Indian Baby Names As Per Numerology

1576 Baby Boy Names Found As Per Numerology For Number 4
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ZwandunLife 4Boy
A'rabBedoin 4Boy
AabheerA cowherd; Name of a dynasty 4Boy
AacharyaA prominent religious teacher and spiritual guide; Teacher 4Boy
AadinathThe first Lord; Lord Vishnu 4Boy
AaftabThe Sun; Sunlight; Brilliance 4Boy
AakiAutumn; Bright 4Boy
AalapMusical prelude; Conversation 4Boy
AalayHome; Refuge 4Boy
AalokLight; Brilliance; Vision 4Boy
AaradhyWorshipped 4Boy
AarjithEarning 4Boy
AarshabhIt's another name of Shri Krishna 4Boy
AarzooWish; Hope; Love 4Boy
AashraynandanShelter person; A person who gives shelter to everybody 4Boy
Aashuinatquick-witted 4Boy
AashutoshOne who fulfills wishes instantly; Content; Happy; Another name for Lord Shiva 4Boy
AasmanHeaven; Sky 4Boy
AayatpreetVersion of God 4Boy
AayusAge; Man; Long lived; One with long life, Duration of life 4Boy
AayushmanBlessed with long life 4Boy
AbdanIs derived from Abd; A Man 4Boy
AbdulKnowledge 4Boy
AbhasFeeling; Virtual 4Boy
AbhihitaExpression; Word; Name 4Boy
AbhijithLord Krishna; One who is victorious (Abhijeet) 4Boy
AbhimaanProud; Self-importance 4Boy
AbhimanyuSelf-respect; Passionate; Heroic; Arjuna's son; Proud 4Boy
AbhinavaYoung; New; Novel; Innovative; Quite new; Fresh; Modern; A sakta notable for his great leaning and spiritual attainment 4Boy
AbhinavsriHelpful 4Boy
AbhipujTo adorn; Worship 4Boy
AbhirajFearless king; Regal; Bright 4Boy
AbhirathGreat charioteer 4Boy
AbhisarCompanion 4Boy
AbhisumatRadiant; Another name of the Sun; Mane of Lord Sun 4Boy
AbhivanthRoyal salute 4Boy
AbhyagniTowards the fire; A son of Aitasa 4Boy
AbidianWorshipers 4Boy
AbiheshanSuggest meaning 4Boy
AbineshEternal; Immortal, Who has no death 4Boy
AbishaiMy father is a gift 4Boy
AbsiAbdullah ibn-musa 4Boy
AchalendraThe himalayas 4Boy
AchindraFlawless; Uninterrupted; Perfect 4Boy
AchmaniSuggest meaning 4Boy
AdelJudge; Honest; Upright; Justice; Sincere; Just 4Boy
AdhbudhaRare 4Boy
Abdul AdheemServant of the greatest 4Boy
AdhirRestless; Lord Chandra or Moon 4Boy
AdhishKing; Hindu God; God worshipped by Gods themselves 4Boy
AdhithyaNewly risen Sun; Lord Surya; The Sun 4Boy
AdhiveshGod's creation 4Boy
AdhveshTraveler; A journey; Sky; Air 4Boy
AdhyannCurriculum 4Boy
AdisheshuSuggest meaning 4Boy
AgamComing; Arrival; A name of Jain shastra; Insight; Intelligence; Wisdom 4Boy
AghanayaIncarnation of lord 4Boy
AghoshQuiet; Soundless 4Boy
AgniveshBright as the fire 4Boy
AhsaasFeeling 4Boy
AilFrom the stony place; Originating from the intellect 4Boy
AjanmaOne who is limitless and endless 4Boy
AjitSuccessful; Unbeatable; Unconquerable (Ajeet) 4Boy
AkandCalm 4Boy
AkashThe Sky; Open-mindedness 4Boy
AkhareeFrom God's word 4Boy
AkhasA narrator of Hadith 4Boy
AkshithPermanent; Can not be broken easily; Secure; Saved; Guarded 4Boy
AlaapMusical prelude; Conversation 4Boy
AlakshendraDefender of humanity; Sanskrit for Alexander 4Boy
Abdul AleemServant of the all-knowing; Servant of the omniscient 4Boy
AliSublime; Lofty; High; Tall; Excellent; Noble 4Boy
Al-'aliyyThe highest 4Boy
AllaamKnowledgeable 4Boy
AltafMore delicate 4Boy
AmanbirThe strength of peace; The one who fights for peace 4Boy
AmarnathImmortal God 4Boy
AmayLord Ganesh; Free from error or deceit; Not cunning 4Boy
AmbikeyaOf Ambika; Mountain; Lord Ganesha 4Boy
AmitanshLimitless; Endless 4Boy
AmitrasudanDestroyer of enemies 4Boy
AmudaA liquid which when consumed makes the person live life -long without a death, also means purity 4Boy
AnaadhrushyaOne of the Kauravas 4Boy
AnantachidrupamayamInfinite and consciousness personified 4Boy
AnantagunaFull of virtues 4Boy
AnashwarThe one who never gets destroyed 4Boy
AnbuchelvanKind; King of Love 4Boy
AnekLord Ganesh; Soldier; Many 4Boy
AngaddevIn service of the original one 4Boy
AnikanchanMore than gold 4Boy
AnikeshName of Lord Vishnu from Sahasranamam 4Boy
AniruddhanWhich can't be restricted; Courageous 4Boy
AnirudhaVictorious; Cooperative; Unopposed 4Boy
AniswarGoddess of Earth; Lord of serpents or Vasuki 4Boy
AnjanDusky; Eye liner 4Boy
Anniruddhawithout obstacles; unstoppable 4Boy
AntamNearest; Intimate as a friend; Bright 4Boy
AntarangIntimate; Close to the heart 4Boy
AnukritPhotograph 4Boy
AnuvindhaOne of the Kauravas 4Boy
Showing 1 - 100 of 1576