Indian Baby Names As Per Numerology

2265 Baby Boy Names Found As Per Numerology For Number 9
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AabdarBright; Like glass 9Boy
AadabRespect; Hope and need 9Boy
AadilHonorable judge; Justice; Righteous 9Boy
AadvayUnique; One; United; With no duplicate 9Boy
AafaForgiver 9Boy
AaghaPre-eminent; Master; Chief; Elder brother; Another name for God 9Boy
AagneyaKarna; the great warrior; One who is born from fire 9Boy
AagnivHonest Person 9Boy
AahladDelight; Joy; Happy; Happiness 9Boy
AakeshLord of the Sky 9Boy
AalhadJoy; Happiness 9Boy
AalimA knowledgeable person; Wise; Scholarly; Omniscient; Learned; Religious scholar 9Boy
AalopThat which does not disappear 9Boy
AamilInvaluable; Inaccessible; Exalted; Doer 9Boy
AamoghUnerring; Lord Ganesha 9Boy
AandaleebNightingale; The Bulbul bird 9Boy
AanjaneyaLord Hanuman, Son of Anjana 9Boy
AaradhakWorshipper 9Boy
AarohitChatur (Clever) 9Boy
AarunyaMerciful; Compassionate 9Boy
AasifBold; Courageous; An able minister; Forgiveness 9Boy
AatharvaThe first Vedas; Lord Ganesh; Knower of the arthara Vedas 9Boy
AavegImpulse 9Boy
AayshDelight; Joy; Pleasure; God blessings 9Boy
AbanMore clear 9Boy
AbaniEarth 9Boy
AbhayanandaDelighting in fearless 9Boy
AbhibhavaOverpowering; Powerful; Victorious 9Boy
AbhijanPride of a family; Noble 9Boy
AbhikamAffectionate; Loving 9Boy
AbhinandaTo rejoice; To celebrate; To praise; To bless; Delight; Congratulation; Welcoming; Felicitous 9Boy
AbhineethSerene, loving, forgiving 9Boy
AbhinitPerfect; Acted 9Boy
AbhisheikRitual; Purification; Shower of milk or water over an idol; Anoint; Bathing to God 9Boy
AbhishekRitual; Purification; Shower of milk or water over an idol; Anoint; Bathing to God 9Boy
AbichalUnmovable 9Boy
AbinashEternal; Immortal, Who has no death 9Boy
AbulThe servant; The servant of Allah 9Boy
AchalrajHimalayan mountain 9Boy
AchintyaBeyond comprehension 9Boy
AdalahJustice 9Boy
AdeelJudge; Honest; Upright; Justice; Sincere; Just 9Boy
AdhamThe first prophet of Allah 9Boy
AdharvLord Ganesha, First Veda 9Boy
AdheemRare; Great 9Boy
AdidevThe Lord of the Lords; The first God 9Boy
AdikritGod's Creativity 9Boy
AdipurushPrimordial being 9Boy
AditpalProtector of the Sun 9Boy
AditrajKing 9Boy
AdivPleasant; Gentle 9Boy
AdriyanBlack of Adriatic 9Boy
AdsachPrime truth 9Boy
AdvayaUnique; One; United; With no duplicate 9Boy
AdwayOne; United; Unique 9Boy
AdyanName of a prophet; A nabee 9Boy
AfnanBranch of a tree in heaven 9Boy
AfruzStanding tall like a mountain; Ability to withstand all that is thrashed upon it 9Boy
AfwanStrong 9Boy
AgarvinSuccessful Man 9Boy
AgnibahuSon of first Manu 9Boy
Abdul AhadSlave of he who is one (Allah) 9Boy
Abdul-AhadServant of the one 9Boy
AhankarSurya, One who causes day, The Sun; Gurmukhi; Pride; Ego 9Boy
AhemSpecial 9Boy
AhiCloud; The Sun; Water; The meeting of Earth and heaven; Eight 9Unisex
AhilanKnowledgeable; Commanding 9Boy
AhirLast; The devotee and God are one 9Boy
AhmadPraiseworthy; Commendable 9Boy
AhruranLord Shiva; The name of the God Shiva from the place Thiruvarur 9Boy
AizazQuick-minded; Versatile, and very expressive 9Boy
AjeenkyaSupreme; One who cannot be defeated; Invincible 9Boy
AjiteshLord Vishnu; Lord of the unconquerable 9Boy
AkalbirOne who conquers peace; God's immortal warrior 9Boy
AkalrasElixir of Love of God 9Boy
AkanshDesire; Wish 9Boy
AkbalHighly sensitive; Idealistic; intuitive 9Boy
AkdasHoly; Pure 9Boy
AkendraName of a God 9Boy
AkhfashName of grammarian of the 8th / 9th century 9Boy
AkifAttached; Intent 9Boy
AkshanEye 9Boy
AkshanshUniverse 9Boy
AkshobhyaLord Vishnu; Immovable one 9Boy
AkulA name of Lord Shiva 9Boy
Al-AhadThe one 9Boy
AladdinServant 9Boy
AlaganHandsome 9Boy
AlagarasuHandsome king; King of beauty 9Boy
AlamThe universe; The whole world 9Boy
AleemA knowledgeable person; Wise; Scholarly; Omniscient; Learned; Religious scholar 9Boy
AlekhyaA picture; A painting 9Unisex
AlhanEloquence, good voice 9Boy
AlinNoble 9Boy
AlivaElf army 9Unisex
AliviaBleach 9Boy
AmalBright; Hope; Pure; Hardworking; Optimistic; Expectation; Brilliant; Another name for Narayana; Clean 9Boy
AmaljotPure flame 9Boy
AmardeepEternal light 9Boy
AmbaraSky 9Unisex
Showing 1 - 100 of 2265