Sathabisham Nakshatra Names For Boy

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Gobhil A Sanskrit scholar 8 Boy-E
Gobind Cowherd, Lord Krishna 6 Boy-E
Gogan A multitude of rays, Many rays 8 Boy-E
Gogula Lord Krishna; The Lord of serpents 9 Boy-E
Gokiran Wisdom 3 Boy-E
Gokul A place where Lord Krishna was brought up 3 Boy-E
Gokulakrishnan Sri Krishna 8 Boy-E
Gokulan Lord Krishna 9 Boy-E
Gokulraj Cow-herder 5 Boy-E
Golochan 3 Boy-E
Gomantak Land similar to paradise; Fertile soil & good waters 1 Boy-E
Gomethak Well known gem 8 Boy-E
Gopal Cowherd, Another name of Lord Krishna 6 Boy-E
Gopala Krishnan Lord Krishna, Krishna, Who is the protector of the Earth 11 Boy-E
Gopalpriya Lover of cowherds 3 Boy-E
Gopan Protection 8 Boy-E
Gopesh Lord Krishna, King of Gopis 7 Boy-E
Gopi Nath King of the world; Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna or cowherd 9 Boy-E
Gopichand Name of a king 5 Boy-E
Gopinath King of the world; Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna or cowherd 9 Boy-E
Gopinathan God of Gopi girls, Another name of Lord Krishna 6 Boy-E
Gorakh Cowherd 6 Boy-E
Gorakh Nath Saint of Gorakh community 4 Boy-E
Goraksh Lord Shiva; A cow keeper; An epithet of Shiva; Name of a medicinal plant 7 Boy-E
Goral Lovable; Charming 8 Boy-E
Gorank Bright / Fair Faced 3 Boy-E
Gorav Honor; Pride; Respect; Glory; Dignity 9 Boy-E
Goshant Variation to shanti meaning peacefulness 3 Boy-E
Goswamee Master of cows 7 Boy-E
Gotam Lord Buddha; Remover of darkness; Full of life; One of the seven Rishis; One who enlightens 2 Boy-E
Gourab Honor; Pride; Respect; Glory; Dignity 1 Boy-E
Gourank Happy 6 Boy-E
Gouransh A part of Gauri parwati 4 Boy-E
Gourav Honor; Pride; Respect; Glory; Dignity 3 Boy-E
Gourishankar The peak of the Himalayas, Mt Everest 7 Boy-E
Goutham Lord Buddha; Remover of darkness; Full of life; One of the seven Rishis; One who enlightens 4 Boy-E
Gouthaman 1 Boy-E
Gouthan Full of life 5 Boy-E
Goutheesh Wisdom 9 Boy-E
Gouthum Remover of darkness 6 Boy-E
Govam God name 22 Boy-E
Govardhan Name of a mountain in Gokul 9 Boy-E
Govil Respected 11 Boy-E
Govind Cowherd, Lord Krishna 8 Boy-E
Govinda Lord Krishna; Gaom+vindati; One who has knowledge of sense and is the illuminator of senses can also be translated as one who makes cowherd boys Happy 9 Boy-E
Govindaraj Lord Vishnu; King of herdsmen 11 Boy-E
Govindu Cow-herd 11 Boy-E
Govinesh 9 Boy-E
Gowrak Lord Ganesh 3 Boy-E
Gowshik The perfect; Freedom; Happiness life of journey 11 Boy-E
Gowtham Lord Buddha; Remover of darkness; Name of Buddha; One of the seven Rishis 6 Boy-E
Saachar Yahweh has remembered; Appropriate; Well-mannered 6 Boy-E
Saadar Attached; Respectful; Thoughtful 8 Boy-E
Saadhan Work; Achievement; Worship; The shelter; Fulfilment 3 Boy-E
Saadhav Pure; Loyal; Decent; Peaceful; Worthy; Chaste; Devout worthy; Noble 2 Boy-E
Saadhik Winner; Pious; Proficient 8 Boy-E
Saadhin Achievement; Work 11 Boy-E
Saadvik A tree 22 Boy-E
Saagar Sea; Ocean 2 Boy-E
Saagarik Belonging to the ocean 4 Boy-E
Saagnik One who wins the fire; Fiery; Passionate; Married 8 Boy-E
Saahas Valour; Bravery; Happy; Laughing 4 Boy-E
Saahass Adventure 5 Boy-E
Saahasya Mighty; Powerful 3 Boy-E
Saahat Stong; Powerful 5 Boy-E
Saahil Sea shore; Guide; Shore; Bank 5 Boy-E
Saahith Bounded 3 Boy-E
Saaj One who worships God; Beauteous tranquillity 4 Boy-E
Saakar The manifestation of God; Shapely; Concrete; Formal; Attractive 6 Boy-E
Saakash One with a light shone upon him; Illumination; Brilliance; An enlightened soul 6 Boy-E
Saaket Lord Krishna; Having the same intention 3 Boy-E
Saaketh Lord Krishna 2 Boy-E
Saaksh True; Witness; With eyes 5 Boy-E
Saalan One of the Kauravas 3 Boy-E
Saamant Bordering; Leader; Universal whole; Near; Omnipresent 6 Boy-E
Saamir Early morning fragrance; Entertaining companion; Wind 7 Boy-E
Saamod Pleased; Happy; Fragrant 8 Boy-E
Saanal Fiery; Energetic; Powerful; Vigorous 3 Boy-E
Saanidhya Abode of God; Nera 1 Boy-E
Saanjya Unique; Incomparable 8 Boy-E
Saaran Surrender; Running; Lily; Yard of a sail 9 Boy-E
Saarang A musical instrument; Distinguished; Brilliance; Light; Jewel; Gold light; The Earth; A musical Raag, Another name for the Love God Kaama and Shiva 7 Boy-E
Saaransh Summary; In brief; Precise; Result 9 Boy-E
Saaras Swan; The Moon 5 Boy-E
Saarik Resembling a small song bird; Melodious; Stream; Precious 5 Boy-E
Saarth Charioteer of Partha (Arjun) 22 Boy-E
Saarvendra Every where; God 4 Boy-E
Saatej Possessing of brilliance and intelligence; Soft 11 Boy-E
Saathvi Existence; Real 8 Boy-E
Saathvik Calm; Virtuous and another name of Lord Shiva 1 Boy-E
Saathwik Calm; Virtuous and another name of Lord Shiva 11 Boy-E
Saatvik Virtuous; Lord Krishna; Worthy; Important; Pure; Good 2 Boy-E
Saavan The fifth month of the Hindu year; One who offers a sacrifice to God; Rain during monsoon season 4 Boy-E
Saavant Employer 6 Boy-E
Saavitra Of the Sun; Offering; Fire 1 Boy-E
Saavyas Bring together 7 Boy-E
Saayak Weapon; Kind and helpful 4 Boy-E
Saayan Friend; Kind heart 7 Boy-E
Sabal With strength 8 Boy-E
Sabar Nectar; Distinguished 5 Boy-E