Indian Baby Names As Per Numerology

1628 Baby Girl Names Found As Per Numerology For Number 1
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AadhiniSuggest meaning 1Girl
AadilaHonesty; Just; Upright; Justice 1Girl
AakifahThe intent; Busy; Devoted; Dedicated 1Girl
AanandithaPurveyor of joy; Happy 1Girl
AananthamayaFull of great happiness 1Girl
AanikaGoddess Durga; The brilliance of the stone 1Girl
AaryaGoddess Parvati, Goddess Durga, A noble lady; Honoured; Friend; Faithful; Wise; Benevolent; Auspicious 1Unisex
Aarya Honored; Noble; Goddess Parvati 1Girl
AashalataCreeper of hope 1Girl
AashiryaFrom the land of God 1Girl
AashwikaGoddess Santoshi Maa 1Girl
AathmikaRelated to Aathma, Soul 1Girl
AayshaObedient 1Girl
AazminA star 1Girl
AbarnaGod bharvathy 1Girl
AbeenaBeautiful 1Girl
AbhiprithiFull of Love 1Girl
AbhipshaStrong desire; Wish 1Girl
AbhishekaWorshipping the idol 1Girl
AdeelaEqual; Just; Honest 1Girl
AdhyayGoddess Durga; Chapter 1Girl
AdilaEqual; Just; Honest 1Girl
AdiniFamous 1Girl
AdlaaJust; Fair woman 1Girl
AdrimaDark 1Girl
AghanashiniDestroyer of sins 1Girl
AhladithaIn Happy mood; Delighted 1Girl
AishDelight; Joy; Pleasure; God blessings 1Girl
AishahLucky; Flourishing 1Girl
AishiGod's gift; Belonging to Shiva 1Girl
AishminJasmine flower 1Girl
AizaNoble 1Girl
AjooniBeyond transmigration; Incarnation (God) 1Girl
AkalkaFree from impurity; Moonlight 1Girl
AkanshaWish; Desire 1Girl
AkulaGoddess Parvati, Transcendental, Name of Parvati, The thousand petalled Lotus at the base of the Sushumna is called Akul and Devi is called Akula because her abode is Akul 1Girl
AlanLittle rock; Handsome 1Girl
AlaviaUnique 1Girl
AleahaHigh; Exalted 1Girl
AleemaKnowing or knowledgeable; Wise 1Girl
AleshaProtected by God; Silk of heaven 1Girl
AlinaBeautiful; Silk of Heaven 1Girl
AlipriyaRed lotus 1Girl
AlleyahLeader 1Girl
AlmasA diamond 1Girl
AloknandaAbility to create 1Girl
AlveeraSpeaker of truth 1Girl
AmalaThe pure one; Brilliant; Another name for Lakshmi 1Girl
AmaliaAspirations; Work of the Lord; Germanic; Work; Effort 1Girl
AmarshilaSuggest meaning 1Girl
AmbikaGoddess Parvati; A mother; Sensitive; Loving; Good woman; Name of Parvati; Name of the middle daughter of Kashiraj and eldest consort of Vichitraveerya like her youngest sister she had no progeny and Vyas begot on her a son named Dhritarashtra; The mother of the universe 1Girl
AmeyaaBoundless; Magnanimous; One who is beyond measure 1Girl
AmimaClose to heart, Someone who gives guidance, Prophet (saws) grand daughter 1Girl
AminahTrustworthy; Faithful; Peaceful; Honest; Secured; Safe 1Girl
AmmarahAn inhabitant 1Girl
AmodhiniJoyful; Pleasurable; Happy girl 1Girl
AmoolyaPrecious; Priceless 1Girl
AmrinLovely quite girl; Royal or Prince 1Girl
AmruthaNectar 1Girl
AmulyaPrecious; Priceless 1Unisex
AmuthaMutara; Daughter 1Girl
AnadyaExisting for eternity; Lord Krishna; Eternal; Godly 1Unisex
AnahataFar of Pain 1Girl
AnaikaPowerful and complete 1Girl
AnaitaAngel; Variation of Anaitis; The Persian Goddess of Love 1Girl
AnanditaHappy 1Girl
AnasuyaWithout spite or envy; Learned woman; Full of goodwill; Not resentful 1Girl
AnbaraPerfume; Ambergris 1Girl
AneekshaBringing happiness 1Girl
AneetaWho takes pleasure in new joys; Grace; Simple; Artless; Leader 1Girl
AnekastradhaariniPossessor of many missile weapons 1Girl
AnikslumYoung; Gentle 1Girl
AnilaWind 1Girl
AnishkaaWho has friends; No enemies; One who has only friends 1Girl
AnjikaBlessed 1Girl
AnjuOne who lives in the heart; Beloved 1Girl
AnjushriDear to one's heart 1Girl
AnkithaConquered; A signet; Symbol; With auspicious marks; Distinguished; Marked out 1Girl
AnmiDawn; Passionate; Precious; Illuminating; Sacred 1Girl
AnnapoornaGoddess Parvati; Generous with food; Goddess of grains 1Girl
AnnapurnaGoddess Parvati; Generous with food; Goddess of grains 1Girl
AnnelPretty 1Girl
AnshviPortion; Part of Things; Part of Body 1Girl
AnsikaMinute particle; Beautiful 1Girl
AntaraThe second note in Hindustani classical music; Para of a song; Beauty 1Girl
AntarpreetOne who loves the light within 1Girl
AnthikaEvening 1Girl
AnuayasriLong Life 1Girl
AnulekhaOne who follows the destiny 1Girl
AnupallaviPart of a Song 1Girl
AnuprabhaBrightness 1Girl
AnupreetPower 1Unisex
AnusayaNon jealous 1Girl
AnushaBeautiful morning; A star 1Girl
AnushreeGoddess Laxmi; Pretty; Glorious; Celebrated; Good looking 1Girl
AnushthiSuggest meaning 1Girl
AnusriGoddess Laxmi; Pretty 1Girl
AnvayaFamily 1Girl
AnviOne of the devis names, Name of a Goddess 1Girl
AparaMaterialistic knowledge; Top level of intelligence; Limitless; Unique; Godly 1Girl
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