Lord Vishnu; Lord of the unconquerable 9 Boy-E
Akshaj Lord Vishnu; A diamond; A thunderbolt; A name of Vishnu 5 Boy-E
Akshobhya Lord Vishnu; Immovable one 9 Boy-E
Ameyatma Manifests in infinite varieties; Lord Vishnu 7 Boy-E
Amritaya The immortal; Lord Vishnu 7 Boy-E
Anantajeet The victor of infinity; Lord Vishnu; Ever victorious Lord 1 Boy-E
Balaji Another name of the Hindu Lord Venkata Chalapathi (Tirupathi), A name of Lord Vishnu 8 Boy-E
Bhudhav Lord Vishnu; Bhu - Earth, Dhav - Lord 3 Boy-E
Bhuvanesh The Lord of the world; Lord Vishnu 1 Boy-E
Chakradev Lord Vishnu, Lord of Chakra, i.e. discus, Name of Vishnu 1 Boy-E
Chakradhar Lord Vishnu, The one who bears the Chakra 1 Boy-E
Chakrapani Name of Lord Vishnu 1 Boy-E
Chakresh Name of Lord Vishnu 1 Boy-E
Chhatrabhuj Lord Vishnu, One who has four arms 1 Boy-E
Eha Lord Vishnu; In this place; Here; Now; At this time 5 Boy-E
Ekana Lord Vishnu 5 Boy-E
Evyavan Lord Vishnu; An epithet of Vishnu; Going quickly; Granting desire on one object 9 Boy-E
Hari The Sun; Man; Green; Light; Moon; Another name for Indra; Brahma Vishnu and Shiva 9 Boy-E
Harinarayan Lord Vishnu, Nar means person, Narayan then is the primal person + Hari is God in action both through creating and destroying 11 Boy-E
Hariom Lord Vishnu; Name of Brahman 1 Boy-E
Ijay Lord Vishnu 9 Boy-E
Jagannath Lord of the world 4 Boy-E
Jaithra Lord Vishnu; Leading to victory 4 Boy-E
Janamejay Lord Vishnu; Victorious from birth 8 Boy-E
Jayanta Lord Vishnu; Victorious in the end; The Moon; Name of a son of Indra and Shachee; One of the Adityas; Another name for Vishnu; Shiva & Skand 9 Boy-E
Jayapal King; Lord Vishnu; Lord Brahma 3 Boy-E
Jina To live; Lord Vishnu 7 Boy-E
Kamalakar Lord Vishnu; A lake where Lotus grows 6 Boy-E
Kamalapati Lord Vishnu, Consort of Kamala (Kamala - Lakshmi) 4 Boy-E
Kamalkant Lord Vishnu, Consort of Kamala 3 Boy-E
Kamalnath Lord Vishnu, Lord of Kamala 9 Boy-E
Keshav Name of Lord Krishna; Lord Venkateswara; Lord Vishnu; Long Haired; Slayer of Keshi demon 3 Boy-E
Lakshmidhar Lord Vishnu, Possessor of Lakshmi, Name for Vishnu 5 Boy-E
Lakshmipati Lord Vishnu, Consort of Goddess Lakshmi 11 Boy-E
Liladhar Lord Vishnu; One who indulges in play; Pastime; An epithet of Krishna; Epithet of Vishnu 11 Boy-E
Lohitaksh Lord Vishnu; Red-eyed 4 Boy-E
Madhuban Lord Vishnu; Flower garden 1 Boy-E
Mahakram Lord Vishnu; He provides easy step-by-step access to the elevation of his devotees 3 Boy-E
Mahatru Lord Vishnu; Greatest of the great; Name of Shiva; To be honored 1 Boy-E
Mantram Holy name; Lord Vishnu 8 Boy-E
Mukund Name of Lord Vishnu; Freedom giver; Gem; Liberator 3 Boy-E
Namish Lord Vishnu; Courteous 1 Boy-E
Narahari Lord Vishnu; Man-Lion; Vishnu is the fourth incarnation 7 Boy-E
Narasimha An incarnation of Lord Vishnu; Lion among men 3 Boy-E
Narayan Lord Vishnu; Refuge of man 11 Boy-E
Narottam Best among men; Lord Vishnu 3 Boy-E
Nityanta Lord Vishnu 5 Boy-E
Padmakar Jewel; Lord Vishnu 11 Boy-E
Padmanabh One with Lotus in his navel; Lord Vishnu 6 Boy-E
Padmapati Lord Vishnu, Consort of Padma (Padma - Lakshmi) 9 Boy-E
Padmesh Lord Vishnu, Consort of Padma 3 Boy-E
Parashuram The sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu 8 Boy-E
Parmesh Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu 8 Boy-E
Phanindranath Lord Vishnu; The Lord of the cosmic serpent Shesh 11 Boy-E
Pitambar Lord Vishnu; Yellow robed 8 Boy-E
Pramodan Lord Vishnu; Excessive joy; One of the eight perfections in the Sankhya philosophy; Pleasure personified as a child of Brahma; A strong perfume; Name of an attendant of Skand; Name of a Nag 1 Boy-E
Pranshu Tall; Lord Vishnu; High 7 Boy-E
Purshottam Lord Vishnu; Best among men 7 Boy-E
Rajatanabhi Very rich; Lord Vishnu 4 Boy-E
Ramakant Lord Vishnu, Consort of Rama 7 Boy-E
Ramakanta Lord Vishnu, Consort of Rama 8 Boy-E
Ramesh Lord Vishnu; Preserver or the one who saves from danger 1 Boy-E
Ratnabhu Lord Vishnu; Beautiful navel 4 Boy-E
Ratnanidhi Lord Vishnu; Ratna - Jewel + Nidhi - a treasure; Store; The ocean; A Man endowed with many good qualities; An epithet of Vishnu and Shiva; A divine treasure belonging to Kuber 8 Boy-E
Rishikesh One who controls senses; Lord Vishnu 7 Boy-E
Sadabindu Lord Vishnu; Sada- eternally + Bindu - particle 3 Boy-E
Sahishnu Lord Vishnu; Who calmly endures duality 9 Boy-E
Samarendra Lord Vishnu; War God 4 Boy-E
Samavart Lord Vishnu, One who expertly whirls the wheel of Samsara 5 Boy-E
Samendu Lord Vishnu; Like the Moon (Sama + Indu) 5 Boy-E
Saprathas Lord Vishnu; Effective or sounding or shining far and wide 4 Boy-E
Sarngin Name of Lord Vishnu 1 Boy-E
Sarvagny The all knowing; Lord Vishnu 8 Boy-E
Satanand Lord Vishnu; Name of the sage Gautama; Name of the son of Gautama; Joy of truth 2 Boy-E
Satindra Lord Vishnu; Lord of truth 5 Boy-E
Satkartar Lord Vishnu; Doer; Walker of the truth 1 Boy-E
Satveer Lord Vishnu; Champion of truth 9 Boy-E
Savya Lord Vishnu; Left hand; Southern; Reverse; Name of an Aangirasa; An epithet of Vishnu 5 Boy-E
Shaligram Lord Vishnu; Refers to a fossilised shell 7 Boy-E
Shankhapani Lord Vishnu, The one who bears the Shankh in his hand 3 Boy-E
Shankhin Lord Vishnu, The one who bears the Shankh 3 Boy-E
Sharu Lord Vishnu; An arrow; Dart; The thunderbolt of Indra; The weapon of the maruts; Passion; Epithet of Vishnu 22 Boy-E
Shauri Brave 4 Boy-E
Shesanand Lord Vishnu; Delighting serpent Shesh; Another name of Vishnu 4 Boy-E
Shipirist Lord Vishnu 1 Boy-E
Shreerang Lord Vishnu; Holy color; Name of Vishnu; Name of Shiva; Name of a king who founded the city of Seringapatam; Name of a Vaishnava temple near Trichinopoly 5 Boy-E
Shridhar Lord Vishnu, Consort of Goddess Lakshmi 4 Boy-E
Shrihan Lord Vishnu; Handsome 5 Boy-E
Shrikant An epithet of Lord Vishnu, God of wealth or Lord Vishnu or Consort of Goddess Lakshmi; Beautiful; Lord Shiva; Of glorious neck 1 Boy-E
Shrikar Giving good fortune, Lord Vishnu 3 Boy-E
Shrimat Auspicious; Lord Vishnu; Revered 7 Boy-E
Shrinand Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna 6 Boy-E
Shrinath Lord Shrinathji; Lord Vishnu (consort of Goddess Lakshmi) 7 Boy-E
Shriniketan Lord Vishnu; Abode of beauty; Lotus flower; Abode of Lakshmi; Epithet of Vishnu 11 Boy-E
Shrinivas Lord Venkateshwara; Residence of Goddess of wealth; Abode of wealth 11 Boy-E
Shripad Lord Vishnu; Divine feet 3 Boy-E
Shripal Lord Krishna; Lord Vishnu 11 Boy-E
Tirthankar A Jain saint; Lord Vishnu 3 Boy-E
Trinabh Lord Vishnu; One whose navel supports the three worlds 9 Boy-E