Indian Baby Names As Per Numerology

2269 Baby Boy Names Found As Per Numerology For Number 8
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AabidWorshipper of God 8Boy
AadarshaIdol; Mentor; With an ideology 8Boy
AadavanThe Sun 8Boy
AadhilHonorable judge; Justice; Righteous 8Boy
AadijithFirst victory 8Boy
AadikshExpressive; Diplomatic; Refined 8Boy
AaditPeak; Lord of the Sun; First 8Boy
AadithyakethuOne of the Kauravas 8Boy
AagneyKarna, the great warrior; One who is born from fire 8Boy
AahaanDawn, Sunrise, Morning glory, First ray of light; One who is of the nature of time itself 8Boy
AahnikPrayer 8Boy
AakarshakAttractive 8Boy
AakhyaanLegend story of famous person 8Boy
AakurthiAppearance 8Boy
AanandJoy; Happiness; Delight 8Boy
AangatColorful 8Boy
AanisClose friend; Good company; Smart one; Companion; Supreme 8Boy
AantyaSuccessful; Accomplished 8Boy
AarfFragrance; Aroma; Perfume 8Boy
AarianOf the Aryan race; Ancient; Warrior; Speedy; Another name for Indra; Kind; Benevolent 8Boy
AarifAcquainted; Knowledgeable 8Boy
AarjavHonest; Sincere; One who is steadfast in happiness and sorrow 8Boy
AarthavMeaningful 8Boy
AarudhAscended; Risen; Elevated 8Boy
AarukshaFinesse, Charm; Elegance 8Boy
AarulThe grace of God; Blessing of God 8Boy
AasaalEvening time; Real; Pure 8Boy
AasavLiquor; Essence; Distilled; Wine 8Boy
AashifBold; Courageous; An able minister; Forgiveness 8Boy
AathavLord Ganesha's one name 8Boy
AathravAuspicious; Lucky 8Boy
AatreyaName of a sage; Clever; Receptacle of glory 8Boy
AayizahReplacement 8Boy
AbbaasLion 8Boy
AbbudinWorshippers 8Boy
AbdullaServant of God (Allah) 8Boy
AbedinWorshippers 8Boy
AbeedWorshipper of God 8Boy
AbhimathBeloved 8Boy
AbhimodaJoy; Delight 8Boy
AbhinandAcknowledge 8Boy
AbhinashActor 8Boy
AbhiraamLord Shiva; The most handsome; Pleasing; Giver of pleasure; Wonderful 8Boy
AbhivadanGreeting 8Boy
AbhyankName of God 8Boy
AbhyuktaLord Krishna 8Boy
AbinishHope 8Boy
AbiramMy father is exalted 8Boy
AbisaliWarrior in Islam 8Boy
AbradHail; Mail 8Boy
AbramNeed; Strong grip 8Boy
AbshamA tree which has a scent 8Boy
AcaryanandanaSon of the teacher; Another name of Asvatthaman 8Boy
AcchutanLord Vishnu, The one who is without the six transformations, Beginning with the birth 8Boy
AcyutarayaWorshipper of the infallible; A devotee of Lord Vishnu 8Boy
AdabRespect; Hope and need 8Boy
AdeebA literary person; Cultured; Civilized 8Boy
AdeebahOne who has excellent manners 8Boy
AdhikaraPrincipal; Controller 8Boy
AdhikshithaSupreme God 8Unisex
AdhyanOne who is Rising; Coming Up 8Boy
AdilJudge; Honest; Upright; Justice; Sincere; Just 8Boy
AdlJustice 8Boy
AdlahFairness 8Boy
AdrushLike the rising; The Sun 8Boy
AdvayUnique; One; United; With no duplicate 8Boy
AfaaqThe place where earth & sky meet 8Boy
AgamjeetGod's light; Victory of God 8Boy
AghaPre-eminent; Master; Chief; Elder brother; Another name for God 8Boy
AgharrHandsome; Beautiful; Distinguished illustrious; Noble, Magnanimous name of a companion of the prophet, Bin al-muzan 8Boy
AgilanA man who commands everything 8Boy
AgneyaSon of Agni 8Boy
AgnipravaBright as the fire 8Boy
AgnivBright as light 8Boy
AhladDelight; Joy; Happy; Happiness 8Boy
AifaSmart 8Boy
AiravathWhite elephant of Lord Indra 8Boy
AjendraKing of mountains 8Boy
AjinkyaSupreme; One who cannot be defeated; Invincible 8Boy
AjitheshLord Vishnu; Lord of the unconquerable 8Boy
AjneeshThe Sun's glory; Sunshine 8Boy
AkaashdeepIlluminated heavenly realm; Star in the sky 8Boy
AkalpreetLove of God 8Boy
AkalroopOf eternal form; Of eternal beauty 8Boy
AkamThe end; Result; The consequences 8Boy
AkeemWise 8Boy
AkhileswarSupreme being 8Boy
AkhiranshEye; Aparajit or another name of Rama 8Boy
AkhurathaOne who has a mouse as his charioteer 8Unisex
AkramExcellent 8Boy
AkrutiNature or beautiful; Figure 8Boy
AkshadBlessing 8Boy
AkshagnaLord Murugan 8Boy
AkshayakeertiEternal fame 8Boy
AlarkaWhite lotus 8Boy
AlburzMountain 8Boy
AlhadJoy; Happiness 8Boy
Abdul AliServant of the highest 8Boy
Al-AliThe highest 8Boy
AlimA knowledgeable person; Wise; Scholarly; Omniscient; Learned; Religious scholar 8Boy
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