Indian Baby Names As Per Numerology

1633 Baby Girl Names Found As Per Numerology For Number 3
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Aabintaexpressive, fun-loving nature, Powerful and complete 3Girl
AadarshiniIdealistic 3Girl
AaghnyaBorn from fire, Goddess Lakshmi 3Girl
AahladitaIn Happy mood; Delighted 3Girl
AairaThe beginning; The principle; The breathe of life 3Girl
AaishaLife; Vivaciousness; Living prosperous; Women life 3Girl
AakaanshaWish; Desire; Dream 3Girl
AakshyaEternal; Immortal; Indestructible; Goddess Parvati 3Unisex
AaliyahExalted; Noble; Tall; Towering 3Girl
AamaniGood wish; Spring season (Vasanth Ritu) 3Girl
AaminaTrustworthy; Faithful; Peaceful; Honest; Secured; Safe 3Girl
AamodiniJoyful; Pleasurable; Happy girl; Fragrant; Celebrated 3Girl
AanandamayiFull of joy; Full of happiness 3Girl
AanaviKind to people; Generous 3Girl
AantikaOlder sister 3Girl
AaraOrnament; Decoration; Light bringer 3Girl
AaradhyayBelief; Respect 3Girl
AarashiFirst ray of the Sun; Heavenly; Rice; Queen 3Girl
AardhanaLord Muruga 3Girl
AariaGoddess Parvati, Goddess Durga, A noble lady; Honoured; Friend; Faithful; Wise; Benevolent; Auspicious 3Unisex
AarthiA way of offering prayer to God 3Girl
AashaDesire; Wish; Hope 3Girl
AashishaWish; Blessed 3Girl
AashmeenJasmine; Flower 3Girl
AashvaniFemale horse 3Girl
AathiArranger; Adjuster 3Girl
AatrayiContainer of glory 3Girl
AavaniThe Earth; First month of Tamil calendar 3Girl
AayatMany signs & proofs; Verses in the Quran; Royal 3Girl
AayatiMajesty; Dignity; Royal 3Girl
AayushiOne with long life; Long-lived 3Girl
AbhaGlow; Luster; Shine 3Girl
AbhiraA cowherd 3Girl
AbhishaGoddess of will; Companion 3Girl
AbhishekitaName of a novel written by Sumitranandan Pant 3Girl
AbhishreeTo enlighten; Brilliant; Powerful; Surrounded by glory; Shining 3Girl
AbhisriTo enlighten; Brilliant; Powerful; Surrounded by glory; Shining 3Girl
AbhithiFearless (Goddess Parvati) 3Girl
AbiMy father 3Girl
AbihaFather of might 3Girl
AbilashiniDesire; Aspiration; Desirability 3Girl
AboilThe name of a flower 3Girl
AboliThe name of a flower 3Girl
AdanaCreated by God 3Girl
AdeenaPious; Good luck; Slender 3Girl
AdhikshnaSuggest meaning 3Unisex
AdhyaFirst power; Unparalleled; Great; Beyond perception 3Girl
AdvaithaUnion of matter and soul; Non duality; Unique 3Girl
AdvikaWorld; Earth; Unique 3Girl
AdvitaOne or unique; First one; Number one; Lovely 3Girl
AdwaithiSuggest meaning 3Girl
AeshnaDesire; Wish 3Girl
AfniImmortal 3Girl
AfridaCreated. produced 3Girl
AgamyaKnowledge; Wisdom 3Girl
AghanyaGoddess Lakshmi; Not to be killed under any circumstances 3Girl
AgrataLeadership 3Girl
AhalyaRishi Gautama’s wife; Woman; Rescued by Lord Rama; Night; Pleasant; First woman created by Brahma 3Girl
AhannaThe First ray of the Sun 3Girl
AishikiDivine; Regal 3Girl
AishithaRiver Yamuna 3Girl
AiylaMoonlight 3Girl
AjaUnborn; One who is self existent; Eternal 3Unisex
AjiaUnconquerable; Shakti 3Girl
AjiraQuick; Rapid 3Unisex
AkalsukhForever in peace and delight 3Girl
AkanchaDesire 3Unisex
AkankshaDesire; Wish 3Girl
AkhiraSplendid; Elegant 3Unisex
AkleemaBeautiful; one of the daughters of Adam as 3Girl
AkshiAbode; Existence 3Girl
AlalehFlower 3Girl
AliyaExcellent; Highest social standing; Tall; Towering 3Girl
AlleahAscender; Exalted 3Girl
AlpaLittle 3Girl
AlshafaGood; Homely; Sweet; Lovable; Trustable 3Girl
AludraVirgin 3Girl
AlyaExcellent; Highest social standing; Tall; Towering 3Girl
AmanaFaithful; To believe 3Girl
AmanpreetLove with peace 3Unisex
AmanyathaBelieved 3Girl
AmbalaMother; Affectionate; Kind 3Girl
AmbujaBorn of a Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi 3Girl
AmeenaTrustworthy; Faithful; Peaceful; Honest 3Girl
AmmuA pet name for a girl child 3Girl
AmreenaSky; Beautiful Warrior 3Girl
AmshulaSunny 3Girl
AmukthaFree from the World 3Girl
AnaidaA Mythological Character who had Beauty and Brains 3Girl
AnanCloud; Joyful 3Girl
AnanayaSun 3Girl
AnandiniJoyful 3Girl
AnanshiGoddess Parvati 3Girl
AnarghyaPriceless 3Girl
AnasuaOne who is not jealous of anybody 3Girl
AnaviaKingly or queenly; Cute Baby 3Girl
AnchalShelter; The decorative end of a sari 3Girl
AngelShine of glory 3Girl
AnglePari fairy 3Girl
AnilajaPerfect; Beautiful 3Girl
Showing 1 - 100 of 1633