Uttarabhadra Nakshatra Names For Boy

105 Boy Names For Uttarabhadra Nakshatra Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Dugant Direction; Endless; Horizon end of sky 22 Boy
Dugu Cute; Lovely son 8 Boy
Dulal Lovable; Young; Dear one 5 Boy
Dumini Name of Lord Shiva 7 Boy
Dundappa Silent 5 Boy
Duraadhara One of the Kauravas 5 Boy
Durai Chief; Leader 8 Boy
Duraimani Suggest meaning 9 Boy
Duraimurugan Lord Murugan, Murugan; The king; Head 4 Boy
Duranjaya A heroic son 5 Boy
Durdharsha One of the Kauravas 3 Boy
Durg Difficult to approch; Fort; Inpenetrable 5 Boy
Durgacharan Suggest meaning 6 Boy
Durgadas A devotee of Goddess Durga 3 Boy
Durgadutt Gift from Goddess Durga 8 Boy
Durgesh Lord of forts 1 Boy
Durijesh The Moon 4 Boy
Durja The invincible 9 Boy
Durjaneeya Difficult to be known 5 Boy
Durjay Jiska koi prabhav nahi kar sakta (One who cannot be influenced) 7 Boy
Durjaya Difficult to conquer; Unvanquished 8 Boy
Durkesh From Goddess Durga 5 Boy
Durmada The false pride 8 Boy
Durmarshana One of the Kauravas 1 Boy
Durmukha One of the Kauravas 7 Boy
Dursanth Suggest meaning 6 Boy
Durvank Gifted friend 1 Boy
Durvansh One who lives far 8 Boy
Durvasa A powerful Rishi, who was famous for his quick temper, the Puranas and Mahabharata contain many stories about Durvasa (A powerful rishi famous for his quick temper. The Puranas and Mahabharata contain many stories about Durvasa.) 5 Boy
Durvasha A powerful rishi famous for his quick temper 4 Boy
Durvesh Shehnai (Clarinet) 7 Boy
Durvigaaha One of the Kauravas 11 Boy
Durvimocha One of the Kauravas 6 Boy
Durvish Who cannot be affected by poison 11 Boy
Durwank Gifted friend 11 Boy
Duryodhana One of the Kauravas 3 Boy
Dushal Resolute; Funs 2 Boy
Dushant Suggest meaning 6 Boy
Dushasana One of the Kauravas 7 Boy
Dushkarna One of the Kauravas 7 Boy
Dushparaaja One of the Kauravas 1 Boy
Dushpradharsha One of the Kauravas 11 Boy
Dushtar Irresistible; Inpenetrable; Unconquerable; Excellent 1 Boy
Dushyant A king from the epic Mahabharata 4 Boy
Dushyanta A king from the epic Mahabharata 5 Boy
Dussahana One of the Kauravas 7 Boy
Dussalan One of the Kauravas 1 Boy
Jhanak Creator; Melody; Producing; Begetting; Father 9 Boy
Jhanesh Ganesh 11 Boy
Jhangimal Son of a Prawn 3 Boy
Jhanish God's gracious butterfly 6 Boy
Jhankar Lord Ganesh; A low murmuring sound; Humming of bees 9 Boy
Thakappanswami Lord Murugan; Lord of Shiva (Murugan taught Shiva the meaning of Om, Thakappan - Shiva + Swami - Lord) 9 Boy
Thakarshi Lord Krishna 5 Boy
Thaksha King Bharat's son; Eyes like a Pigeon; Chopping; To make from wood 5 Boy
Thakur Leader; God 7 Boy
Thalesh God of land 1 Boy
Thamesh Smart 11 Boy
Thamilarasan king of Tamils; fluent in Tamil 9 Boy
Thanak Prize; Reward 1 Boy
Thaneesh Ambition 8 Boy
Thangabalu Golden 6 Boy
Thangadurai Golden king 5 Boy
Thangam Gold; Golden gen 1 Boy
Thangamani Gold; Golden gen 7 Boy
Thangaraj Golden king 8 Boy
Thangarajan Golden king 5 Boy
Thangasami Golden Lord 3 Boy
Thangavel Lord Murugan, God 9 Boy
Thanigai Related to Lord Murugan 6 Boy
Thanikachalam Lord Murugan, The one who stays in Thanika 3 Boy
Thanish Ambition 7 Boy
Thanmai Concentration; Ecstasy 3 Boy
Thanmay Engrossed 1 Boy
Thanmayee Concentration; Ecstasy 11 Boy
Thanu Body; Slender; Minute; Delicate; Thin 1 Unisex
Thanumalaya Suggest meaning 9 Boy
Thanush Beautiful 1 Boy
Thanushh Beautiful 9 Boy
Thanveer Strong 3 Boy
Thanvir Strong 11 Boy
Thanvish Delicate; Perfect Man; Lord Shiva 11 Boy
Thanvye Involvement 5 Boy
Thaoni Suggest meaning 4 Boy
Tharak Star; Pupil of an eye; Protector 5 Boy
Tharakar Serron Lord Murugan, The God who killed the demon Taraka 5 Boy
Tharanum Suggest meaning 6 Boy
Tharun Connection; Young; Youth; Ageless; Gentle 1 Boy
Tharunsiva Suggest meaning 7 Boy
Tharupan Chandan; Lord Shiva 9 Boy
Tharush Conqueror; Small plant 5 Boy
Thasmya Suggest meaning 6 Boy
Thasveen Problem Solver; Healer; Comfortable 4 Boy
Thathathan Lord Buddha 11 Boy
Thavan Lord Shiva 3 Boy
Thavanesh Lord Shiva 8 Boy
Thavineish Another name of Lord Shiva 7 Boy
Thayalan Lord Shiva; Kind 1 Boy
Thayanban Devoted to one's mother 5 Boy
Traaman Protection 5 Boy
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