Mithun Rashi Names For Girl

638 Hindu Girl Names For 'Mithun' Rashi Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Camerina 1 Girl-E
Cammy Young girls who assisted at Pagan Religious Ceremonies 1 Girl-E
Cauvery Name of a river 5 Girl-E
Chhaayaa Shadow 3 Girl-E
Chhabi Reflection; Image; Radiance 4 Girl-E
Chhavi Reflection; Image; Radiance 6 Girl-E
Chhavii Reflection; Image; Radiance 6 Girl-E
Chhavvi Reflection; Image; Radiance 1 Girl-E
Chhaya Shadow 1 Girl-E
Cinthana Always smiling 7 Girl-E
Coral Semi-precious sea growth often deep pink, Red 22 Girl-E
Ghaena Ornament 9 Girl-E
Ghanamalika Clouds 6 Girl-E
Ghanashyamala Name of a Raga 3 Girl-E
Ghanasindhu Name of a Raga 7 Girl-E
Ghanavi Singer; Melody 8 Girl-E
Ghaneswari 6 Girl-E
Ghanishka Goddess Parvati 6 Girl-E
Ghanya SINGING 11 Girl-E
Ghata Changing weather 1 Girl-E
Gheethi Melody 8 Girl-E
Ghena Ornament 8 Girl-E
Ghorarupa Having a fierce outlook 6 Girl-E
Ghosha Resounding; A proclamation; Noise; Fame 4 Girl-E
Ghoshini Famed; Proclaimed; Noisy 8 Girl-E
Ghulika Pearl 6 Girl-E
Ghungroo Musical instrument 6 Girl-E
Kaahini Youthful; Spirited; Young 8 Girl-E
Kaajal Muscara Surma; Eyeliner; Kohl; Decoration for women's eyes 9 Girl-E
Kaakali A musical instrument; The melodious voice of the Cuckoo; Chirping of birds 1 Girl-E
Kaalaka Dark; Fog; Perfumed; Earth; Another name for Goddess Durga's perfumed 11 Girl-E
Kaalaratri Goddess who is black as night 11 Girl-E
Kaali Night; Destroyer; Goddess Durga's in her terrifying form; Blackness 7 Girl-E
Kaalika Dark; Fog; Flawed gold; Perfumed; Earth; A bud 1 Girl-E
Kaama Desired; Cherished; The golden one or Love; Beauty; Briliance 9 Girl-E
Kaamada Generous 5 Girl-E
Kaamana Desire 6 Girl-E
Kaamika Desired 2 Girl-E
Kaamini Desirable; Beautiful; Affectionate; A beautiful woman 4 Girl-E
Kaamit Desired 1 Girl-E
Kaamita Desired 2 Girl-E
Kaamiya Beautiful; Capable 7 Girl-E
Kaamla Perfect; Goddess; Flower 3 Girl-E
Kaamma Loveble 4 Girl-E
Kaamodi Exciting 9 Girl-E
Kaamuna Desired 8 Girl-E
Kaamya Beautiful; Lovable; Assiduous; Successful 7 Girl-E
Kaanchana Gold; Wealth 9 Girl-E
Kaanchi Brilliant; A pilgrimage centre in south India; A waistband 11 Girl-E
Kaanta Beautiful; Ever-radiant 3 Girl-E
Kaanti Beauty; Desire; Splendour; Ornament; Another name for Goddess Lakshmi; Luster; Loveliness 2 Girl-E
Kaartiki Devout, Divine, Light, Ekadashi in the month of Kartik 8 Girl-E
Kaarunya Compassionate (Goddess Lakshmi); Praiseworthy; Merciful; Kind 11 Girl-E
Kaashi Devotional place; Pilgrimage spot; Varanasi; The holy city 22 Girl-E
Kaashni Goddess Lakshmi; Special girl; Flower 9 Girl-E
Kaashvi Shining; Bright; Glowing 8 Girl-E
Kaashwi Shining; Bright; Glowing 9 Girl-E
Kaasni Flower; Special girl; Goddess Lakshmi 1 Girl-E
Kaaveri Filled with water; Turmeric 4 Girl-E
Kaavya Poetry in motion; Poem; Laden with a sentiment; Worth; Learning; Foresight; With the qualities of a sage or poet learning 7 Girl-E
Kaavyanjali The offering of poetry 8 Girl-E
Kaaya Body; Elder sister 3 Girl-E
Kabani Name of a river 2 Girl-E
Kabita Poetry 8 Girl-E
Kadambari Goddess 6 Girl-E
Kadambi Array of clouds 5 Girl-E
Kadambini An array of clouds 1 Girl-E
Kadanmbari Female cuckoo; Goddess Saraswati 11 Girl-E
Kadhiroli Intelligent; Brilliant like a ray of sunlight 6 Girl-E
Kahar A water-drawer and carrier of Palanquins (palki); One belonging to a Kahar community 3 Girl-E
Kahini Youthful; Spirited; Young 7 Girl-E
Kahlima The Goddess form Kali ma 1 Girl-E
Kahta It means pure in Greek, In Hindi it means a story told by a Priest 5 Girl-E
Kaikeyi Mother of Bharat in Ramayan 8 Girl-E
Kaira Peaceful; Unique; Lady 22 Girl-E
Kairavi Moonlight; Moon 8 Girl-E
Kairvi Moonlight 7 Girl-E
Kaisha Flower 22 Girl-E
Kaishori Goddess Parvati, Consort of Kishore 9 Girl-E
Kaivya Knowledge of poet 6 Girl-E
Kaiya A goddess name 2 Girl-E
Kajal Muscara Surma; Eyeliner; Kohl; Decoration for women's eyes 8 Girl-E
Kajali Kohl; Medical lotion 8 Girl-E
Kajalsri Eye liner 9 Girl-E
Kajol Mascara; Eye liner 4 Girl-E
Kajri Cloud-like 22 Girl-E
Kakali A musical instrument; The melodious voice of the Cuckoo; Chirping of birds 9 Girl-E
Kakoli The preaching of a bird 5 Girl-E
Kakon Insect; Caterpillar 7 Girl-E
Kaksha White rose 6 Girl-E
Kakshi Belonging to the Jungle; Fragrant 5 Girl-E
Kaksi Belonging to the Jungle; Fragrant 6 Girl-E
Kala Art; Talent; Creativity; An atom; Initiative 7 Girl-E
Kala Devi Art; Phases of Moon 11 Girl-E
Kalaiarasi Childhood 1 Girl-E
Kalaimagal Queen of arts 5 Girl-E
Kalaiselvi Art of work 11 Girl-E
Kalaivani Goddess Saraswati; Goddess of arts 8 Girl-E
Kalaiyarasi Queen of arts 8 Girl-E
Kalaka Dark; Fog; Perfumed; Earth; Another name for Goddess Durga's perfumed 1 Girl-E