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107 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Gift'
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AadiaBeing a gift; First; Unequalled; Perfect; The Earth; Another name for Durga; Perfect; The initial reality 7Unisex
AanshiGod's gift 7Girl
AavyaThe first ray of the Sun; Gift of God 5Girl
AishiGod's gift; Belonging to Shiva 1Girl
AnantiGift 5Girl
AnhatiGift 8Girl
AnhithiGift; Donation 6Girl
AnhitiGift; Donation 7Girl
AnshiGod's gift 6Girl
AnumBlessing of God; God's gift 4Girl
AteeyahA gift 11Girl
AtiaGift 4Girl
AttiyaGift 22Girl
AvishaGift from God 6Girl
BaumathiExtremely Knowledgeable; Gift 3Girl
DaanyaGift of God; Beautiful 1Girl
DaxaClever; Glorious; Brave; God Gift; Excellent 3Girl
DeeshnaOffering; Gift 11Girl
DeshnaOffering; Gift 6Girl
DesnaOffering; Gift 7Girl
DevmaniDivine gift 5Girl
DivaGift of God; Powerful women; Through heaven; Daytime 9Girl
DorothyGift of God 6Girl
EeshaDesire; Attractive 2Girl
EishaDesire; Attractive 6Girl
GurditaGift of Guru 9Girl
HaadiyaGuide to righteousness; Gift 4Girl
HadiyaGuide to righteousness; Gift 3Girl
HadiyyahGift 9Girl
HarbakhsGod's gift 5Girl
HaridattaGod's gift 1Girl
HebaGift 7Girl
HibaGift 2Girl
Hibat AllahGift of God 11Girl
HibatullahGift of Allah 4Unisex
HibbaGift from Allah 22Girl
HibbahGift of God 3Girl
InaamAn act of kindness; Benefaction; Bestowal; Gift; Present; Prize; Grant 2Girl
InaayaGift of Allah; Concern; Solicitude 6Girl
InamAn act of kindness; Benefaction; Bestowal; Gift; Present; Prize; Grant 1Unisex
InayaGift of Allah; Concern; Solicitude 5Girl
IshaConsort of Goddess Radha, Another name of Lord Ganesh, Without a superior; Another name for Lord Vishnu 1Girl
IshaaGoddess Parvati; Purity; Gift from God; One who protects; Night prayer; Plough; Another name for Durga; Intellect; Power 2Unisex
JadaGift; Present 7Girl
JadwaGift; Present 3Girl
JainiGift from God; Victorious 7Girl
JanataGift from God; People 11Girl
JanathaGift from God; People 1Girl
JayneGift from God; Victorious 1Girl
JenikaGracious gift of God 5Girl
JessiGift of God 8Girl
JewanaGift from God 9Girl
JoindahGod's gift 7Girl
JuanaGift from God 11Girl
KarishmaFavour: gift; Miracle 8Girl
KarismaFavor: gift; Miracle 9Girl
ManhaGift of Allah 1Girl
MawahibGift; Talent 3Unisex
MinhaGift 9Girl
MinnatGrace; Kindness; Favor; Gift 8Girl
MishayeGift of Love 8Girl
MishkaGift of Love 7Girl
NaiteeA little gift; End less 9Girl
NamaGift; Present; Grace; Favor 11Girl
NawalWonder; New; Modern 6Girl
NawelGift 1Girl
NawlaGift; Present; Grant; Favor 6Girl
NawwalGift 2Girl
NaylaaGift 9Girl
NazeenaGift of God; Love 3Girl
NazraanaGift 4Girl
NehlaPresent; Gift 22Girl
NeityA little gift; End less 1Girl
NihlaPresent; Gift 8Girl
PrajeethaPrecious gift 3Girl
Devi PrasadGift of Goddess 9Girl
PreeshaTalent has given by God; Beloved; Loving; God's gift 9Girl
PrenithaA gift from God 1Girl
PreshaTalent has given by God; Beloved; Loving; God's gift 4Girl
PrishaTalent has given by God; Beloved; Loving; God's gift 8Girl
RafidaGift 3Girl
RamziaGift 5Girl
RehematGift 7Girl
RoonhiGod's obligation; Gift 7Girl
RooniGod's obligation; Gift 8Girl
SanhitaGift 9Girl
SaniGift, Reward; A portion of the sky, Same pronunciation as Sunny (bright) 7Unisex
ShaunaGorgeous; Lovely; Sweet; Heat; Fiery; God's gift 1Girl
SheenaGod's gift; Ankle bells; Brightness; Gaelic 7Girl
ShimranMeditation; Gift of God 1Girl
ShinaGod's gift; Ankle bells; Brightness; Gaelic 6Girl
ShizaA gift; A present 9Girl
SiriGoddess Lakshmi; Wealth; God's gift of Love 1Girl
SomwritaGod's gift 1Girl
TheaGift of God; A bird 7Girl
ThiyaGift of God 9Girl
TuhfaGift; Present 2Girl
UmniaGift 22Girl
UpadaA gift; Generous 7Girl
VaanyaHindu female deity of forests, Van ki Devi; God's gift; God is gracious 1Girl