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292 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Light'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aaloka Light; Look; View 5 Unisex
Aara Ornament; Decoration; Light bringer 3 Girl
Aarchi Ray of light 4 Girl
Abhati Splendor; Light 5 Girl
Ahana Inner light; Immortal; Born during the day; The first rise of the Sun 7 Girl
Aloka Light; Look; View 4 Girl
Anisa Close, Intimate, Good friend, Continuous, Without darkness, Light, Unceasing, Generous, Loyal, Close 8 Girl
Anishaa Close; Intimate; Good friend; Continuous; Without darkness; Light; Unceasing; Generous; Loyal; Close 8 Girl
Ansheena Light 4 Girl
Antarpreet One who loves the light within 1 Girl
Anudeepthi Divine light 4 Girl
Anwara Ray of light 22 Girl
Archi Ray of light 3 Girl
Archini Ray of light 8 Girl
Archisha Rays of light 4 Girl
Archishaa Rays of light 5 Girl
Athmikha Light of God 8 Girl
Atmajyothi Light of soul 5 Girl
Atmajyoti Light of soul 6 Unisex
Atmikha Light of God 9 Girl
Bhajuna Sun Light 3 Girl
Bibha Light 22 Girl
Chaaruvi Light; Brilliant 11 Girl
Chandani A river; Moonlight 9 Girl
Chandhini Moon light or a river; Star 7 Girl
Chandini Moon light or a river; Star 8 Girl
Chandni A river; Moonlight 8 Girl
Chandrajyothi Moon light 1 Girl
Chandrajyoti Moon light 11 Girl
Chandrakanti Moon light 5 Girl
Chandraprabha Star; Moon light 5 Girl
Chandrapushpa Star; Moon light 4 Girl
Chavi Ray of light; Reflection 7 Girl
Chiara Light 4 Girl
Debadyuti Light of God 1 Girl
Dedeepya Light 11 Girl
Deepal Light; Charm full girl 7 Unisex
Deepansha The light of the lamp 1 Girl
Deepashri Light; Lamp 4 Girl
Deephiha Light 11 Girl
Deepjyothi The light of the lamp 9 Girl
Deepjyoti The light of the lamp 1 Girl
Deepthi Flame or luster or glow or shine; Brightness; Brilliance; Beauty 4 Girl
Deepthika A beam of light 7 Girl
Deepthiksha A beam of light 7 Girl
Deeptika A beam of light 8 Girl
Deeptikana Beam of light 5 Girl
Deepu Flame; Light; Shinning 6 Unisex
Dhiya Lamp 11 Girl
Dhiyan Bright light 7 Girl
Dhuthi Splendor; Luster; Glow; Light 7 Girl
Dhuti Splendor; Luster; Glow; Light 8 Girl
Dhyuthi Splendor; Luster; Glow; Light 5 Girl
Dhyuti Splendor; Luster; Glow; Light 6 Girl
Dipal Light; Charm full girl 6 Girl
Dipashri Light; Lamp 3 Girl
Dipu Flame; Light; Shinning 5 Girl
Dirsana Light; Lamp 3 Girl
Divyashree Divine; Pure light; Source of wisdom; Heavenly 8 Girl
Divyashri Divine; Pure light; Source of wisdom; Heavenly 7 Girl
Divyasri Divine; Pure light; Source of wisdom; Heavenly 8 Girl
Diwa Gift of God; Powerful women; Through heaven; Daytime 1 Girl
Dpinder Light of Lord Inder 7 Girl
Dyuthi Light; Sunshine 6 Girl
Dyuti Light; Sunshine 7 Girl
Eknoor One light 6 Girl
Eraj Morning light 7 Girl
Farisha Light 8 Girl
Fariza Light 7 Girl
Filza Light; Rose from heaven 9 Girl
Gruni Light; Sparkle 6 Girl
Gurkiran Light from the Guru 9 Girl
Gyaneshwari Light of Knowledge 4 Girl
Gyanleen One absorbed in divine light and knowledge 11 Girl
Harseerat Light 5 Girl
Harsimranjot Light of remembrance of God 11 Girl
Hemaprabha Golden light 1 Girl
Hidayati Light 5 Girl
Hualeena Light 4 Girl
Iftin Light 4 Girl
Ikjot The one light; God's light 2 Girl
Indulala Moonlight 11 Girl
Isbah Light 3 Girl
Izna Light 5 Girl
Jaahanvi Moon light; Ganga river 3 Girl
Jahanvi Moon light; Ganga river 11 Girl
Jasnoor The light of God 11 Girl
Jayaprabha Light of victory 11 Girl
Jhillika Light; Sunshine; Moth 9 Girl
Jothika Sun light; Light 11 Girl
Jotleen Absorbed in light of God 9 Girl
Jotshna Radiant like flames; Goddess Durga; Moon light 6 Girl
Joyatri Light 8 Girl
Jyoshna Giving light to others; Moonlight, Moon's rays 11 Girl
Jyosna Giving light to others; Moonlight, Moon's rays 3 Girl
Jyostna Moon light 5 Girl
Jyothika Light; A flame; Brilliant 9 Girl
Jyothirmai Light in life 11 Girl
Jyothishree Flame; Light; Lamp; The light of the Sun 7 Girl
Jyothsna Light from the full Moon or Moon light 4 Girl
Showing 1 - 100 of 292