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Total 2263 Baby Boy Names Found As Per Numerology For Number 9    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Reyansh First ray of sunlight; Lord Vishnu's Ansh (Ansh = part) 9 Boy
Jay Conqueror; Victory; The Sun; Conquest; Victorious 9 Boy
Harsh Joy; Excitement; Happiness 9 Boy
Hari The Sun; Man; Green; Light; Moon; Another name for Indra; Brahma Vishnu and Shiva 9 Boy
Jatin A name of Lord Shiva; One who has matted hair; Ascetic; Disciplined 9 Boy
Neel Champion; Blue; Treasure; A mountain; Indigo; Sapphire 9 Boy
Shubham Good; Auspicious 9 Boy
Vahin Lord Shiva; Vahin 9 Boy
Maheem Lord Shiva; Great 9 Boy
Sanchi Collected 9 Unisex
Naksha King of stars; Map 9 Unisex
Kahaan The world; Lord Krishna; Universe 9 Boy
Rahi Traveler 9 Boy
Nikhil Whole; Perfect; Complete; Entire 9 Boy
Hrisha Lord Vishnu; Saintly 9 Unisex
Aafa Forgiver 9 Boy
Moh Love; Worldly attachment; Infatuation 9 Boy
Parth King; Arjun 9 Boy
Heer Powerful; Power; Diamond; Darkness 9 Boy
Ish God; Lord Vishnu; Divine; Master of the universe; Ruler; Virile; Pious; Compelling virile; Fast; Avestan wish 9 Boy
Shoaib Who shows the right path; Shoaib was a prophet of Islam 9 Boy
Vasu Brilliance; Wealth; Light; Brilliance; Prosperous; Best; Precious 9 Boy
Lekh Document; Writing; Signature; Deity 9 Boy
Anush Beautiful morning; Star; Following a desire 9 Boy
Raag The musical; To bring to life; Love; Beauty; Vigour; Passion; Desire vigour; Melody; King Sun; Moon; A form of Indian classical music 9 Boy
Kushal Smart; Skillful; Expert; Proficient; Wise; Happy; Auspicious; Pious; Another name of Shiva 9 Boy
Rish Brave & dominant ruler 9 Boy
Anu An atom; Celestial; Another name for Shiva 9 Boy
Nal An ancient king 9 Boy
Raiya Property; Treasure; Fragrance; Breeze; Blessed by the supreme 9 Boy
Akul A name of Lord Shiva 9 Boy
Bansi Flute 9 Boy
Niv Basic; Foundation 9 Boy
Tejai To glow 9 Boy
Rishi Pleasure; Sage; Ray of light; Wise; Pious; Light 9 Boy
Karan Karna, The firstborn of Kunti; Talented; Intelligent; Ear; Document; Another name for Brahman or the supreme spirit 9 Boy
Shanu Fire; A learned Man 9 Unisex
Iri Another name of Lord Hanuman (, Son of wind God) 9 Boy
Moosa A prophets name 9 Boy
Kaif State; Condition; Mood 9 Unisex
Love One of the one 9 Boy
Edi A herb; Healer 9 Boy
Jap To make melodic sounds; Chanting 9 Boy
Sachin Lord Indra; Pure existence; Affectionate; Epithet of Shiva 9 Boy
Saifee Concerning sword 9 Boy
Pranav Lord Vishnu; The sacred syllable Om; Kind of musical instrument; An epithet of Vishnu; Son of night; Grandson of Anantara and brother of Shatrajit; Very much fresh or young; Epithet of Shiva 9 Boy
Nail Acquirer; Earner; Blue; Winner; Gainer 9 Unisex
Saafi Pure; Clear; Crystal 9 Boy
Zola Lump of earth 9 Boy
Maali Noble; Sublime; Excellency 9 Unisex
Khairy Charitable; Beneficent 9 Boy
Shivam Auspicious; Lord Shiva; Fortunate; Elegant 9 Boy
Shaya Worthy; Deserving; Meriting 9 Boy
Saud Fortunate 9 Boy
Wali Governor; Protector 9 Boy
Musa A prophets name 9 Boy
Shah King; Able 9 Boy
Raiq Pure; Clear; Tranquil; Serene 9 Boy
Taif Vision; Specter 9 Unisex
Kaifi Jolly; Tipsy; Intoxicated; Lusty 9 Boy
Faik Surpassing; Excellent; Leader 9 Boy
Yas Jasmine 9 Boy
Razi Thankful for anybody; Satisfied; Contended; Pleased 9 Boy
Khayr Good; Blessing; Boon; Wealth 9 Unisex
Zair Pilgrim 9 Boy
Panav Prince 9 Boy
Din Religion; Faith; Belief 9 Boy
Khayri Charitable; Beneficent 9 Boy
Baare Brilliant; Superior 9 Boy
Juda Goodness; Excellence 9 Boy
Muti Obedient; Giver 9 Boy
Fawzy Triumphant; Victorious 9 Boy
Wail Returnee 9 Boy
Wakee Agent; Representative 9 Boy
Viyaan Artist; Special knowledge 9 Boy
Lohith Red; Made of Copper; Mars; Lord; Battle; Sandalwood; Saffron 9 Boy
Radhesh A name of Lord Krishna 9 Boy
Hiren Lord of the diamonds 9 Boy
Taneesh Ambition 9 Boy
Arya Honored; Noble; Goddess Parvati 9 Unisex
Aneek Lord Ganesh; Soldier; Many; Light; Army; Face 9 Boy
Akshansh Universe 9 Boy
Aadil Honorable judge; Justice; Righteous 9 Boy
Vihan Morning; Dawn 9 Boy
Reyan Fame 9 Boy
Lalit Beautiful; Desirable; Voluptuous; Gentle; Graceful; Charming; Sporting gentle 9 Boy
Neehal New; Rainy; Handsome; Gratified; Happy; Successful; Satisfied; Sapling 9 Boy
Shivesh Lord Shiva; Shiva + Ish; Shiva; The God 9 Boy
Chandan Sandalwood; Auspicious; Perfumed 9 Boy
Himansh Part of Shiv 9 Boy
Hetaksh Existence of Love 9 Boy
Shezin Prince 9 Boy
Mahin The Earth; Fine or thin texture 9 Boy
Tula Balance scale; Zodiac sign Libra 9 Boy
Aadab Respect; Hope and need 9 Boy
Nikit Global thought leader; One who has divine wisdom; One who is honest; Strong commercial instinct, Self sufficient and ambitious, above all a good human being; Smiling face 9 Boy
Vamshi Flute of Lord Krishna 9 Boy
Riyas Heaven 9 Boy
Lishan Tongue; Language; Defender of humanity 9 Boy
Saksham Capable; Skilful 9 Boy
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