Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Popular Hindu girl names with meanings

Searching for a cute girl name for your little princess? We have many Indian Hindu girl names list for you, as per your preferences. We have created many baby names collection to find a perfect girl name.

A to Z baby girl names list

Click on above alphabets to view Hindu baby girl names for the select alphabet.

Baby girl name list by Birth Rashi (Moon Sign)

Looking for a baby name by Rashi (Moon Sign)? Check out Baby Names by Birth Rashi for all the 12 Rashi names list with details

Baby girl name by Nakshatra (Birth Star)

There are 27 Nakshatras and each Nakshatra has it's own letters. You can name your baby by Nakshatra or Birth Star. Check out our Baby Names by Birth Rashi for all the 27 Nakshatra names list with details for Hindu Boy

Baby girl names as per numerology

Looking for a lucky baby girl by number? We have a great collection of Hindu numerology names for baby girls. Check out Hindu girl names as per numerology for a comprehensive numerology number names list

Top Hindu girl names list

We have specially selected top girl names to simplify your name selection process. Check our Top 100 Hindu girl names list for a cute, sweet and unique name

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