Indian Baby Names As Per Numerology

2337 Baby Boy Names Found As Per Numerology For Number 5
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aabhas Feeling; Virtual 5 Boy
Aachman Intake of a sip of water before a Yagya, Puja 5 Boy
Aadhish Full of wisdom; Intelligent; Commanded; Counselled 5 Boy
Aafan To Forgive 5 Boy
Aafreen Encouragement; Praise; Blessing 5 Boy
Aagam Coming; Arrival; A name of Jain shastra; Insight; Intelligence; Wisdom 5 Boy
Aaghosh Lapped 5 Boy
Aakar Shape; Form 5 Boy
Aakarsh Attractive 5 Boy
Aakash The Sky; Open mindedness 5 Boy
Aakashi The Sky; Universal; Atmosphere 5 Boy
Aali Sublime; Lofty; High; Tall; Excellent; Noble 5 Boy
Aaloka Light; Look; View 5 Unisex
Aananth Infinite; Eternal; Godly; The Earth; Vishnu; Shiva; Another name for Brahma; Endless 5 Boy
Aanantya Endless; Eternal; Godly 5 Boy
Aangi Decorating the God; Divine 5 Boy
Aarush First ray of the Sun; Calm; Red; Brilliant; Another name for the Sun 5 Boy
Aaryav Noble person 5 Boy
Aaryavir Brave Man 5 Boy
Aaryesh The king of Arya 5 Boy
Aashu Active; Quick; Fast 5 Boy
Aasit Black stone; Not white; Limitless; Dark; Calm; Self-possessed 5 Boy
Aatman Soul; Another name for Krishna 5 Boy
Aatmaram One who is Happy in his self 5 Boy
Aayam Dimensions 5 Boy
Aazim Famous; On the top; Heights; Greatest; Determined 5 Boy
Abbhinav New; Novel; Innovative 5 Boy
Abbir Gulal (Auspicious red powder) 5 Boy
Abheek Fearless; Beloved 5 Boy
Abheet Jo kisi se na dare (One who fears nobody) 5 Boy
Abhey Fearless 5 Boy
Abhideep Illuminated 5 Boy
Abhigyaan Source of knowledge 5 Boy
Abhijath Noble; Wise; Faultless; Transparent 5 Boy
Abhijit Lord Krishna; One who is victorious (Abhijeet) 5 Boy
Abhikarsh 5 Boy
Abhinandan To rejoice; To celebrate; To praise; To bless; Delight; Congratulation; Welcoming; Felicitous 5 Boy
Abhishrey Abhishrey the credit of good deed; The dawn of the good 5 Boy
Abhu Unborn; Nonexistent; UnEarthly; Another name for Vishnu 5 Boy
Abimanyu Self-respect; Passionate; Heroic; Arjuna's son; Proud 5 Boy
Abivanth Royal salute 5 Boy
Abjayoni Born of the Lotus, Another name of Lord Brahma 5 Boy
Abrik Precious like God 5 Boy
Absar Eyes; Vision; Sight 5 Boy
Abwan One whose face glows 5 Boy
Acalendra Lord of the immovable; The Himalayas 5 Boy
Achanda Not of the hot temper; Without anger; Gentle 5 Boy
Achit Separation of newborns hair 5 Boy
Achraj Wondrous 5 Boy
Achyuth Lord Vishnu; Imperishable; Indestructible; Immovable 5 Boy
Adedev The Lord of the Lords 5 Boy
Adenya First 5 Boy
Adharsh Ideal; The Sun 5 Boy
Adheer Restless; Lord Chandra or Moon 5 Boy
Adheesh King; Hindu God; God worshipped by Gods themselves 5 Boy
Adhinav Intelligent; Innovative 5 Boy
Adhitya Newly risen Sun; Lord Surya; The Sun 5 Boy
Adhrith Who does not need support but supports every one; Lord Vishnu; Independent; Supportive 5 Boy
Adi Adornment, Beginning, Perfect, Most significant, Ornament, Unequalled, First 5 Boy
Adidesh 5 Boy
Adish Fire 5 Boy
Adithiya Newly risen Sun; Lord Surya; The Sun 5 Boy
Adithya Lord of the Sun; The Sun; Sun God 5 Boy
Adityakiran Sunrays 5 Boy
Adlan Fair 5 Boy
Adol Stable 5 Boy
Adripathi Master of the mountains 5 Boy
Adrish Infinite visionary 5 Boy
Adwaita Non-duality; One without a second 5 Boy
Aekansh Unique 5 Boy
Afeef Chaste; Modest 5 Boy
Agampreet Love for God 5 Boy
Agendra King of mountains 5 Boy
Agharna The Moon 5 Boy
Agnivo Flame of the fire 5 Boy
Ahad Allah, another name of God 5 Boy
Ahin Whole; Complete; Snake 5 Boy
Ahmar Immortal 5 Boy
Ainitosh Happy 5 Boy
Aizad Excess 5 Boy
Ajaath Without caste 5 Boy
Ajab Wonder 5 Boy
Ajaib Wonderful 5 Boy
Ajaipal To gain a victory over 5 Boy
Ajairaj Undefeated king 5 Boy
Ajat Unborn 5 Boy
Ajeeb Amazing 5 Boy
Ajeet Successful; Unbeatable; Unconquerable (Ajeet) 5 Boy
Ajita Invincible; Unconquerable; A winner 5 Unisex
Ajithabh One who has conquered the Sky; Victor 5 Boy
Ajlah A narrator of Hadith had this name 5 Boy
Akaar Shape 5 Boy
Akane Someone you cannot stop loving 5 Boy
Akhil Complete 5 Boy
Akhlaq Behavior 5 Boy
Akhsaj Lord Vishnu; A diamond; A thunderbolt; A name of Vishnu 5 Boy
Akhtar Star; Flower; Good man 5 Boy
Akrit Helping others 5 Boy
Akshaj Lord Vishnu; A diamond; A thunderbolt; A name of Vishnu 5 Boy
Akshath One who cannot be injured; Rice offered to a deity in Hindu Pooja; Indestructible 5 Boy
Showing 1 - 100 of 2337