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Total 1630 Baby Girl Names Found As Per Numerology For Number 5    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Maahi River; Great Earth; Heaven and Earth conjoined; The number one 5 Girl
Saachi Beloved; Grace; Truth; Following; Companion; Another name for Agni 5 Girl
Dhriti Courage; Morale; Steadiness; Command; Pleasure; Determination; Patience; Virtue 5 Unisex
Bhavya Grand; Splendid; Virtuous; Composed; Another name for Goddess Parvati; Beautiful; Brilliant 5 Unisex
Nishi Getting stronger; Invigorating; Evening 5 Girl
Dhara Rain; Constant flow; One who holds; One who sustains; The Earth; Gold 5 Girl
Shaila Another name of Goddess Parvati; Who is living in mountain 5 Girl
Anay Sacred wood Apple tree; Time; Creeper; A vine; The Jasmine creeper 5 Girl
Rohi A music tune; Soul; A flower; Who touches the heart 5 Unisex
Lakhi Goddess Laxmi, Derived from Lakshmi 5 Girl
Izna Light 5 Girl
Veda Pious; Writing of the Aryans; Devout; Celebrated; Worthy 5 Unisex
Haima Goddess Parvati; Snow; Made of gold; Another name for the river Ganges; An Apsara or celestial nymph 5 Girl
Vrisha Cow 5 Unisex
Vrinda Basil; Goddess Radha; Holy; Many; All; A chorus of singers; Tulsi or sacred Basil 5 Girl
Azma The greatness; Blessing of Allah 5 Girl
Misha Happy for the entire life 5 Girl
Jeel Silent lake; Jharna 5 Girl
Shaivi Prosperity; Wealth; Auspiciousness 5 Girl
Sheza Good religious girl 5 Girl
Shuchi Pure; Bright; Holy; Worthy 5 Girl
Saru Lord Vishnu; An arrow; Dart; The thunderbolt of Indra; The weapon of the maruts; Passion; Epithet of Vishnu 5 Unisex
Ami Nectar 5 Girl
Saba Image; Young; Early morning breeze 5 Girl
Disha Direction 5 Girl
Rut Season 5 Unisex
Zain Beauty; Friend; Beloved; Beautiful; Elegance; Honour 5 Unisex
Saili A white colour small flower 5 Girl
Niha Dew drop; Admired for a look; Love; Rain; Bright one; Naughty one 5 Girl
Gopika A cowherd; Cowherd woman; Defender; One who protect cows; Another name for Raadha 5 Girl
Khusi Happiness; Smile; Delight 5 Girl
Jaba Hibiscus 5 Girl
Khushee Happiness; Smile; Delight 5 Girl
Jeiya Sweet heart; To live 5 Girl
Jivi Life; Immortal 5 Girl
Maha Large eyes; Moon-like 5 Girl
Vibhi Fearless 5 Girl
Lena A devoted one; Tender; Woman of Magdala; To be present in latent; United 5 Girl
Visha Poison 5 Girl
Aarushi Dawn, Red sky in the early morning, First rays of the Sun; Flame; Bright; Life giving 5 Girl
Meeza Quarter Moon 5 Girl
Vari Water; Sea 5 Girl
Haida Heart 5 Girl
Sham Quiet; Tranquillity; Calm; Abstract meditation on Brahman; Quietism personified as a son of Dharma; Epithet of Lord Vishnu; Peace 5 Girl
Krushi Hard work 5 Girl
Amaya Night rain; Immeasurable; Without limit 5 Girl
Shad Good luck; Happy 5 Unisex
Aila Noble 5 Girl
Haala Aureole; Halos around the Moon 5 Girl
Saiba Straight; Pertinent 5 Girl
Gopu Smart 5 Girl
Neeya A desire for something; Purpose; Bright; Lord Hanuman 5 Unisex
Rida Respect; Cover; Contentment 5 Girl
Nrity Apsara; Dance 5 Girl
Kanan A garden; Forest; The mouth of Brahma 5 Unisex
Yafiah High 5 Girl
Darshi Blessings; Lord Krishna; Moonlight 5 Girl
Ikshu Sugarcane 5 Girl
Idai Awakening; Love 5 Girl
Reem White gazelle; Antelope 5 Girl
Jimi Supplanter 5 Girl
Shima Sister if prophet Mohammed 5 Girl
Baraa Excelling 5 Girl
Shadi Marriage 5 Girl
Haniah Pleasant; Agreeable 5 Girl
Panra Leaf 5 Girl
Shadha Aromatic 5 Girl
Zaniah Beautiful 5 Girl
Zaima Leader 5 Girl
Roobi Ruby; Pearl 5 Girl
Harini Deer; Goddess Lakshmi 5 Girl
Saat A moment; Time; Occasion; Truth; Essence; Worthy; Handsome; Strength; Honest; Existing; Real learned; A sage 5 Girl
Ritika Joy; Of the truth; Generous; A small flowing river or stream; Truthful 5 Girl
Manvi Girl with humanity, One who poses all the best qualities 5 Girl
Roya Dream; Vision 5 Girl
Naziah Companion; Friend 5 Girl
Nainika Pupil of the eye 5 Girl
Shuja Calmness; Quietness; Brave; Bold; Valor 5 Girl
Ruaa {h} Goddess Parvati; {m} Almost perfect; Invisible 5 Girl
Krishika Grower; Prosperity 5 Girl
Bita Unique 5 Girl
Jenil Victorious God Swaminarayan; Victory of blue 5 Unisex
Dema The rainy cloud; Down pour 5 Girl
Zada Gift; Present 5 Girl
Dunaa Worlds 5 Girl
Tuqa Heedfulness of God 5 Girl
Shruti Expert in Vedas; Insight; Knowledge of the Vedas 5 Girl
Qaima Bestowed 5 Girl
Wafaa The faithful; Loyal 5 Girl
Qaniah Contended 5 Girl
Lakshya Target; Aim; Destination; Meaning 5 Unisex
Waiya Guardian; Watch guard 5 Girl
Aadya First power; Goddess Durga; First; Unequalled; Perfect; The Earth; Another ornament 5 Girl
Daxita Expert 5 Girl
Radha Wealth; Success; Lightning; Lord Krishna's Love; Intellectual energy; Prosperity; Inspiration 5 Girl
Parul Beautiful; Practical; Kind; Name of a flower 5 Girl
Aavya First rays of the Sun; Gift of God 5 Girl
Aashka Aartis; Best wishes; Blessing 5 Girl
Jenika Gracious gift of God 5 Girl
Anya Inexhaustible; Limitless; Resurrection 5 Girl
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