Indian Baby Names As Per Numerology

1686 Baby Girl Names Found As Per Numerology For Number 9
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aadhila Honesty; Just; Upright; Justice 9 Girl
Aadita First; Original; From the beginning 9 Girl
Aadrika Mountain; Hill; An Apsara or celestial nymph 9 Girl
Aafia Vigor; Good health; Well being 9 Girl
Aakruti Shape; Structure 9 Girl
Aaleahya Sunshine 9 Girl
Aalimah Knowing; Knowledgeable; Skilled in music or dance; Scholar; Authority 9 Girl
Aamilah Doer of good deeds; Righteous; Hopeful 9 Girl
Aanaia God has shown favour 9 Girl
Aanchi Positive energy; Soulful 9 Girl
Aanisa Close; Intimate; Good friend; Continuous; Without darkness; Light; Unceasing; Generous; Loyal; Close 9 Girl
Aanvy Name of a Goddess 9 Girl
Aapshi Fragrance 9 Girl
Aaradhita Worshipped 9 Girl
Aarifa Women who recognize Islam 9 Girl
Aaryahi Goddess Durga 9 Girl
Aashalatha Creeper of hope 9 Girl
Aashiana Home; House 9 Girl
Aashmita Pride; Also Spelt as Ashmita 9 Girl
Aasmaa Sky; Excellent; Precious 9 Girl
Abhijna Remembrance; Recollection 9 Girl
Abhimatha Desired 9 Girl
Abhiyanka Helpful 9 Girl
Abinandha Ever wishing person 9 Girl
Adawiyah Summer plant 9 Girl
Adeeba A literary person; Cultured; Civilized 9 Girl
Adeelah Just 9 Girl
Adelmira Exalted 9 Girl
Adhuja Made of Honey 9 Girl
Adla Just; Fair woman 9 Girl
Advaiya Unique 9 Girl
Aeny Consort of Goddess Radha 9 Girl
Afraa Dust colored; White 9 Girl
Afsa Prophet Mohammed's (Pbuh) wife; Pretty 9 Girl
Afsar Crown 9 Girl
Ahi Cloud; The Sun; Water; The meeting of Earth and heaven; Eight 9 Unisex
Ahinjita 9 Girl
Ahou Deer 9 Girl
Aimal Hope 9 Girl
Aingini Goddess Durga 9 Girl
Aiya Miracle; Verses in the Quran 9 Girl
Aizah Replacement 9 Girl
Ajaani Night 9 Girl
Ajeitha A winner 9 Girl
Ajlal The beautiful; Stubborn; Young princess 9 Girl
Akashini Women with beautiful hair 9 Girl
Akeylah Sage; Intelligence 9 Girl
Akhilarka All pervading radiance and brilliance of the Sun 9 Girl
Akifah The intent; Busy; Devoted; Dedicated 9 Girl
Akshada Blessings of God 9 Girl
Akshera Letters; Goddess Saraswati 9 Girl
Alankruta Decorated lady 9 Girl
Alayna Princess Iranian; Dear child 9 Girl
Alda Rich 9 Girl
Aleah Exalted; High 9 Girl
Aleemah Knowing; Knowledgeable; Skilled in music or dance 9 Girl
Alekhya A picture; A painting 9 Unisex
Alfiya One in a million; Sweet; Kind 9 Girl
Alhina A ring 9 Girl
Alifiya One in millions 9 Girl
Alima Knowing or knowledgeable; Wise 9 Girl
Aliva Elf army 9 Unisex
Aliveni Golden doll 9 Girl
Alma Apple 9 Girl
Almeda Ambitious 9 Girl
Almira Princess: truthful 9 Girl
Alopa Faultless 9 Girl
Alpana A decorative design; Beautiful; Delighted 9 Girl
Alvira Speaker of truth 9 Girl
Alyaan Handsome; Tall; Gentleman 9 Girl
Alzubra A star in the constellation Leo 9 Girl
Amany Spring season (Vasanth Ritu); Leader; Insightful 9 Girl
Amarjit Forever victorious 9 Girl
Amarta Immortality 9 Girl
Ambara Sky 9 Unisex
Ambereen Fragrance; Amber; Sky 9 Girl
Amberley The Sky 9 Girl
Ambhojini Name of a Raga 9 Girl
Amidha Nectar 9 Girl
Amidi Beautiful 9 Girl
Amla The pure one; Brilliant; Another name for Lakshmi 9 Girl
Amogha Fruitful 9 Girl
Amrata Modesty; Politeness 9 Girl
Amritvaani Sweet voice; True saying 9 Girl
Amrusha Sudden 9 Girl
Amvi Goddess Amba (Goddess Durga); Mother; Affectionate; Kind 9 Girl
Anabhra Clear headed 9 Girl
Anahat Limitless; Infinite; Unbeaten; New; Uninjured 9 Girl
Anahita Graceful 9 Girl
Anaitha Angel; Variation of Anaitis; The Persian Goddess of Love 9 Girl
Anatha No end 9 Girl
Anbar Perfume; Ambergris 9 Girl
Angelina Angel 9 Girl
Anika Goddess Durga; The brilliance of the stone 9 Girl
Anindita Beautiful; Virtuous; Venerated; Honoured; Irreproachable 9 Girl
Anishka Who has friends; No enemies; One who has only friends 9 Girl
Aniskha Young lady; Maiden 9 Girl
Anita Who takes pleasure in new joys; Grace; Simple; Artless; Leader 9 Girl
Anjanie Mother of Lord Hanuman; Illusion (Maya); Hotness 9 Girl
Zyanna Heart of light 9 Girl
Showing 1 - 100 of 1686