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320 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Moon'
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AbhicandraWith a Moon-like face; One of the seven Manus of the Svetambara Jain sect 7Boy
AdheerRestless; Lord Chandra or Moon 5Boy
AdhirRestless; Lord Chandra or Moon 4Boy
AgharnaThe Moon 5Boy
AmalenduThe unblemished Moon 8Boy
AmarisChild of the Moon 7Boy
AmbiliThe Moon 1Boy
AmritambuThe Moon 8Boy
AnakhThe Moon 8Boy
ArdhenduHalf Moon 3Boy
AvirupLord Shiva; Handsome; Wise; Desirable; Well formed; Congruous; The Moon; Shiva; Vishnu; Kamdev 6Boy
AyankThe Moon 7Boy
AydinBrilliant; Enlightened; Intelligent; Light of the Moon 8Boy
BadrFull Moon 7Unisex
BadruddinFull Moon of religion (Islam) 5Boy
BalachandarYoung Moon 11Boy
BalachandraYoung Moon; Crescent Moon 11Boy
BalachandranMoon crested Lord 7Boy
BalchandraYoung Moon 1Boy
BalenduYoung Moon 5Boy
BankimchandraCrescent Moon 9Boy
BhalchandraMoon crested Lord 9Boy
BibhaakarThe Moon 8Boy
BikeshThe Moon 9Boy
BipraA priest; Inspired; Wise; Sage; The Moon; A Brahmin 1Boy
BiraajBorn of Moon; To have a presence; To know one's self 5Boy
BirajBorn of Moon; To have a presence; To know ones self 22Boy
BudairLittle full Moon 1Boy
BudairaLittle full Moon 11Boy
ChaayanMoon; Collection 8Boy
ChakorA bird enamored of the Moon 11Boy
ChandSincere wish; The Moon; To shine 3Boy
ChandakBrilliant; The Moon 6Boy
ChandarThe Moon 4Boy
ChandeepBright of Moon. 11Boy
ChanderThe Moon 8Boy
ChanderbhanChander means Moon, Bhan means the Sun both meaning is energetic and peace nature 6Boy
ChanderjitOne who has conquered the Moon 11Boy
ChandhuThe Moon 5Boy
Bala ChandraYoung Moon; Moon crested Lord 11Boy
Bhal ChandraYoung Moon; Moon crested Lord 9Boy
ChandraThe Moon 4Boy
Chandra BhanThe Moon 11Boy
ChandraayanThe Moon 9Boy
ChandrabhaLuster of Moon light 6Boy
ChandrabhanThe Moon 11Boy
ChandrachurLord Shiva; The Moon 9Boy
ChandradevMoon God; A king 8Boy
ChandrahaasSmiling like a Moon; Bow of Lord Shiva 6Boy
ChandrahasSmiling like a Moon; Bow of Lord Shiva 5Boy
ChandrakantBeloved by the Moon 5Boy
ChandrakantaThe Moon; Moonstone; Consort of the Moon 6Boy
ChandrakeshMoon 11Boy
ChandraketuMoon banner 7Boy
ChandrakirthiAs famous as the Moon 7Boy
ChandrakishoreThe Moon 8Boy
ChandramauliThe one who wears Moon on the head, Meaning Lord Shiva 6Boy
ChandramohanAttractive like the Moon 1Boy
ChandramouliThe one who wears Moon on the head, Meaning Lord Shiva 11Boy
ChandranThe Moon; Moon-like a face 9Boy
ChandrananThe Moon; Moon-like a face 6Boy
ChandranathThe Moon 11Boy
ChandranshuRay of Moon 3Boy
ChandrapalMaster of the Moon 6Boy
ChandraprakashMoon light 6Boy
ChandrasenThe Moon 6Boy
ChandrashekarOne who holds Moon in his hair knot (Shiva), Lord Shiva 3Boy
ChandrashekaraLord Shiva, One who holds the Moon in his shikhar, i.e. coiled Mat of hair on top of the head, An epithet of Shiva 4Boy
ChandrashekharOne who holds Moon in his hair knot (Shiva), Lord Shiva 11Boy
ChandrathaNectar of the Moon 6Boy
ChandravadanMoon-like face 1Boy
ChandrayanThe Moon 8Boy
ChandreshLord of the Moon 8Boy
ChandruMoon 6Boy
ChanduThe Moon 6Boy
ChanpreetLove for the Moon 9Boy
ChanyanaThe Moon 4Boy
CharandevThe Moon 4Boy
CharuchandraBeautiful Moon 1Boy
ChayanMoon; Collection 7Boy
ChayankThe Moon 9Boy
ChhaayankThe Moon 9Boy
ChhayankThe Moon 8Boy
ChitrankA Moon 3Boy
ChitreshMoon; Wonderful Lord 9Boy
DeependuBright Moon; The Moon 11Boy
DeeptenduBright Moon 4Boy
DevachandraMoon among the God 9Boy
DharmachandraMoon of Dharma 4Boy
DhavalachandraWhite Moon 8Boy
DibenduDivyendu, Dibyendu the Moon 5Boy
DibyenduLight of Moon 3Boy
Badr Al DinFull Moon of the faith 11Boy
DipenduBright Moon, The Moon 1Boy
DivenduDivyendu, Dibyendu the Moon 7Boy
DivyenduLight of Moon 5Boy
Badrud DujaFull Moon of the dark 5Boy
DurijeshThe Moon 4Boy
DwijainThe Moon 7Boy
DwijarajKing of Brahmins; The Moon 4Boy