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Total 550 Baby Boy Names Found As Per Numerology For Number 2    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aarsh Bright; Hero; Truthfulness; Dominion; Crown; Pure; Worshipped; Divine 2 Boy
Arash Bright; Hero; Truthfulness; Dominion; Crown; Pure; Worshipped; Divine 2 Boy
Abhi Fearless 2 Boy
Advik Unique 2 Boy
Eshan Lord Shiva; Lord Sun or north-east direction; Desiring and wishing; Impulse; Aim 2 Boy
Druv Pole star; Immovable; Eternal; Firm; Steady 2 Boy
Heet Love 2 Boy
Pahal Facet; Beginning; An initiative 2 Unisex
Gyan Knowledge 2 Boy
Madhu Honey; Sweet; Nectar; Charming 2 Unisex
Saatvik Virtuous; Lord Krishna; Worthy; Important; Pure; Good 2 Boy
Hemu Gold 2 Boy
Linu A cry of grief 2 Boy
Shaji Bold; Courageous; King of noble men 2 Boy
Zuha Morning star; 93rd Sura of Quran 2 Unisex
Fadi The Redeemer 2 Boy
Shaar Habit; Custom; Name of Lord Ayyappa; Arrow 2 Boy
Soham The presence of divinity of each soul, I am him, every soul has a presence of God in it; god is within 2 Boy
Wadee Calm; Peaceful 2 Boy
Iti A new beginning 2 Boy
Zaki Intelligent 2 Boy
Nill Battle maiden 2 Boy
Sair Walking; Going on foot 2 Boy
Zabi Gazelle 2 Boy
Rais Rich; Wealthy; Chief; Captain 2 Boy
Faid The benefit; Advantage; Gain 2 Boy
Taqi God fearing; Devout; Pious 2 Boy
Bahi Glorious; Magnificent; Splendid; Brilliant; Shining 2 Boy
Faeq Surpassing; Excellent 2 Boy
Tanush Lord Shiva; Lord Ganesh 2 Boy
Ghaus Help; Aid; Rescue; Succor 2 Boy
Haib Greatness 2 Boy
Jari Powerful; Brave 2 Boy
Kazi Judge; Justice 2 Boy
Baqi Permanent; Everlasting 2 Boy
Arnav Ocean; Air; Sun; Wave; Stream; Sea 2 Boy
Talin Musical; Lord Shiva 2 Boy
Tarun Connection; Young; Youth; Ageless; Gentle 2 Boy
Akshay Eternal; Immortal; Indestructible 2 Boy
Yuvan Youthful; Lord Shiva; Young; Healthy; The Moon 2 Boy
Ivaan God's gracious and glorious gift; The Sun; Ruler; Royal 2 Boy
Srujan Creation; Creative 2 Boy
Sachet Joyful; Consciousness 2 Boy
Sanjeet Who is always victorious; Winner from 4 directions; Perfectly victorious 2 Boy
Saish With the blessing of Sai - baba ka baccha, Sai ka baccha 2 Boy
Kalesh Lord of everything 2 Boy
Kinal Extremes in fortune; Health and spirituality 2 Unisex
Yaksha A representative of God, a type of a demi God; Protector of forests; Speedy 2 Unisex
Shuban All auspicious Lord; Name of Lord Ganesh; Brilliant 2 Boy
Barun Lord of the waters; Neptune; All enveloping sky; A Vedic God regarded as the supreme deity, he is seen as upholding heaven and Earth and guarding immortality 2 Boy
Akshant The meaning of Akshant is the person who always wants to win 2 Boy
Aiman Faith; Fearless 2 Boy
Paksha Symbolising the phases of Moon 2 Boy
Hetav Gives Love 2 Boy
Lakhan Brother of Lord Rama; Successful; Achiever; Distinguished; With auspicious marks 2 Boy
Keyan Crown; King; A form of Keon 2 Boy
Ekaksha One-eyed; Lord Shiva 2 Boy
Aidan Help; Intelligent 2 Boy
Nahul Powerful 2 Boy
Manth Thought; Devotion; Another name of the Sun; Lord Shiva 2 Boy
Baneet Wished for; Loved; Desired 2 Boy
Magh Name of a Hindu month 2 Boy
Anesh Close friend; Good company; Smart one; Companion; Supreme 2 Boy
Iraj Lord Hanuman; Flower; Born of the primal waters; Another name for the Love God Kaama 2 Boy
Rahas Secret 2 Boy
Eashav Special; Gifted 2 Boy
Gunav Goon ka adhikari 2 Boy
Meesam Smiling; Happy 2 Boy
Latesh New; Warrior 2 Boy
Ashar Fourth prayer of the day; One who has wisdom 2 Boy
Kanil Power; Indestructible Lord Vishnu like 2 Boy
Vanij Lord Shiva; Merchant; The zodiac sign of Libra; Another name for Shiva 2 Boy
Dijul Innocent 2 Unisex
Jivan Life; Soul; The Sun; Water; Wind the Sun; Life giving 2 Boy
Yog The union of the individual soul with universal soul; Joining; Uniting; Conveyance; Yoga personified as the son of Dharma and Kriya; Name of Vishnu and Shiva, Lord Buddha 2 Boy
Aadesh Command; Message; Counsel 2 Boy
Javin Swift; Fast; Horse; Deer 2 Boy
Jubin Honorable; Righteous 2 Boy
Ganjan Surpassing; Excelling; Winning; Vanquishing; First 2 Unisex
Vandan Salutation; Worship; Praise 2 Boy
Saumit From Sanskrit Samit: someone who has got everything; Easy to get 2 Boy
Fahad Lynx; Panther 2 Boy
Aijaz Miracle; Wondrous nature 2 Boy
Azib Sweet 2 Boy
Sahar Dawn, Early morning; Moonlight 2 Boy
Umang Enthusiasm; Joy; Zeal; Aspiration; Ambition; Limed; Hope desire; Trust; Greed 2 Boy
Javesh Related to God 2 Boy
Sadin Independent; Fawn; Young deer 2 Boy
Yashu Peace; Calm 2 Boy
Falgu Lovely 2 Boy
Naeem Comfort; Tranquility; Ease 2 Boy
Tarank Saviors 2 Boy
Nivas Home 2 Boy
Bibek Judgment; Discernment; Knowledge; Reason; Conscience 2 Boy
Kameel Beautiful; Perfect; One of the ninety nine qualities of God 2 Boy
Tanmay Engrossed 2 Boy
Elil Handsome 2 Boy
Sumeet A good friend; Well measured; One who has a beautiful body; Shapely 2 Boy
Nawaz Attractive; Beloved; Mistress 2 Boy
Kushan Dynasty; Name of a king; The Kushan dynasty that ruled parts of 2 Boy
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