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Diiferent Names Of Allah

Total 90 Diiferent Names Of Allah    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Dhu-L-Jalali Lord of majesty and generosity 5 Boy
Al-Qawiy The strong 7 Boy
Al-Khaliq The creator 7 Boy
Ar-Rahman The most compassionate, The benficent, The gracious 11 Boy
Al-Kabir The great 9 Boy
Ash-Shahid The witness 5 Boy
Al-Malik The king 5 Boy
As-Samad The eternally besought 4 Boy
Al-Muizz The bestower of honors 9 Boy
Al-Muqtadir The powerful 8 Boy
Al-Mubdi The originator 8 Boy
Al-Azim The magnificent 8 Boy
Al-Ghani The rich, The independent 7 Boy
Al-Basit The reliever 1 Boy
Al-Hadi The guide, The way 7 Boy
Al-Muzill The giver of dishonor 7 Boy
Al-Mughni The enricher, The emancipator 4 Boy
Ar-Rafi The exalter 8 Boy
Al-Hayy The ever-living 9 Boy
An-Nur The light 2 Boy
Al-Muhaymin The protector 9 Boy
Al-Muqit The nourisher 3 Boy
Al-Baqi The immutable, The infinite, The everlasting 5 Boy
Al-Hakam The judge 2 Boy
As-Salam The peace, The source of peace and safety 11 Boy
Al-Ghaffar The repeatedly forgiving 5 Boy
Al-Mutakabbir Supreme in greatness, The majestic 3 Boy
Al-Majid The all-glorious, The majestic 5 Boy
Al-Mujib The responsive, The answerer 5 Boy
Ash-Shakur The grateful 4 Boy
Al-Quddus The holy, The divine, The pure, The purifier 6 Boy
Al-Mudhill The humiliator 11 Boy
Al-Basir The seer of all 8 Boy
Al-Karim The bountiful, The generous 2 Boy
Al-Wasi The all-comprehending 2 Boy
Al-Afu The forgiver 5 Boy
Al-Wajid The perceiver, The finder, The unfailing 5 Boy
Al-Wali The friend, Patron and helper 4 Boy
Al-Muqsit The just, The equitable 4 Boy
Al-Qahhar The subduer 11 Boy
Al-Khabir The all-aware 8 Boy
Al-Badi The originator 2 Boy
Ar-Rauf The clement 11 Boy
Al-Jami The gatherer 1 Boy
Al-Khafid The abaser 7 Boy
Al-Barr The benign, The source of all-goodness 7 Boy
Al-Warith The heir, The inheritor of all 1 Boy
Al-Ghafur The much-forgiving 8 Boy
Al-Matin The firm, The steadfast 7 Boy
Al-Latif The subtle one 7 Boy
Al-Wadud The loving 9 Boy
Al-Hafiz The preserver 9 Boy
Al-Bari The maker of order 7 Boy
Al-Wakil The trustee, The dependable, The advocate 6 Boy
Al-Muqaddim The expediter 5 Boy
Al-Muntaqim The Lord of retribution, The avenger 4 Boy
Al-Muid The restorer 6 Boy
Al-Hasib The accounter 7 Boy
Al-Fattah The opener 6 Boy
Az-Zahir The manifest one 8 Boy
As-Sami The hearer of all 8 Boy
Al-Mani The preventer of harm 5 Boy
At-Tawwab The ever-returning, Ever-relenting 9 Boy
Al-Muhsi The appraiser 11 Boy
Al-Batin The hidden one 5 Boy
Al-Alim The knower of all 3 Boy
Al-Muakhkhir The delayer 5 Boy
Al-Jabbar The irresistible, The compeller 1 Boy
Ar-Raqib The watchful 3 Boy
Al-Wahid The only one 4 Boy
Al-Jalil The majestic 3 Boy
Al-Qawi The possessor of all strength 9 Boy
Al-Musawwir The bestower of form, The shaper 5 Boy
Al-Qadir The all-powerful, He who can do everything 7 Boy
Ar-Rashid The guide to the right path 6 Boy
Al-Qabid The constrictor 1 Boy
Ar-Razzaq The provider 8 Boy
As-Sabur The patient one 9 Boy
Al-Wahhab The bestower 1 Boy
Al-Adl The just 3 Boy
Al-Ali The highest 8 Boy
Al-Halim The forebearing 11 Boy
Al-Mumit The bringer of death 8 Boy
Al-Baith The resurrector 8 Boy
Al-Akhir The last 6 Boy
Al-Majíd The majestic one 5 Boy
Al-Hamid The praised one 3 Boy
Al-Qayyum The subsisting, The independent 4 Boy
Al-Ahad The one 9 Boy
Malik-Ul-Mulk Owner of all sovereignty 9 Boy
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