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Total 1249 Baby Girl Names Found As Per Numerology For Number 11    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Ruhi A music tune; Soul; A flower; Who touches the heart 11 Girl
Sia Goddess Sita; White Moonlight; A handsome woman; White doorvaa grass; Arabian Jasmine; Candied sugar 11 Girl
Jia Heart; Sweet heart 11 Girl
Pal King; Guardian; Moment 11 Girl
Rency To be reborn greek 11 Girl
Tanu Body; Slender; Minute; Delicate; Thin 11 Unisex
Bhanvi Sunrays 11 Girl
Kunj Trees and creppers over grown; Arbour; Living in greenery 11 Unisex
Setu The warrior; Sacred symbol 11 Unisex
Nainshi Beautiful Like Eyes 11 Girl
Riti Method; Wealth; Protection; Conduct; Auspiciousness; Memory; Wellbeing 11 Girl
Gangi Sacred; Pure; Comparable to the Ganges; Another name for Goddess Durga 11 Girl
Sharyu River Sharayu; Holy river 11 Girl
Miraan Princely; Princes 11 Girl
Bela Sacred wood Apple tree; Time; Creeper; A vine; The Jasmine creeper 11 Girl
Roohi A music tune; Soul; A flower; Who touches the heart 11 Girl
Vriddhi Growth 11 Girl
Krishi Agriculture; Farming 11 Girl
Hitee Love and care 11 Girl
Shichi Glow 11 Girl
Ara Ornament; Decoration; Light bringer 11 Girl
Gopi Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna 11 Girl
Nada Dew; Generosity; Liberality 11 Girl
Banu Lady 11 Girl
Oma Life giver 11 Girl
Priyanshi Lovable; Dear; Loving 11 Girl
Hoor Virgins of paradise 11 Girl
Rupsha Beautiful; River in Bangladesh; Alternatively; Impeccable beauty 11 Girl
Jaza Reward 11 Unisex
Khair Good; Blessing; Boon; Wealth 11 Unisex
Isa A prophets name Jesus 11 Unisex
Sairi Satisfaction; Saturation 11 Girl
Majda Glory; Honor; Nobility 11 Girl
Nama Gift; Present; Grace; Favor 11 Girl
Nava Tune; Famous; Good; Pious 11 Girl
Foziah Successful 11 Girl
Fawzi Triumphant; Victorious 11 Unisex
Kochai Nomad 11 Girl
Hzim Strength; Care 11 Girl
Ghamza Gestures 11 Girl
Lamba Flame 11 Girl
Luma Sunset 11 Girl
Madhur Sweet; Melodious; Amiable 11 Unisex
Bhuvika Heaven 11 Girl
Gauri A fair woman; Goddess Parvati; White; Fair; Beautiful; Brilliant; Another name for the Earth 11 Girl
Vaibhavi LandLord; Rich person 11 Girl
Giyan Brilliant 11 Unisex
Shikha Flame; Peak; Light 11 Girl
Keshvi Goddess Radha; Long beautiful hair 11 Girl
Dhiya Lamp 11 Girl
Arisha Peace 11 Girl
Vrushali Karna's wife name in Mahabharata; Success 11 Girl
Madhuri Sweet girl 11 Girl
Nivriti Bliss 11 Girl
Hemakshi Golden-eyed 11 Girl
Ashree One of the names of Goddess Durga 11 Girl
Yashika Success; Yash ko prapth karne wali 11 Girl
Bhumika Earth; Base 11 Girl
Sejal River water; Pure flowing water 11 Girl
Shreea Goddess Lakshmi; Auspicious; Luster; Prosperity; Pratham; Shrestha 11 Girl
Hariti Green; Name of a Goddess 11 Girl
Lekisha Life 11 Girl
Lohita Red; Ruby; Goddess Lakshmi in the form of iron; Saffron; Copper 11 Girl
Ayat Many signs & proofs; Verses in the Quran; Royal 11 Girl
Rakhi Thread of brother-sister bonding; Symbol of protection; Full Moon in the Shravan month 11 Girl
Maghi Giving gifts 11 Girl
Roopa Look; Blessed with beauty; Shape; Beauty 11 Girl
Reesha Feather; Line; Saintly 11 Girl
Preya Beloved 11 Girl
Divita Divine power 11 Girl
Ripal Love; Merciful or compassionate 11 Unisex
Dhriya Destroyer of poverty; Patience 11 Girl
Nicika Perfect 11 Girl
Asha Desire; Wish; Hope 11 Girl
Parita In each direction 11 Girl
Eshani Consort of Lord Shiva, Close to God; Name of Goddess Durga, Goddess Parvati 11 Girl
Hajira Joy; Love; Beauty; Intelligent; Wise (Wife of prophet Ibrahim) 11 Girl
Bhavini Emotional; The beautiful woman eminent; Emotional; Caring; Noble; Beautiful 11 Girl
Dwiti Dual; Second 11 Girl
Hansini Swan 11 Girl
Dhruva The polar star; Constant; Faithful; Firm 11 Girl
Noshi Sweet 11 Girl
Viviksha Intelligent; Smile; Something Special 11 Girl
Taruni A young girl; Young woman 11 Girl
Aamaal Bright; Hope; Pure; Hardworking; Optimistic; Expectation; Brilliant; Another name for Narayana; Clean 11 Girl
Pinga Goddess Durga; A bowstring; A kind of yellow pigment; An epithet of Durga 11 Girl
Shaira Poetess; Princess; Traveler 11 Girl
Hemita Covered with gold 11 Girl
Hrishika The village of birth 11 Girl
Brindha Tulsi (Basil) or Goddess Radha; Popular; Accompanied by many; The holy Tulsi plant 11 Girl
Paroo The Sun; Fire; Goddess Parvati; Graceful or flow of water 11 Girl
Hitaishi Well wisher 11 Girl
Mitalee A bond between friendship and Love 11 Girl
Shrena Goddess Lakshmi; Foremost; Best; First; Night 11 Girl
Mana Supernatural power 11 Girl
Jesal Poof 11 Girl
Neisha Special; Lovely flower 11 Girl
Aqsa Soul; God's blessing; A mosque 11 Girl
Kunisha Cuckoo, Nightingale 11 Girl
Sohini Beautiful & pleasant 11 Girl
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