108 Names Of Lord Krishna

108 108 Names Of Lord Krishna
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AchalaConstant; The Earth 8Girl
AchyutaImperishable; A name of Lord Vishnu; Indestructible 7Boy
AdbhutahWonderful God 11Boy
AdidevThe Lord of the Lords; The first God 9Boy
AdityaNewly risen Sun; Lord Surya; The Sun 6Boy
AjanmaOne who is limitless and endless 4Boy
AjayaUnconquerable; Undefeated 11Unisex
AksharaLetters; Goddess Saraswati 5Girl
AmrutNectar 1Boy
AnaadihOne who is the first cause 11Boy
AnandsagarCompassionate Lord 8Boy
AnantaInfinite; Endless; Eternal; The Earth 6Girl
AnantajitThe victor of infinity; Lord Vishnu; Ever victorious Lord 9Boy
AnayaWithout a superior; God has shown favour 6Boy
AniruddhaWhich can't be restricted; Courageous 8Boy
AparajeetThe Lord who cannot be defeated, Undefeated; Another name for Vishnu and Lord Shiva 5Boy
AvyuktaInexpressible; Crystal clear 2Boy
BalgopalBaby Krishna; Infant Krishna 3Boy
BaliA mighty warrior; Brave; Powerful; Strength; Offering 6Boy
ChaturbhujOne who has four arms, Lord Ganesh 4Boy
DanavendraGranter of boons 3Boy
DayaluCompassionate 1Boy
DayanidhiA treasure house of mercy 3Boy
DevadidevGod of Gods 4Boy
DevakinandanName of Lord Krishna 1Boy
DeveshKing of Gods; Another name for Indra; God of the Gods 9Boy
DharmadhyakshaThe Lord of Dharma 5Boy
DwarkapatiLord of dwarka 5Boy
GopalCowherd, Another name of Lord Krishna 6Boy
GopalpriyaLover of cowherds 3Boy
GovindaLord Krishna; Gaom+vindati; One who has knowledge of sense and is the illuminator of senses can also be translated as one who makes cowherd boys Happy 9Boy
GyaneshwarGod of wisdom 4Boy
HariThe Sun; Man; Green; Light; Moon; Another name for Indra; Brahma Vishnu and Shiva 9Boy
HiranyagarbhaThe all powerful creator 5Boy
HrishikeshOne who controls senses 6Boy
JagadguruPreceptor of the universe 9Boy
JagadishaMaster of the universe 6Boy
JagannathLord of the world 4Boy
JanardhanaLord Krishna; One who helps people; Liberator from the cycle of birth and death 9Boy
JayantahConqueror of all enemies 8Boy
JyotiraadityaThe resplendence of the Sun; Lord Krishna 5Boy
KamalnathLord Vishnu, Lord of Kamala 9Boy
KamalnayanLotus-eyed 3Boy
KamsantakSlayer of kamsa 1Boy
KanjalochanaLotus eyed God 1Unisex
KeshavaName of Lord Krishna; Lord Venkateswara; Lord Vishnu; Long Haired; Slayer of Keshi demon 22Boy
KrishnaLord Krishna; Name of the river 8Unisex
LakshmikantamThe Lord of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu 7Boy
LokadhyakshaLord of all the three lokas worlds 8Boy
MadanCupid; God of Love; Man filled with beauty; Intoxicating; Pleasing; Another name for the Love God Kaama; Spring; Passion 6Boy
MadhavaAnother name of Lord Krishna; Sweet like honey 5Boy
MadhusudanLord Krishna, One who killed demon Madhu 7Boy
MahendraThe great God Indra (the God of the Sky), Lord Indra, Lord of the Sky 1Boy
ManmohanPleasing; Lord Krishna 7Boy
ManoharOne who wins over mind; Loveable; Charming; Another name for Lord Krishna 7Boy
MayurPeacock 6Boy
MohanCharming; Fascinating; Infatuating; Another name for Shiva and Krishna; Handsome 6Boy
MuraliFlute 11Unisex
MurlidharLord Krishna, The one who bears the flute 5Boy
MurlimanoharThe flute playing God 8Boy
NandgopalaThe son of Nand 4Boy
NarayanaLord Vishnu; Refuge of man 3Boy
NiranjanaAarti; Name of a river; Goddess Durga; The night of the full Moon 1Girl
NirgunaAttribute less; Fetterless 3Girl
PadmahastaLotus handed; Lord Krishna 3Boy
PadmanabhaOne with Lotus in his navel; Lord Vishnu 7Boy
ParabrahmanaThe supreme absolute truth 4Boy
ParamatmaLord of all beings 3Boy
ParampurushSupreme personality 8Boy
ParthasarthiCharioteer of Partha - Arjuna 4Boy
PrajapatiLord of all creatures; King; Brahma 11Boy
PunyahSupremely pure 4Boy
PurshottamLord Vishnu; Best among men 7Boy
RavilochanaHaving Sun as the eye 5Boy
SahasraakashThousand-eyed Lord 8Boy
SahasrajitOne who conquers thousands; Victor of thousands 7Boy
SahasrapaatThousand-footed Lord 6Boy
SakshiWitness; Evidence 22Girl
SanatanaPermanent; Eternal God; Lord Shiva 8Boy
SarvajanaOmniscient Lord 6Boy
SarvapalakaProtector of all; Lord Krishna 4Boy
SarveshwarLord of all gods 8Boy
SatyavachanaOne who speaks only the truth 8Boy
SatyavrataAlways truthful.aspx'>truthful, One who has taken vow of truth, Dedicated to truth 11Boy
ShantahPeaceful Lord 8Boy
ShreshtaThe best; Ultimate; Another name for Lord Vishnu; Foremost; First; Perfection; Best of all 8Boy
ShrikantaAn epithet of Lord Vishnu, God of wealth or Lord Vishnu or Consort of Goddess Lakshmi; Beautiful; Lord Shiva; Of glorious neck 11Boy
ShyamDark blue; Black, A name of Lord Krishna 3Boy
ShyamsundaraLord of the beautiful evenings 9Boy
SudarshanaHandsome 7Girl
SumedhaWise; Clever; Sensible 8Girl
SureshamLord of all Demi-Gods 5Boy
SwargapatiLord of heavens 7Boy
TrivikramaConqueor of the three worlds 5Boy
UpendraAn element 7Boy
VaikunthanathaLord of Vaikuntha; The heavenly abode 7Boy
VardhamaanahThe formless Lord 11Boy
VasudevFather of Lord Krishna; God of wealth 22Boy
VishnuLord Vishnu; Root; To pervade; The preserver of the Hindu Holy Trinity; Has ten incarnations including Ram, Krishna and Buddha 3Boy
VishwadakshinahSkilfull and efficient Lord 4Boy