Arudra Nakshatra Names For Boy

111 Boy Names For Arudra Nakshatra Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Chhaayank The Moon 9 Boy-E
Chhandak The charioteer of Lord Buddha 5 Boy-E
Chhatrabhuj Lord Vishnu, One who has four arms 1 Boy-E
Chhayank The Moon 8 Boy-E
Ghanaanand Happy like clouds 11 Boy-E
Ghanalinga 11 Boy-E
Ghananand Happy like cloud 1 Boy-E
Ghanashyam Lord Krishna; Solid dark; Of the colour of the darkest cloud that will soon rain 7 Boy-E
Ghanendra Lord of clouds (Lord Indra) 9 Boy-E
Ghanesh Lord Ganesh; Derived from ghan 8 Boy-E
Ghanshyam Lord Krishna; Black cloud 6 Boy-E
Ghansyam Lord Krishna or black cloud 7 Boy-E
Ghatotkatcha The son of Bhima and the Raskshasi (demons) Hidimbi. He became a leader of the Rakshasas and assisted the Pandavas in the Kurukshetra war 7 Boy-E
Ghayan Sky 11 Boy-E
Kuber God of wealth; Slow; God of riches 3 Boy-E
Kubera God and guardian of money 22 Boy-E
Kuberchand God of wealth 6 Boy-E
Kubernath God of wealth 1 Boy-E
Kuchela A friend of Lord Krishna 7 Boy-E
Kuga Priyan Lord Murugan, The one who loves caves 6 Boy-E
Kugan Son of lord Shiva 9 Boy-E
Kugapriyan Lord Murugan, The one who loves caves 6 Boy-E
Kuhan A man who offered service to Lord Rama 1 Boy-E
Kuj A tree; Name of the planet Mars; The son of the Earth 6 Boy-E
Kulaj Noble; From a good family 1 Boy-E
Kulandavelayudhan Lord Murugan, The child who bears the Vel as a weapon 6 Boy-E
Kularanjan Star of family 4 Boy-E
Kulasekaran 6 Boy-E
Kulbhushan Ornament of family 9 Boy-E
Kuldeep The enlightened one in the family; An entire region of the family; The lamp of the family 11 Boy-E
Kuldev The god-like person of the family 3 Boy-E
Kuldip The enlightened one in the family; Entire region of the family; The lamp of the family 1 Boy-E
Kuleswar God of Kul (Family) 11 Boy-E
Kulik Wellborn; From a good family 1 Boy-E
Kulin Kuldipak 22 Boy-E
Kulish Belonging to the good; Noble family; Dazzling; Diamond; Thunderbolt 8 Boy-E
Kuljesh 5 Boy-E
Kumaansh 7 Boy-E
Kumar Young boy 1 Boy-E
Kumara Vel Lord Murugan, Spear of Murugan 5 Boy-E
Kumarabrahmacharin Youthful bachelor 8 Boy-E
Kumarabrahmacharine Youthful bachelor 4 Boy-E
Kumaran Lord muraga 7 Boy-E
Kumarappan Lord Murugan; Kumara - youth; Appan - father 4 Boy-E
Kumaraswami Lord Murugan; Bachelor God 4 Boy-E
Kumaravel Lord Murugan, Spear of Murugan 5 Boy-E
Kumaresan Lord Murugan; Lord of youths; Name of Skand 4 Boy-E
Kumaresh Lord of youth 6 Boy-E
Kumareshan Lord Murugan; Lord of youths; Name of Skand 3 Boy-E
Kumaril Young; Clever 4 Boy-E
Kumarpal Raja ka Palak 3 Boy-E
Kumbh Name of a Rashi 1 Boy-E
Kumbhkarna Ravan's brother known for sleeping and eating 1 Boy-E
Kumi Water 9 Boy-E
Kumudaksh Lotus eyed 1 Boy-E
Kumudesh The Moon 3 Boy-E
Kumush Old and ancient Man 3 Boy-E
Kunal Lotus; A bird 5 Boy-E
Kundalin One who wears earrings 5 Boy-E
Kundanlal Golden 9 Boy-E
Kundhaadhara One of the Kauravas 11 Boy-E
Kundhaasy One of the Kauravas 5 Boy-E
Kundhabhedy One of the Kauravas 4 Boy-E
Kundhasaai One of the Kauravas 8 Boy-E
Kundhy One of the Kauravas 11 Boy-E
Kundir Strong 5 Boy-E
Kundrakkudiyon Lord Murugan; One who resides on hills 8 Boy-E
Kundrenindhon Lord Murugan 7 Boy-E
Kunja Trees and creepers are overgrown; Arbour; Living in greenery 3 Boy-E
Kunjabihari Lord Krishna; Enjoyer of lakes 5 Boy-E
Kunjar Dwelling in the forest; Name of a mountain; Name of a region; Name of a serpent; Elephant; Living in greenery 3 Boy-E
Kunjesh 7 Boy-E
Kunjit Hidden in the forest 22 Boy-E
Kunna Good Hindu 7 Boy-E
Kunsh Shining; Articulate 1 Boy-E
Kunwar Prince 7 Boy-E
Kupat Excellent 6 Boy-E
Kuppa Attitude 2 Boy-E
Kuresh Winning Person 1 Boy-E
Kurinjvendan Lord Murugan, Consort of Kurinji (Velli) 8 Boy-E
Kurmesh pure 5 Boy-E
Kurmi Worms 9 Boy-E
Kurthak 9 Boy-E
Kuru Ancient king and founder of the Kuru dynasty 8 Boy-E
Kusagra A king; Intelligent 6 Boy-E
Kush Sacred grass; A son of the God Ram 5 Boy-E
Kushaan Dynasty; Name of a king; The Kushan dynasty 3 Boy-E
Kushad Talented; Cloud 1 Boy-E
Kushagra A king; Intelligent 5 Boy-E
Kushak King 8 Boy-E
Kushal Smart; Skillful; Expert; Proficient; Wise; Happy; Auspicious; Pious; Another name of Shiva 9 Boy-E
Kushalin Having skillfullness or happiness; Healthy; Wise; Successful; Auspicious 5 Boy-E
Kushalraj Well-being; Clever 11 Boy-E
Kushan Dynasty; Name of a king; The Kushan dynasty 2 Boy-E
Kushank One Piece of Grass 22 Boy-E
Kushant Little Happy 22 Boy-E
Kushanu Fire 5 Boy-E
Kushik Grandfather of Rishi Vishwamitra 7 Boy-E
Kushil Lord Shiva; Uncourteous 8 Boy-E
Kushin Valmiki; Another name for the celebrated sage Valmiki 1 Boy-E