Indian Baby Names As Per Numerology

1127 Baby Girl Names Found As Per Numerology For Number 4
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aabha Glow; Luster; Shine 4 Girl
Aabirah Fleeting; Transitory; Ephemeral 4 Girl
Aanadhitha Happy one 4 Girl
Aanandinii Full of joy; Blissful 4 Girl
Aaqilah A wise; Sensible; Intelligent woman 4 Girl
Aarabhi Karnatic musical (Raaga) famous note 4 Girl
Aaradhana Worship; Adoration 4 Girl
Aarathi Worship; Hymns sang in praise of God; Divine fire in ritual 4 Girl
Aarchi Ray of light 4 Girl
Aardhya Worship 4 Girl
Aaridhya To be accomplished; To be made favorable; To be worshipped 4 Girl
Aashcharya Surprise 4 Girl
Aashritha Somebody who gives shelter; Goddess Lakshmi 4 Girl
Aasia One who tends to the weak and heals; Hopeful 4 Girl
Aasra King of fame 4 Girl
Aathira Prayer; Quick; Lightening; Pray; Name of a star 4 Girl
Aatirah Fragrant 4 Girl
Aayaushi One with long life; Long-lived 4 Girl
Abeerah Rose; Sandal saffron mixed in a fragrance 4 Girl
Abheera A cowherd 4 Girl
Abheesha Goddess of will; Companion 4 Girl
Abhidhya Wish; Longing 4 Girl
Abhignay Wise 4 Girl
Abhignya Knowledgeable; Wise one 4 Girl
Abhikanksha Longing for; Desire 4 Girl
Abhirathi Pleasure 4 Girl
Abhiroopa Beautiful woman 4 Girl
Abhirupa Beautiful woman 4 Girl
Abhitha Fearless (Goddess Parvati) 4 Girl
Abia Great 4 Girl
Abra Example; Lesson 4 Girl
Achira Very short; Quick; Agile 4 Girl
Adrishya Perception 4 Girl
Adwaitha Non duality; One without a second 4 Girl
Adya First power; Unparalleled; Great; Beyond perception 4 Girl
Afifah Chaste; Modest 4 Girl
Afreen Encouragement; Praise; Blessing 4 Girl
Afroza Quintessence of fire 4 Girl
Afsheen Shining star 4 Girl
Aftaab The Sun 4 Girl
Agrima Leadership 4 Girl
Ahladajanani Source of happiness 4 Girl
Ahzin Zeal for life 4 Girl
Aishita River Yamuna 4 Girl
Ajas Mastery; Fame; Pride 4 Girl
Akalsimar One remembering the eternal God 4 Girl
Akia Sister 4 Girl
Aksha Soul; God's blessing; A mosque 4 Girl
Alamkritha Decorated 4 Girl
Alankari Name of a Raga 4 Girl
Alaya Extremely beautiful; Smart; Funny; Or ascending 4 Girl
Aloka Light; Look; View 4 Girl
Alpitha Wishes 4 Girl
Alyas Brave one 4 Girl
Alysa Honest 4 Girl
Amaldeepthi Camphor 4 Girl
Amaravathi Indra`s capital 4 Girl
Ambreen Sky 4 Girl
Ambudhi Sea 4 Girl
Amel Hope 4 Girl
Amitiyoti Limitless brightness 4 Girl
Amukta Can't be touched; Precious 4 Girl
Anaan Cloud; Joyful 4 Girl
Anandani Joyful 4 Girl
Anemone Type of flower 4 Girl
Angelia Messenger of God; Angel 4 Girl
Angleen Feminine 4 Girl
Anglina Angel; Messenger 4 Girl
Anokhi Unique 4 Girl
Ansheena Light 4 Girl
Anshumi Every element of the earth 4 Girl
Antini Living in a hermitage 4 Girl
Anudeepthi Divine light 4 Girl
Anukriti Photograph 4 Girl
Anula Not wild; Gentle 4 Girl
Anum Blessing of God; God's gift 4 Girl
Anuragini Beloved 4 Girl
Anuska A term of endearment; Grace; God has shown favour; 4 Girl
Anvaitha Alive 4 Girl
Anwitha Goddess Durga; Who bridges the gap; Followed or attended by; Overpowered by 4 Girl
Apala Most beautiful 4 Girl
Aparajitha One of the Kauravas; Unconquerable woman; Undefeated or name of a flower 4 Girl
Aparijita Undefeated; A flower; One name of Devi’s names 4 Girl
Apinaya Expressions in dance 4 Girl
Aprajita Undefeated; A flower; One name of Devi's names 4 Girl
Apurti Non-fulfillment 4 Girl
Aqeelah A wise; Sensible; Intelligent woman 4 Girl
Araceli Gate of heaven 4 Girl
Aradhya Worshipped; Blessing of Lord Ganesh 4 Girl
Arba Eagle. 4 Girl
Archisha Rays of light 4 Girl
Ardhaya Love to Pray 4 Girl
Areebah Witty; Smart; Wise 4 Girl
Arianna Holy one; Peace 4 Girl
Ariona Bringer of life 4 Girl
Aritra One who shows the right path; Navigator 4 Girl
Aroosh Angel 4 Girl
Arshavarthini Goddess Parvathy / Amman 4 Girl
Arshdeep Natkhat bachhi 4 Girl
Arshika Who gives happiness 4 Girl
Showing 1 - 100 of 1127