Most Popular Indian Muslim Girl Names Of 2016

165 Top 100 Girl Names - 2016
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aafiya Vigor; Good health; Well being 7 Girl
Aahana Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day, the First rise of the Sun 8 Girl
Aisha Love; Living; Prosperous; Life 2 Girl
Aiya Miracle; Verses in the Quran 9 Girl
Aliah Exalted; Noble; Highest social standing 22 Girl
Alisha Protected by God; Silk of heaven 5 Girl
Amyra Leader; Princess; Royal lady 22 Girl
Areej Victory; Triumphant; Success 3 Boy
Asifa Just; Equitable 9 Girl
Ayesha Alive or living; Prophet Mohammad's wife 5 Girl
Bahij Cheerful 3 Unisex
Bahira Dazzling; Brilliant; Noble lady 7 Girl
Bahja Happiness 4 Girl
Baraa Excelling 5 Girl
Baria Innocent; Blameless; Excelling; Originator 22 Girl
Dafiya The narrator of Hadith; Daughter 1 Girl
Dahma She was a scholar of religion 9 Girl
Daiba Assiduous; Persistent 8 Girl
Deenah Obedience 1 Girl
Dema The rainy cloud; Down pour 5 Girl
Dhiya Lamp 11 Girl
Dina Divine; Grand; Vindicated 1 Unisex
Eihaa To inspire 6 Girl
Eilin Champion; Lovable 4 Girl
Eilnaz Most beautiful 4 Girl
Eira Snow 6 Girl
Eliza Unique; Precious 8 Girl
Elma Apple 4 Girl
Eman Faith; Belief; Faith in Allah 6 Girl
Ezhil Beauty 6 Girl
Ezra Peace 5 Girl
Fahima Intelligent 11 Girl
Faiza Victorious; Winner; Gain 7 Girl
Faizia Successful 7 Girl
Famya Good fame 1 Girl
Fanha Passing Away 3 Girl
Fania Free 22 Girl
Gazala Intelligent; Charming; A poem; Ode; Lyric poem; Words of Love 3 Girl
Ghadah Beautiful 11 Girl
Haida Heart 5 Girl
Haifa Slender; Of beautiful body 7 Girl
Haiqa Right; Truly; Obedient of God 9 Girl
Haiza Royalty 9 Girl
Hajna Hungarian form of English Hannah, HAJNA means "favor, grace." 7 Girl
Haniah Pleasant; Agreeable 5 Girl
Haziqa Clever; Shrewd 8 Girl
Helima very soft; gentle 3 Girl
Hena Mehndi; Fragrance 1 Girl
Hiza Beauty; Lucky 8 Girl
Hoor Virgins of paradise 11 Girl
Iba Pride; Sense 3 Girl
Ieta The Earth; Wish 8 Girl
Ifra Identity 7 Girl
Ifza Protective Angel 6 Girl
Jabira Agree; Comforter; Consoler 5 Girl
Jadida New; Fresh 2 Girl
Jahida Abstinent; Helps the vulnerable 6 Girl
Jazira Island 11 Girl
Jehaan Creative mind; Beautiful flower 3 Girl
Juzla To get joyousness; Gladness 7 Girl
Kabira Great 6 Girl
Kaina Leader woman 9 Girl
Kalila Sweetheart; Beloved 1 Girl
Kamila Most perfect; Complete 2 Girl
Karida Untouched 8 Girl
Karima Generous; Noble; Precious; Perfect 8 Girl
Khaira Charitable; Good 3 Girl
Kifah Struggle; Fight 8 Unisex
Labiba Wise; Intelligent 9 Girl
Lafiza As Deep as a sea 1 Girl
Lahifa Helper 1 Girl
Laiha Glittering 22 Girl
Laiqa Intelligent; Smile 22 Girl
Lalma A piece of land that defends only on rain 3 Girl
Lamah Brilliancy 8 Girl
Lamia Dark lipped; Brilliant; Lustrous; Shining 9 Girl
Larifa A beautiful and intelligent girl 11 Girl
Lazim Fitting; Compulsory; Needed 7 Unisex
Lubena Purity 1 Girl
Lujain Silver 22 Girl
Madiha Praiseworthy 9 Girl
Madina Land of beauty 6 Girl
Maheen The Earth; Fine or thin texture 1 Unisex
Maida Beautiful 1 Girl
Maira Beloved; Favorable; Admirable; Marvellous 6 Girl
Maliha Strong; Beautiful; Salty or graceful or brownish color; Pleasant; Clever; Quick-witted 8 Girl
Malika Daughter; Queen; Owner; A garland; Jasmine; Intoxicating drink 2 Girl
Manha Gift of Allah 1 Girl
Mariya Beloved; Beautiful; One of the wives of the prophet Muhammad (Pbuh); Purity 4 Girl
Masira Doing good deeds 7 Girl
Meeza Quarter Moon 5 Girl
Mosiya Increase the world 1 Girl
Mufiah Obedient; Compliant 4 Girl
Munira Illuminating; Shedding light; Bright and shining 4 Girl
Nadiya The beginning; First; Black 9 Girl
Nafiah Profitable 3 Girl
Naira Shining; Glittering 7 Girl
Najma A star; In the middle of a group of stars 3 Girl
Nazira Like; Equal; Matching; Observer; Supervisor 6 Girl
Niha Dew drop; Admired for a look; Love; Rain; Bright one; Naughty one 5 Girl
Showing 1 - 100 of 165