Simha Rashi Names For Girl

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Maagha Name of a Nakshathra; Month's name 22 Girl
Maaheshvari Power of Lord Mahesha (Lord Shiva) 6 Girl
Maahi River; Great Earth; Heaven and Earth conjoined; The number one 5 Girl
Maala Garland 1 Girl
Maalavi Princess; A musical Raag 5 Girl
Maalika Daughter; Queen; Owner; A garland; Jasmine; Intoxicating drink 3 Girl
Maalini Fragrant; Jasmine; Gardener; Another name for Goddess Durga's and the Ganges; A garland maker; Wearing a garland 5 Girl
Maalya Worthy to be garlanded; Wealth; Mass of flowers 8 Unisex
Maanasa Conceived in the mind 5 Girl
Maanasi With a sound mind; A lady; Intellectual or spiritual endeavour; Another name for Saraswati 22 Girl
Maanasvi Tenderness 8 Girl
Maanavi Girl with humanity; One who poses all the best qualities 7 Girl
Maanavika Young girl 1 Girl
Maandavi Consort of Bharat in Ramayan; Fit; Competent; Administrator 11 Girl
Maandhari Honourable 6 Girl
Maanhitha Together; Conversation with God; Honored 3 Girl
Maanika Of Jewels; Ruby 5 Girl
Maanini Lady; Nobel; Women; Self respected 7 Girl
Maansi Intellectual or spiritual endeavour; Another name for Goddess Saraswati 3 Girl
Maanswi Skilled 8 Girl
Maanushi The woman; Goddess Laxmi; Kind 5 Girl
Maanvi Girl with humanity; One who poses all the best qualities 6 Girl
Maanvika Female of maanav; Youth 9 Girl
Maanya The quiet one; Worthy of honor; Respected; Honourable 1 Girl
Maanyata Principles; Assumption 22 Girl
Maarisha Worthy; Respectable 7 Girl
Maatangi Goddess of Matanga, Goddess Durga 3 Girl
Maaya Goddess Lakshmi; Wealth; Unreality; Compassion; Sympathy; An unreal or illusory image; Name of mother of Buddha; Prakriti; Affection; An epithet of Lakshmi; Art; Wisdom; One of the nine Shaktis of Vishnu 5 Girl
Madanika Aroused; Excited 9 Girl
Madhavi A creeper with beautiful flowers; Springtime 4 Girl
Madhavilata A flowering creeper 11 Girl
Madhu Honey; Sweet; Nectar; Charming 2 Unisex
Madhu Bindu Drop of Honey 7 Girl
Madhubala Sweet girl 9 Girl
Madhubani An art form 1 Girl
Madhuchanda Metrical composition 6 Girl
Madhuchhanda Pleasing metrical composition 5 Girl
Madhuja Made of honey; Sweet; Honeycomb; The Earth 22 Girl
Madhukaitabhahantri Slayer of the demon-duo Madhu and Kaitabha 8 Girl
Madhukari Bee 5 Girl
Madhuksara One who showers honey 7 Girl
Madhul Sweet; Intoxicating; A drink 5 Girl
Madhula Sweet; Intoxicating; A drink 6 Girl
Madhulata Sweet creeper; Lovely creeper 9 Girl
Madhulatha Sweet creeper or Lovely creeper 8 Girl
Madhulekha Beautiful 3 Girl
Madhulika Honey; Sweetness; Bee 8 Girl
Madhumalathi Name of a raga; A flowering creeper 3 Girl
Madhumalati Name of a raga; A flowering creeper 4 Girl
Madhumalli Royal Jasmine 4 Girl
Madhumanti Sweet; Polite 5 Girl
Madhumathi Delight Moon; Full of honey 8 Girl
Madhumati Delight Moon; Full of honey 9 Girl
Madhumika May signify (Goodness/Power/Happiness/spirituality) 9 Girl
Madhumita Full of honey; Sweet person 9 Girl
Madhumitha Full of honey; Sweet person 8 Girl
Madhunika Sweetness of Honey 1 Girl
Madhunisha Pleasant night 8 Girl
Madhuparna Tulsi leaf (Basil leaf) 7 Girl
Madhupreetha Goddess Durga, She who likes Honey 3 Girl
Madhur Sweet; Melodious; Amiable 11 Unisex
Madhura Sugar; A bird 3 Girl
Madhurani Queen of bees 8 Girl
Madhuri Sweet girl 11 Girl
Madhurima Sweetness 7 Girl
Madhurya She who has voice sweeter 1 Girl
Madhusha Beauty 3 Girl
Madhushana 9 Girl
Madhushree Beauty of Spring 3 Girl
Madhushri Beauty of Spring 11 Girl
Madhusmita Sweet love; Smile; Honey 1 Girl
Madhuvanthi Sweet like honey; Name of a Raga 4 Girl
Madhuvanti Sweet like honey; Name of a Raga 5 Girl
Madhvi A creeper with beautiful flowers; Springtime 3 Girl
Madira Nectar; Intoxicating; Wine 1 Girl
Madirakshi Woman with intoxicating eyes 3 Girl
Madri Second wife of Pandu; Mother of Nakul and Sahdeva; Daughter of king Shalya 9 Girl
Madumai Generous 8 Girl
Madura Sugar; A bird 22 Girl
Magadhi Flower 7 Girl
Magana Engrossed 1 Girl
Magathi Great 5 Girl
Mageshwari God name 5 Girl
Magha Name of a Nakshathra; Month's name 3 Girl
Maghi Giving gifts 11 Girl
Maghna River gangas 8 Girl
Magisha Women God 4 Unisex
Maha Durga The Goddess Durga who is sleeping 11 Girl
Maha Lakshmi Goddess Lakshmi, Lakshmi the great, Consort of Vishnu, She is the presiding deity at Kolhapur, She destroyed a Daitya called Mahal hence she is called Mahalsa or Mahalakshmi 6 Girl
Maha Laxmi Goddess Lakshmi 1 Girl
Mahaabala Having immense strength; Great strength; Enormously strong Lord 22 Girl
Mahabhadra Ganga river 3 Girl
Mahadevi Goddess Parvati, the great Goddess, An epithet of Durga, Consort of Shiva, An epithet of Lakshmi, Consort of Vishnu, Epithet of Parvati, Mahadevi is the presiding deity at the Chakrateerth on the Gandakee river 9 Girl
Mahaganga The great Ganga 8 Girl
Mahagauri Goddess Durga, One of the nine forms of Durga; Name of a river 7 Girl
Mahajabeen Beautiful 6 Girl
Mahakali Goddess Durga, The most destructive and terrible aspect of the Shakti power principle, An epithet of Durga's in her terrific form 11 Girl
Mahakanta Earth 7 Girl
Mahakantha Earth 6 Girl