Indian Baby Names As Per Numerology

1127 Baby Girl Names Found As Per Numerology For Number 4
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AabhaGlow; Luster; Shine 4Girl
AabirahFleeting; Transitory; Ephemeral 4Girl
AanadhithaHappy one 4Girl
AanandiniiFull of joy; Blissful 4Girl
AaqilahA wise; Sensible; Intelligent woman 4Girl
AarabhiKarnatic musical (Raaga) famous note 4Girl
AaradhanaWorship; Adoration 4Girl
AarathiWorship; Hymns sang in praise of God; Divine fire in ritual 4Girl
AarchiRay of light 4Girl
AardhyaWorship 4Girl
AaridhyaTo be accomplished; To be made favorable; To be worshipped 4Girl
AashcharyaSurprise 4Girl
AashrithaSomebody who gives shelter; Goddess Lakshmi 4Girl
AasiaOne who tends to the weak and heals; Hopeful 4Girl
AasraKing of fame 4Girl
AathiraPrayer; Quick; Lightening; Pray; Name of a star 4Girl
AatirahFragrant 4Girl
AayaushiOne with long life; Long-lived 4Girl
AbeerahRose; Sandal saffron mixed in a fragrance 4Girl
AbheeraA cowherd 4Girl
AbheeshaGoddess of will; Companion 4Girl
AbhidhyaWish; Longing 4Girl
AbhignayWise 4Girl
AbhignyaKnowledgeable; Wise one 4Girl
AbhikankshaLonging for; Desire 4Girl
AbhirathiPleasure 4Girl
AbhiroopaBeautiful woman 4Girl
AbhirupaBeautiful woman 4Girl
AbhithaFearless (Goddess Parvati) 4Girl
AbiaGreat 4Girl
AbraExample; Lesson 4Girl
AchiraVery short; Quick; Agile 4Girl
AdrishyaPerception 4Girl
AdwaithaNon duality; One without a second 4Girl
AdyaFirst power; Unparalleled; Great; Beyond perception 4Girl
AfifahChaste; Modest 4Girl
AfreenEncouragement; Praise; Blessing 4Girl
AfrozaQuintessence of fire 4Girl
AfsheenShining star 4Girl
AftaabThe Sun 4Girl
AgrimaLeadership 4Girl
AhladajananiSource of happiness 4Girl
AhzinZeal for life 4Girl
AishitaRiver Yamuna 4Girl
AjasMastery; Fame; Pride 4Girl
AkalsimarOne remembering the eternal God 4Girl
AkiaSister 4Girl
AkshaSoul; God's blessing; A mosque 4Girl
AlamkrithaDecorated 4Girl
AlankariName of a Raga 4Girl
AlayaExtremely beautiful; Smart; Funny; Or ascending 4Girl
AlokaLight; Look; View 4Girl
AlpithaWishes 4Girl
AlyasBrave one 4Girl
AlysaHonest 4Girl
AmaldeepthiCamphor 4Girl
AmaravathiIndra`s capital 4Girl
AmbreenSky 4Girl
AmbudhiSea 4Girl
AmelHope 4Girl
AmitiyotiLimitless brightness 4Girl
AmuktaCan't be touched; Precious 4Girl
AnaanCloud; Joyful 4Girl
AnandaniJoyful 4Girl
AnemoneType of flower 4Girl
AngeliaMessenger of God; Angel 4Girl
AngleenFeminine 4Girl
AnglinaAngel; Messenger 4Girl
AnokhiUnique 4Girl
AnsheenaLight 4Girl
AnshumiEvery element of the earth 4Girl
AntiniLiving in a hermitage 4Girl
AnudeepthiDivine light 4Girl
AnukritiPhotograph 4Girl
AnulaNot wild; Gentle 4Girl
AnumBlessing of God; God's gift 4Girl
AnuraginiBeloved 4Girl
AnuskaA term of endearment; Grace; God has shown favour; 4Girl
AnvaithaAlive 4Girl
AnwithaGoddess Durga; Who bridges the gap; Followed or attended by; Overpowered by 4Girl
ApalaMost beautiful 4Girl
AparajithaOne of the Kauravas; Unconquerable woman; Undefeated or name of a flower 4Girl
AparijitaUndefeated; A flower; One name of Devi’s names 4Girl
ApinayaExpressions in dance 4Girl
AprajitaUndefeated; A flower; One name of Devi's names 4Girl
ApurtiNon-fulfillment 4Girl
AqeelahA wise; Sensible; Intelligent woman 4Girl
AraceliGate of heaven 4Girl
AradhyaWorshipped; Blessing of Lord Ganesh 4Girl
ArbaEagle. 4Girl
ArchishaRays of light 4Girl
ArdhayaLove to Pray 4Girl
AreebahWitty; Smart; Wise 4Girl
AriannaHoly one; Peace 4Girl
ArionaBringer of life 4Girl
AritraOne who shows the right path; Navigator 4Girl
ArooshAngel 4Girl
ArshavarthiniGoddess Parvathy / Amman 4Girl
ArshdeepNatkhat bachhi 4Girl
ArshikaWho gives happiness 4Girl
Showing 1 - 100 of 1127