Rohini Nakshatra Names For Boy

1062 Boy Names For Rohini Nakshatra Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Baadal Cloud 3 Boy
Baala Child; A young girl; Vigour; Strength 8 Boy
Babala Above 1 Boy
Baban Conqueror 11 Boy
Babeesh 6 Boy
Babu A pet name 8 Boy
Babul Father 11 Boy
Badal Cloud 11 Boy
Badari A place sacred to Lord Vishnu 8 Boy
Badri Lord Vishnu; 7 Boy
Badrinath Lord of mount Badri 5 Boy
Badriprasad Gift of Badri 3 Boy
Bagira Loving & nurturing 11 Boy
Bagyaraj Lord of luck 11 Boy
Bahubali A Jain tirthakar 11 Boy
Bahul A Star 8 Boy
Bahuleya Lord Kartikeya; Bahu - a lot; Abundant 3 Boy
Bahuleyan Lord Murugan; Bahu - a lot; Abundant 8 Boy
Bahuliya Lord Kartikeya; Bahu - a lot; Abundant 7 Boy
Bahumanya Honored by many; Universally respected and valued 5 Boy
Bahurai With great riches 6 Boy
Bahwaasy One of the Kauravas 8 Boy
Baidyanath Master of medicines; The king of medicine; Lord of physicians 4 Boy
Baikuntha Heaven 6 Boy
Bair Brave 3 Boy
Bajinath Lord Shiva; Lord of physicians; Epithet of Shiva; Epithet of Dhanvantari 11 Boy
Bajrang A name of Lord Hanuman 8 Boy
Bajrangbali With the strength of diamond; Lord Hanuman 5 Boy
Bakhtawar One who brings good luck 4 Boy
Bakool Flower; Clever; Patient; Circumspect; Attentive; Another name for Shiva 2 Boy
Baku War horn; Lightning; Brilliant 8 Boy
Bakul Flower; Clever; Patient; Circumspect; Attentive; Another name for Shiva 11 Boy
Bal Young; Infant; Strong; Strength; Vigour; Bridge; Victory 6 Boy
Balaaditya Young Sun; Young man; The newly risen Sun 4 Boy
Balaark The rising Sun 1 Boy
Balabhadra Another name of Balarama 5 Boy
Balachandar Young Moon 11 Boy
Balachandra Young Moon; Crescent Moon 11 Boy
Balachandran Moon crested Lord 7 Boy
Baladhi Deep insight 1 Boy
Baladhitya Young Sun; Young man; The newly risen Sun 11 Boy
Baladitya Young Sun; Young man; The newly risen Sun 3 Boy
Balaganapati Beloved and lovable child 4 Boy
Balagopal Child Krishna 4 Boy
Balagovind Young cow-herd; Infant Krishna 6 Boy
Balaj Glitter; Shine; Grain; Born of strength 8 Boy
Balajee Another name of the Hindu Lord Venkatachalapathy (Tirupathi), A name of Lord Vishnu 9 Boy
Balaji Another name of the Hindu Lord Venkata Chalapathi (Tirupathi), A name of Lord Vishnu 8 Boy
Balakrishna Young Krishna 6 Boy
Balambu Son of Sambhu, Lord Shiva 7 Boy
Balamurugan Young Lord Murugan; Lord Murugan's childhood 3 Boy
Balan Youthful 3 Boy
Balanath Lord of strength 5 Boy
Balar Strength; Power; Army 7 Boy
Balaraj Strong; King 9 Boy
Balaram Brother of Lord Krishna 3 Boy
Balaravi The morning Sun 3 Boy
Balarka Sadrushanana like the rising Sun 1 Boy
Balasubramani 6 Boy
Balavan Powerful 8 Boy
Balavant Lord Hanuman; Full of might; Strong 1 Boy
Balbir Mighty and brave; Strong 8 Boy
Balchandra Young Moon 1 Boy
Baldev God like in power, Another name of Balram 1 Boy
Balendra Lord Krishna; Strong and powerful God 3 Boy
Balendu Young Moon 5 Boy
Balgopal Baby Krishna; Infant Krishna 3 Boy
Balgovind Lord Krishna, Young cowherd, Name of Krishna 5 Boy
Bali A mighty warrior; Brave; Powerful; Strength; Offering 6 Boy
Balkrishan Young Krishna 5 Boy
Balkrishna Lord Krishna; Beautiful 5 Boy
Ballabh Beloved; Dear; First; Cowherd; Lover 2 Boy
Ballal The Sun 4 Boy
Balmani Young Jewel; Small Jewel 7 Boy
Balrah 6 Boy
Balram Brother of Lord Krishna 2 Boy
Balu Cheater 9 Boy
Balvant Of immense strength; Lord Hanuman; Full of might 9 Boy
Balveer Strong soldier; Powerful and brave 11 Boy
Balwant Of immense strength; Lord Hanuman; Full of might 1 Boy
Banaj Lotus; Natural; Born of the forest; Born of the water 1 Boy
Banbhatt Name of an ancient poet 5 Boy
Banbihari Lord Krishna; One who enjoys roaming in the forest 1 Boy
Bandan Salutation; Worship; Praise 9 Boy
Bandev God of nature 3 Boy
Bandhu Friend 5 Boy
Bandhul Pleasing; Charming 8 Boy
Bandhula Pleasing; Charming 9 Boy
Bandin One who praise and honours; Bard; A class of poets and scholars who sing songs of praise in the royal courts 8 Boy
Bandish Binding; Attach 3 Boy
Baneet Wished for; Loved; Desired 2 Boy
Banit Polite 1 Boy
Banke Lord Krishna; Bent in three places 6 Boy
Bankebihari Lord Krishna, one who loves to sport in the forests, Banke meaning bent in three places as the curved statue of Krishna usually is hands folded to hold a flute, waist folded and leg folded in a standing pose 8 Boy
Bankim Crescent; Lord Krishna; Curved 5 Boy
Bankimchandra Crescent Moon 9 Boy
Banshi Flute 8 Boy
Banshidhar Lord Krishna, The bearer of the flute 3 Boy
Banshik King of the forest, Lion 1 Boy
Bansi Flute 9 Boy