Purvashada Nakshatra Names For Boy

175 Boy Names For Purvashada Nakshatra Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Bhubandeep Bhuban means the world & Deep means the light source, so the total meaning goes towards the Sun 6 Boy
Bhudev Lord of the earth 8 Boy
Bhudeva Lord of the earth 9 Boy
Bhudhav Lord Vishnu; Bhu - Earth, Dhav - Lord 3 Boy
Bhuman Earth; All-encompassing 5 Boy
Bhumat Possessing the Earth; Ruler 2 Boy
Bhumik Land Lord; Earth 1 Boy
Bhumin Earth 4 Boy
Bhumit Friend of land 1 Boy
Bhupad Firm 7 Boy
Bhupal King 6 Boy
Bhupan King 8 Boy
Bhupat Lord of the earth 5 Boy
Bhupathi Lord of the Earth; The hero of stunts 4 Boy
Bhupati Lord of the Earth; King; Lord of Gods 5 Boy
Bhupen King 3 Boy
Bhupendra King of the earth 8 Boy
Bhupesh King; King of Earth 7 Boy
Bhushan Ornament; Decoration 1 Boy
Bhushana God Shankar, Lord Shiva 11 Boy
Bhutapala Protector of the ghosts 1 Boy
Bhuv Sky; Heaven; Earth; World; Another name for Agni 8 Boy
Bhuvan Palace; One of the three worlds; Home; Human 5 Boy
Bhuvanesh The Lord of the world; Lord Vishnu 1 Boy
Bhuvaneshwar Lord of the world; God of Earth 7 Boy
Bhuvanpati God of Gods 6 Boy
Bhuvas Air; Atmosphere; Heaven 1 Boy
Bhuvesh The king of earth 4 Boy
Bhuvik Heaven 1 Boy
Bhuvnesh King of earth 9 Boy
Bhuvneshvar Lord Bhuvan 5 Boy
Bhuvneshwar Lord of the world; God of Earth 6 Boy
Bhuwan Palace; One of the three worlds; Home; Human 6 Boy
Bhuwanesh The Lord of the world; Lord Vishnu 11 Boy
Bhuwaneshwar Abode of God 8 Boy
Bhuwnendra Bhuwnendra means king of the Earth, One who rules the Earth. People with this name are found to be very ruling, Dominating, Merciful and graceful, they are confident and look through the future 11 Boy
Dhaaran Keeping; Protecting 11 Boy
Dhaavak Swift; A poet in the Harsha dynasty; Runner 3 Boy
Dhaavit Cleaned; Purified 11 Boy
Dhadhichi Well known sage 9 Boy
Dhaerye Patience; Patient; Courage 3 Boy
Dhairya Patience; Patient; Courage 3 Boy
Dhairyashil Statue of courage and patience 6 Boy
Dhairyya Patience 1 Boy
Dhaivik Good strength 1 Boy
Dhaksh Eshwar (God) 6 Boy
Dhakshesh Lord Shiva; Lord of Daksha; An epithet of Shiva 11 Boy
Dhakshith Lord Shiva 7 Boy
Dham Strength; Light; Power; Place of pilgrimage 8 Boy
Dhaman Ray; Light; Majesty; Glory; Splendor; Strength; Power; Home 5 Boy
Dhamendra Dharm Dev (God of righteousness) 5 Boy
Dhamin Responsible. Guarantor 4 Boy
Dhamodhar Rope tied around Lord Krishna; A name of Lord Krishna 9 Boy
Dhan Money; Wealth 9 Boy
Dhana Money; Wealth 1 Boy
Dhanadeep Light of meditation 4 Boy
Dhanadeepa Lord of wealth 5 Boy
Dhanajay 1 Boy
Dhanajayan Lord Murugan; Conquering booty; Victorious in battle; An epithet of Soma; Name of fire; A designation of Arjun; Name of a Nag; Name of Vishnu 7 Boy
Dhanaji Rich 11 Boy
Dhanajit Wealth 4 Boy
Dhananad The pleasure of having a wealth 11 Boy
Dhananjay One who wins wealth 6 Boy
Dhananjaya Partha; Arjun; Agni God; Fire 7 Boy
Dhanapati Lord of wealth 11 Boy
Dhanarjan Money earner 8 Boy
Dhaneesh Lord of wealth; Star or name of a Nakshatra; Good little boy 1 Boy
Dhanesh Lord of wealth; Star or name of a Nakshatra; Good little boy 5 Boy
Dhaneshvar God of wealth 1 Boy
Dhaneshwar God of money 11 Boy
Dhaneswar God of wealth 3 Boy
Dhani Wealthy; Lord of wealth 9 Unisex
Dhanis Lord of wealth; Clever and wisdom 1 Boy
Dhanish Lord of wealth; Star or name of a Nakshatra; Good little boy 9 Boy
Dhanisth Dhanvan (Wealthy) 11 Boy
Dhanith Kindness 1 Boy
Dhanjay Lord Krishna; Winning wealth; One who conquers over richness; Victorious over worldly objects 9 Boy
Dhanpal Preserver of wealth 11 Boy
Dhanraj Lord Kuber 11 Boy
Dhanshree Goddess Lakshmi; Wealth & Lakshmi conjoined; Name of a Raaginee 1 Unisex
Dhansith Wealth 11 Boy
Dhansukh Wealthy; Happy 5 Boy
Dhanu Name of a Hindu Rashi Sagittarius 3 Boy
Dhanunjay One of the names of Arjuna 8 Boy
Dhanunjaya Partha; Arjun; Agni God; Fire 9 Boy
Dhanurdhara One with a bow in hand 8 Boy
Dhanus A bow in hand 22 Boy
Dhanush A bow in hand 3 Boy
Dhanvant Wealthy 3 Boy
Dhanvantari Doctor of Gods 4 Boy
Dhanvanth Wealthy 11 Boy
Dhanvin Lord Shiva; A name of Lord Rama 9 Boy
Dhanvine Lord Shiva; A name of Lord Rama 5 Boy
Dhanvith Lord Shiva 5 Boy
Dhanwanth Wealthy 3 Boy
Dhar Mountain; Holding; Sustaining; The Earth 22 Boy
Dharam Religion; Law religious 9 Boy
Dharama Dharm (Religion) 1 Boy
Dharamnishth One who has faith in religion 6 Boy
Dharamveer One who gets a victory on religion 5 Boy