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Total 1651 Baby Girl Names Found As Per Numerology For Number 7    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Naisha Special; Lovely flower 7 Girl
Ahana Inner light; Immortal; Born during the day; The first rise of the Sun 7 Girl
Aaravi Peace 7 Girl
Jaini Gift from God; Victorious 7 Girl
Kaavya Poetry in motion; Poem; Laden with a sentiment; Worth; Learning; Foresight; With the qualities of a sage or poet learning 7 Girl
Viraaj Most significant in the universe; The Sun or the King; Resplendent; Splendor; Ruler; Beauty; Brilliant; Excellence; Majesty; Another name for Agni and Buddha; Pure 7 Unisex
Reena Cute; Gem; Joyous song; Melted; Dissolved; Rebirth; Clear; Bright 7 Girl
Pahi Petal of a flower 7 Girl
Hiya Heart 7 Girl
Soha Name of a star; Celebration; A musical Raag 7 Girl
Kashvi Shining; Bright; Glowing 7 Girl
Sani Gift, Reward; A portion of the sky, Same pronunciation as Sunny meaning bright 7 Unisex
Laksha White Rose; Rose; A decorative red dye used by women of ancient India 7 Girl
Saini All time gorgeous 7 Girl
Sheena God's gift; Ankle bells; Brightness; Gaelic 7 Girl
Kiva Fair; Beautiful; Gentle; Lotus; Shelter 7 Girl
Riddhi Good fortune; Prosperity; Wealth; Success; Superiority; Supernatural power 7 Girl
Naira Shining; Glittering 7 Girl
Niti Well-behaved; Guided; Modest; Moral; Carried; Red; Morality 7 Girl
Aishna Desire; Wish 7 Girl
Kritu Grace; Favor 7 Girl
Lilly A flower 7 Girl
Shifa Cure 7 Girl
Heta Love 7 Girl
Prishi One who attends ukzn and is tall 7 Girl
Saavi Goddess Lakshmi; The Sun 7 Girl
Mili Bitter; A meeting; To find 7 Girl
Maisa Walking with proud; Swinging gait; Pretty 7 Girl
Faiza Victorious; Winner; Gain 7 Girl
Deepal Light; Charm full girl 7 Unisex
Tanya Of the family 7 Girl
Sanshi Praise 7 Girl
Keshi A woman with beautiful hair 7 Girl
Saima Good natured; Fasting 7 Girl
Rifa Happiness; Prosperity 7 Girl
Nriti Apsara; Dance 7 Girl
Smiti Happiness 7 Girl
Raaida Explorer; Guide; Leader 7 Girl
Nibha Similar; Resembling 7 Girl
Nisa Night; Women; Dream 7 Girl
Raesha Rose 7 Girl
Oshee Divine 7 Unisex
Faiha Fragrant from heaven 7 Girl
Neethi Truth; Morality; Justice; Good behavior; Policy; Code; Conduct 7 Girl
Shazfa Success 7 Girl
Jill Silent lake 7 Girl
Haifa Slender; Of beautiful body 7 Girl
Reja Goddess Lakshmi; Good news; Desire; Hope 7 Girl
Lithika Cute and perfect 7 Girl
Diksha Initiation; Sacrifice; Preparation for ceremony 7 Girl
Mishita Goddess Laxmi; Sweet person 7 Girl
Sama One who listens a lot; Sky; Peaceful; Evenness; Comparable; A year 7 Unisex
Huma Bird of Paradise, Auspicious bird; Phoenix 7 Girl
Vrund Basil; Goddess Radha; Tulsi 7 Girl
Feni Cool 7 Girl
Huda Right guidance 7 Girl
Samaah Generosity 7 Girl
Zeba Pretty; Beautiful; Thankful 7 Girl
Nyla Winner; Achiever 7 Girl
Sanaya Eminent; Distinguished; Born on Saturday; First ray of the Sun 7 Girl
Jaisvi Victory 7 Girl
Anisha Close; Intimate; Good friend; Continuous; Without darkness; Light; Unceasing; Generous; Loyal; Close 7 Girl
Charvi Beautiful girl; Beautiful woman 7 Girl
Raani Queen 7 Girl
Rafiah High; Sublime; Exquisite 7 Girl
Heba Gift 7 Girl
Khani Hidden 7 Girl
Nasha Scent; Perfume 7 Girl
Monisha Intelligent; Lord Krishna; Beautiful; Solitary 7 Girl
Hafa Gentle rain 7 Girl
Duha Fore Noon 7 Unisex
Faiqa Outstanding; Awake 7 Girl
Kanz Treasure 7 Girl
Arna Goddess Lakshmi; Water; Wave; Effervescing; Stream 7 Girl
Awa Beautiful Angel; Night 7 Girl
Ula High rank; Prestige; Glory 7 Unisex
Jada Gift; Present 7 Girl
Dil Heart; Mind 7 Unisex
Tala Gold 7 Girl
Lail Night 7 Girl
Qaifa Estimator 7 Girl
Aesha Love; Living; Prosperous; Life 7 Girl
Hitanshi Simplicity and purity 7 Girl
Aarohi A music tune; Progressive; Evolving 7 Girl
Aditi Mother of the Gods; Liberty; Perfection; Creativity; Freedom; Safety; Abundance 7 Girl
Akshata Rice; Immortal; Unscathed; Perfect; Untouched, i.e. divinity 7 Girl
Divya Divine luster; Charming; Beautiful; Divine 7 Girl
Jinisha God is gracious; Superior person 7 Girl
Pinal God of child 7 Girl
Vidhi Goddess of destiny 7 Girl
Charmi Charming; Lovely 7 Girl
Deepali Collection of lamps; Row of lamps 7 Girl
Megha Cloud 7 Girl
Haneesha Beautiful night 7 Girl
Lavya Renowned for his devotion to his Guru 7 Girl
Sarva Lord Krishna; Lord Shiva; Perfect; Complete 7 Unisex
Maitri Goodwill; Friendship; Kindness 7 Girl
Tashvi Composed; Charming 7 Girl
Ganika Jasmine flower; Conscious; Flower 7 Girl
Sachita Consciousness 7 Girl
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