Baby Name Ideas

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Agastya Name of a sage; One who humbles even the mountain 2 Boy-E
Ahalya Rishi Gautama’s wife; Woman; Rescued by Lord Rama; Night; Pleasant; First woman created by Brahma 3 Girl-E
Akshay Eternal; Immortal; Indestructible 2 Boy-E
Angada An ornament, Bracelet 1 Boy-E
Anusuya Non jealous 3 Girl-E
Arundati Consort of great sage Vashishtha, One who is not restrained; Fidelity; A star; Devoted; Faithful 7 Girl-E
Bharat Descended from Bharat; Universal monarch; Clever; Race; A demigod and brother of Lord Ram; Fire; One who fulfils all desires 5 Boy-E
Bibhishana One of the Chiranjivis, he is one of the seven persons who are considered to be deathless 1 Boy-E
Dashanan Ten headed king of Lanka a.k.a. Ravana 8 Boy-E
Dasharatha A man whose power is equal to the power of ten Maharathis, Rathi means chariot fighter 9 Boy-E
Garuda King of birds, Eagle 7 Boy-E
Gautam Lord Buddha; Remover of darkness; Full of life; One of the seven Rishis; One who enlightens 9 Boy-E
Hanuman The monkey God of Ramayana 9 Boy-E
Jambuvan The leader of bears who found Sita with his supernatural powers 3 Boy-E
Janaka Generator; Producer; Father 11 Boy-E
Jatayu A semi divine bird 6 Boy-E
Kaikeyi Mother of Bharat in Ramayan 8 Girl-E
Kausalya Mother of Lord Rama 1 Girl-E
Kevat Boatman 5 Boy-E
Khar (Brother of Ravana and Shurpanakha) 2 Boy-E
Kumbhkarna Ravan's brother known for sleeping and eating 1 Boy-E
Kush Sacred grass; A son of the God Ram 5 Boy-E
Lava Piece 9 Boy-E
Laxman Prosperous; Brother of Lord Rama; Born to give 2 Boy-E
Mandavi Consort of Bharat 1 Girl-E
Mandodari Consort of Rawan 7 Girl-E
Manthara Maid servant of Keikeyi who convinced her for Bharat's throne and exile of Rama 4 Girl-E
Mareech Another name of the Sun 4 Boy-E
Meghanad Son of Raavan, Megh means cloud and naad means sound, he was named so because a terrific thunder occurred when he took birth 8 Boy-E
Nala - Nil Son of great builder who helped Rama to build bridge of Lanka 9 Boy-E
Panchavati It means a place having five auspecious trees- Bel; Vat; Dhatri; Ashoka; Ashwatha 5 Boy-E
Ram Lord Rama; God; Supreme spirit 5 Boy-E
Ravana King of Lanka, Ravana is a character in Hindu history, who is the primary antagonist of the Hindu epic Lord Ramayana 3 Boy-E
Sampati Fortune; Success; Welfare 7 Boy-E
Shabari A tribal devotee of Lord Rama; One who lives in Sabari hill; Lord Ayyappa 4 Girl-E
Shatananda Kulguru of Mithila (Archpriest of Mithila) 11 Boy-E
Shatrughna Victorious 9 Boy-E
Shiva Lord Shiva; Auspicious; Lucky; Always pure; All-encompassing; Lovely; Welfare; Water; Joy welfare; Salvation; The energy of Shiva in the form of his wife 5 Boy-E
Shravan Name of a Hindu month; Name of a star; A character in Ramayana; A devoted son; Listening or hearing; Monsoon season 11 Boy-E
Shrutkirti Shatrughna's wife and king Janak's daughter 9 Girl-E
Shurpanakha 1 Girl-E
Sita Goddess Sita; Genus of a bird 4 Girl-E
Sugriva The man with a beautiful neck; Sachiva minister of Sugreeva; Weapon; Hero; Swan; One with a graceful neck 7 Boy-E
Sumanta Wise or friendly 8 Girl-E
Sumitra A good friend; Well measured 11 Girl-E
Sunayana Beautiful eyes; A woman with lovely eyes 6 Girl-E
Sushen Lord Vishnu; He who has a charming army 5 Boy-E
Tataka Demoness (rakshasi) killed by Rama; Mother of Mareecha 9 Girl-E
Tulsidas A famous saint; Servant of Tulsi (Basil plant) 6 Boy-E
Urmila Humble; Enchantress 11 Girl-E
Vali A mighty warrior; Brave; Powerful; Strength; Offering 11 Boy-E
Valmiki The author of the epic Ramayana 5 Boy-E
Vanara Monkey 3 Boy-E
Vasistha Famous Rishi; Best; Most prosperous; Distinguished; Dearest; Master of all creation and desire 9 Boy-E
Vibhishana One of the Chiranjivis, he is one of the seven persons who are considered to be deathless 3 Boy-E
Vishnu Lord Vishnu; Root; To pervade; The preserver of the Hindu Holy Trinity; Has ten incarnations including Ram, Krishna and Buddha 3 Boy-E
Vishwamitra Sages name; Friend of the universe 8 Boy-E