Most Popular Indian Muslim Girl Names Of 2017

196 Top 100 Girl Names - 2017
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aaima Leader 7 Girl
Aasima Limitless; Protector; Defendant; Central 8 Girl
Abidah Worshipper; Devotee 7 Girl
Adiba A literary person; Cultured; Civilized 8 Girl
Aira The beginning; The principle; The breathe of life 2 Girl
Aisha Love; Living; Prosperous; Life 2 Girl
Aiza Noble 1 Girl
Aliah Exalted; Noble; Highest social standing 22 Girl
Amyra Leader; Princess; Royal lady 22 Girl
Arzoo Desire; Wish 3 Girl
Asifa Just; Equitable 9 Girl
Bahij Cheerful 3 Unisex
Baiza White; Bright; Brilliant 3 Girl
Basma Smile 9 Girl
Dalia Dahlia; Flower 9 Girl
Daria Wealthy; Sea; Learned; Knowing 6 Girl
Deenah Obedience 1 Girl
Eilnaz Most beautiful 4 Girl
Eliza Unique; Precious 8 Girl
Elma Apple 4 Girl
Emma Whole; Complete 5 Girl
Enisa Good friend 3 Girl
Erina Beautiful lady 11 Girl
Ezra Peace 5 Girl
Faatin Captivating; Clever; Smart; Fascinating 6 Girl
Fadila Good looking; Attractive 6 Girl
Fahima Intelligent 11 Girl
Faida The benefit; Advantage; Gain 3 Girl
Faiha Fragrant from heaven 7 Girl
Faiqah Surpassing; Excellent 6 Girl
Faiza Victorious; Winner; Gain 7 Girl
Fatema Chaste; Motherly 1 Girl
Firoza Successful; Turquoise; Gemstone 3 Girl
Ghaida Young and delicate; Soft 3 Girl
Ghania Beauty; Beautiful girl 4 Girl
Ghasna Bud; Blossom 5 Girl
Haida Heart 5 Girl
Haiqa Right; Truly; Obedient of God 9 Girl
Haniah Pleasant; Agreeable 5 Girl
Hoor Virgins of paradise 11 Girl
Huma Bird of Paradise, Auspicious bird; Phoenix 7 Girl
Ifra Identity 7 Girl
Ifza Protective Angel 6 Girl
Iha The Earth; Desire; Labour; Exertion; Endeavour 9 Girl
Ijaz Honor; Esteem; Regard 1 Unisex
Imani Trustworthy; Faithful; Honest; Truthful 1 Girl
Inaaya Gift of Allah; Concern; Solicitude 6 Girl
Inas Capable; Sociability; Powerful; Brilliant; Strong; Majestic; Another name for Surya 7 Unisex
Insha Sentence; Writing; Essay 6 Girl
Irsa Rainbow 2 Girl
Isa A prophet's name; Jesus 11 Unisex
Isir Another name of Agni; Inspirational; Strong; Refreshing; Powerful; Fast; Agile 1 Girl
Isma Charm; Grace; Kindness 6 Girl
Izna Light 5 Girl
Izzi Powerful 7 Unisex
Jadida New; Fresh 2 Girl
Jahida Abstinent; Helps the vulnerable 6 Girl
Jamia Beautiful 7 Girl
Janna Garden; Paradise 4 Girl
Jasiya The 45th Surah; One who kneels 2 Girl
Jawna The Sun 4 Girl
Jehaan Creative mind; Beautiful flower 3 Girl
Jesna Victory 4 Girl
Johara Jewel 8 Girl
Juzla To get joyousness; Gladness 7 Girl
Kabira Great 6 Girl
Kahlaa Beloved; Sweetheart; One who has beautiful black eyes 7 Girl
Kaina Leader woman 9 Girl
Kalila Sweetheart; Beloved 1 Girl
Kaneez Slave; Maid servant; Female servant 8 Girl
Kanval Flower; Lotus 7 Girl
Karida Untouched 8 Girl
Karima Generous; Noble; Precious; Perfect 8 Girl
Kashud Bloom; Success; Benefit 1 Girl
Kazima One who controls; Suppress 7 Girl
Khaila Crowned with laurels 6 Girl
Khaira Charitable; Good 3 Girl
Khalila Beloved 9 Girl
Khansa Old Arabic name 9 Girl
Kharqa Strong wind 11 Girl
Khitfa Erroneous; Forgetful 1 Girl
Kifah Struggle; Fight 8 Unisex
Lafiza As Deep as a sea 1 Girl
Lahifa Helper 1 Girl
Laiqah Worthy; Deserving; Capable; Suitable 3 Girl
Laleh Tulip 2 Girl
Lalma A piece of land that defends only on rain 3 Girl
Lamia Dark lipped; Brilliant; Lustrous; Shining 9 Girl
Lamya Dark lipped; Brilliant; Lustrous; Shining 7 Girl
Larifa A beautiful and intelligent girl 11 Girl
Latifa Gentle kind pleasant; Friendly 22 Girl
Layaan Gentleness; Softness; Tender 9 Girl
Lazim Fitting; Compulsory; Needed 7 Unisex
Liba Most beautiful (Hoor in Jannah) 6 Girl
Lubena Purity 1 Girl
Madiha Praiseworthy 9 Girl
Madina Land of beauty 6 Girl
Maheen The Earth; Fine or thin texture 1 Unisex
Maida Beautiful 1 Girl
Maira Beloved; Favorable; Admirable; Marvellous 6 Girl
Showing 1 - 100 of 196