Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra Names For Girl

508 Girl Names For Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Modaki Delightful 8 Girl
Modini Happy; Cheerful 1 Girl
Mohana Attractive; Charming; Infatuating; Beautiful 7 Girl
Mohanadhvani Name of a Raga 11 Girl
Mohanakalyani Name of a Raga 8 Girl
Mohanam Beautiful; Good looking 11 Girl
Mohanapriya Loving; Attractive & charming 4 Girl
Mohanasri Attractive; Charming 8 Girl
Mohani Charming; Infatuating; Beautiful; An Apsara or celestial nymph 6 Girl
Mohasha 11 Girl
Mohi Pleasing; Lovely 9 Girl
Mohini Enchantress; Charming; Fascinating; Jasmine; An Apsara or celestial 5 Girl
Mohisha Intellect 1 Girl
Mohita Attracted; Infatuated; Bewildered 3 Girl
Mohitha Attracted; Infatuated; Bewildered 11 Girl
Mohithaa Attractive one 3 Girl
Mohitra 3 Girl
Mohona Attractive 3 Girl
Mojith 3 Girl
Moksha Salvation 22 Girl
Mokshadha Moksha (Salvation) 8 Girl
Mokshasri Free from Births 5 Girl
Mokshita Liberated; Free 6 Girl
Mokshitha Liberated; Free 5 Girl
Moksin Free from attachment; Seeking salvation; Liberated; Free 9 Girl
Molina A tree that grows from the root 1 Girl
Molisha Princess 5 Girl
Molshree Orange colored very fragrant flowers which grow on a tree 5 Girl
Molu 7 Girl
Mona A little noble one; Solitary; Single; Wish 7 Girl
Monal Bird 1 Girl
Monalika One of the thousand names of the Hindu Goddess 4 Girl
Monalisa Noble 3 Girl
Monashini Excellent 3 Girl
Moneesha Intelligent; Lord Krishna; Beautiful; Solitary 8 Girl
Moneshaa Intelligent; Lord Krishna 4 Girl
Monil Bird 9 Unisex
Monisha Intelligent; Lord Krishna; Beautiful; Solitary 7 Girl
Monishka Intelligence 9 Girl
Monpriti Heart lover 6 Girl
Monu Cool; Soft; Pretty 9 Girl
Moon The Moon 3 Girl
Moonika Adviser 6 Girl
Morvi Bow String 5 Girl
Moshika Princess 4 Girl
Mothi Pearl 11 Girl
Mothika Like a Pearl 5 Girl
Moubani A flower 3 Girl
Moudipta Beneficent 9 Girl
Moukthika Pearl 1 Girl
Moulana Silent; Calm 5 Girl
Moulika The original; Love 1 Girl
Moulya Together 6 Girl
Moumita Sweet friend 11 Girl
Mouna Silent 1 Girl
Mounavi Silent Person 5 Girl
Mounica Silence 4 Girl
Mounika Silence 3 Girl
Mounisha Goddess Parvati; Moon Light 1 Girl
Mounitha Quite; Silent 11 Girl
Mouparna Sweet like honey 9 Girl
Moupriya Ever smiling ; sweet smile ; loving 1 Girl
Mourvi Bow string 8 Girl
Mousami Seasonal 1 Girl
Moushumee Derived from the word Mausam which means season and can also be Mausami 3 Girl
Moushumi Season; Beauty 11 Girl
Moutuli 3 Girl
Paajas Goddess Laxmi; Firmness; Vigor; Strength; Glitter; Sheen; Brightness; Heaven and Earth 3 Girl
Paanchali Consort of Pandavas, One from the kingdom of Panchala, Draupadis name 11 Girl
Paarthivi Daughter of the Earth, Another name for Sita and Lakshmi 5 Girl
Paarul Beautiful; Practical; Kind; Name of a flower 6 Girl
Paarvati Goddess Durga, A patronymic of Daksha; Living in the mountain, Of the mountains 7 Girl
Paatala Goddess Durga; Red 7 Girl
Paatalavati Wearing red-color attire 5 Girl
Paavana Holy; Sacred; Freshness; Purity 2 Girl
Paavani Purifier; Whose touch make you pure; Sacred 1 Girl
Paavni Purifier; Whose touch make you pure; Sacred 9 Girl
Paawani Honey; Lord Hanuman; True; Holy 11 Girl
Paawni Purifier; Whose touch make you pure; Sacred 1 Girl
Paayal Anklet 2 Girl
Padamavati Goddess Lakshmi, Residing on a Lotus, An epithet of Lakshmi, An epithet of Goddess Manasa; Name of the consort of Yudhishthira; Name of consort of Jaydev; Name of a river full of Lotuses; Name of a city 7 Girl
Padma Goddess Lakshmi Lotus; Lotus coloured; A thousand bilLion 8 Unisex
Padmagriha Who resides in a Lotus 6 Girl
Padmaja Born from Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi 1 Girl
Padmajai Born from Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi 1 Girl
Padmakali Lotus Bud 5 Girl
Padmakalyani Name of a Raga 9 Girl
Padmakshi One with Lotus like eyes 1 Girl
Padmakshya One with lotus like eyes 9 Girl
Padmal Lotus 2 Girl
Padmalaya Lake of lotuses 11 Girl
Padmalochana Lotus-eyed 8 Girl
Padmamaladhara Wearer of Lotus garland 4 Girl
Padmamalini Goddess Lakshmi; Wearing a garland of Lotuses; An epithet of Lakshmi 3 Girl
Padmamukhi Lotus faces 7 Girl
Padmanabhapriya Beloved of Padmanabha 4 Girl
Padmanethra Similar 11 Girl
Padmapriya Lover of Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi 5 Girl
Padmarekha Lotus like lines on the palm 6 Girl
Padmaroopa Like a lotus 1 Girl