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280 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Brave'
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AaryaveerBrave Man 6Boy
AaryavirBrave Man 5Boy
AbhinuBrave Man 1Boy
AgambirBrave as God 6Boy
AmalbirPure and brave 11Boy
AmarbirEternally brave 8Boy
AnoopbirBeauteous and brave 9Boy
AnveerBrave and divine in knowledge 11Boy
ArshanBrave 7Boy
AryaveerBrave Man 5Boy
AtamveerBrave 4Boy
AveerBrave; One who fights for peace; Strong; Continuous or ongoing 6Boy
AvikBrave 7Boy
AvirBrave; One who fights for peace; Strong; Continuous or ongoing 5Boy
BachanbirBrave; Who keeps his promise 4Boy
BahadarOne who is brave and corageous 8Boy
BahadurjitThe victory of the brave 4Boy
BairBrave 3Boy
BalbeerMighty and brave; Strong 9Boy
BalbirMighty and brave; Strong 8Boy
BaliA mighty warrior; Brave; Powerful; Strength; Offering 6Boy
BalveerStrong soldier; Powerful and brave 11Boy
BalvirStrong soldier; Powerful and brave 1Boy
BanseelBrave 22Boy
BaruBrave; Noble 6Boy
BaselBrave 3Boy
BatalBrave; Champion; Hero 9Boy
BatoorBrave 8Boy
BhagatveerThe brave devotee of God 8Boy
BhimsenSons of brave Man 7Boy
BinderBrave leader 7Boy
BiradolBrave and unwavering 7Boy
BirakaalEternally brave 1Boy
BirbalBraveheart; A powerful warrior 8Boy
BirbhoopBrave king 4Boy
BirindarThe brave God 3Boy
BirjeetA victory of the brave 6Boy
BirjotLight of the brave 11Boy
BirpalHeroic protector; Protector of the brave 4Boy
CharanvirOne who is fast on feet and brave 4Boy
ChattarbirIntelligent and brave 1Boy
ChetveerBrave and aware 5Boy
ChirFor a longer time; Brave; Victor 11Boy
ChirahArticulate; Wise; Brave; Powerful; This biblical name is derived from Hirah and means a noble powerful 11Boy
DalerBrave; Valiant; Daring; Fearless; Bold 22Boy
DalirBrave 8Boy
DastagirBrave; Protector; Saint 7Boy
DastgirBrave; Protector; Saint 6Boy
DheerandraGod of courage; Lord of the brave 6Boy
DheerendraGod of courage; Lord of the brave 1Boy
DhirendraGod of courage; Lord of the brave 9Boy
DilawarBrave 5Boy
DilerBrave; Bold 3Boy
DravieBrave 5Boy
EasharbirA brave and Godly person 9Boy
EkavirBravest of the brave 3Boy
EkbirOnly brave 9Boy
EsharbirGod's warrior; Victorious; Almighty God 8Boy
FatehbirThe victorious brave 6Boy
GhatrifLeader; Brave; Noble 6Boy
GhusharibBrave 3Boy
GiaanveerBrave and divine in knowledge 1Boy
GianbirBrave and knowledgeable 6Boy
GianveerBrave and divine in knowledge 9Boy
GulshanbirBrave in the rose garden 3Boy
GunbirVirtuous and brave 8Boy
GunvirVirtuous and brave 1Boy
GurinderveerBrave as Guru 11Boy
GyanveerBrave and divine in knowledge 7Boy
HarinderbirBrave as the Lord 7Boy
HarveerBrave as God 5Boy
HarvirBrave as God 4Boy
HetbirLove of the brave 8Boy
HetveerBrave Love 11Boy
HumamuddinBrave person of the religion 9Boy
HyderName of the Hadrath Ali; the lion; The brave 6Boy
IndrarjunBright and brave Lord Indra 1Boy
JabarjangBrave on the battlefield 1Boy
JaisukhbirVictorious; Happy brave 9Boy
JangbahadurBrave on the battlefield 6Boy
JangbirBrave on the battlefield 7Boy
JanrajA brave one who remembers God 9Boy
JapbirA brave one who remembers God 11Boy
JariPowerful; Brave 2Boy
JasirBrave; Bold; Courageous 3Boy
JasurBrave; Bold; Courageous 6Boy
JatinderbirBrave as the Lord 11Boy
JeevanbirLife of brave 5Boy
JergeesBrave 6Boy
JobanveerBrave and charming 11Boy
JodhpalBrave protector 3Boy
JoginderbirBrave; Who is master of Yoga 3Boy
JuberBrave warrior 2Boy
JumlishBrave 11Boy
JupinderbirBrave who recites the name of God 9Boy
JusveerFamous and brave 1Boy
KalbirBrave of the family 8Boy
KamalvirBrave lotus 6Boy
KanwalbirBrave lotus 1Boy
KanwarbirBrave Prince 7Boy