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86 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Brilliant'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Amlan Unfading; Ever bright; Brilliant; Fresh; Clear 5 Boy
Anil God of wind; Brilliant; Shining; Fair; Another name for Vishnu and Shiva 9 Boy
Anshuk Sunbeam; Gentle; Brilliant; Radiant 2 Boy
Anshul Brilliant; Radiant; Sunbeam 3 Boy
Anuraj Devoted; Enlightening; Brilliant 2 Boy
Archin Brilliant; One who offers prayers; Pious 8 Boy
Arjun Fair; Open minded; Pure; Brilliant; A Pandava Prince; Bright 1 Boy
Aryash Brilliant 9 Boy
Aydin Brilliant; Enlightened; Intelligent; Light of the Moon 8 Boy
Baahi Glorious; Magnificent; Splendid; Brilliant; Shining 3 Boy
Baahir Dazzling; Brilliant 3 Boy
Baare Brilliant; Superior 9 Boy
Bahi Glorious; Magnificent; Splendid; Brilliant; Shining 2 Boy
Bahir Dazzling; Brilliant 11 Boy
Bahirun Brilliant 1 Boy
Baku War horn; Lightning; Brilliant 8 Boy
Barraq Flashing; Bright; Brilliant 3 Boy
Bhaargav Lord Shiva, Attaining radiance, Coming from Bhrigu, An epithet of Shiva, The planet venus, An excellent archer 6 Boy
Bhaaskar Brilliant; Illuminated; Creater; The Sun; Fire; Gold 7 Boy
Bhaasur Splendid; A hero; Bright; Shining; Crystal; Brilliant; The shining God; Holy 7 Boy
Bhaavan Creator; Solicitous; Charming; Brilliant; Another name for Lord Krishna; Palace 22 Boy
Bhasvan Lustrous; Full of brightness; Brilliant; Another name for the Sun, God Surya 22 Boy
Bhavan Creator; Solicitous; Charming; Brilliant; Another name for Lord Krishna; Palace 3 Boy
Bidyut A flash of lightening; Brilliant 9 Boy
Chak Brilliant; Happy; Sated 5 Boy
Divyaraj Brilliant; Extraordinary 9 Boy
Giyan Brilliant 11 Unisex
Hamiz Intelligent; Brilliant 3 Boy
Inas Capable; Sociability; Powerful; Brilliant; Strong; Majestic; Another name for Surya 7 Unisex
Islet Arrow; Light; Brilliant 2 Boy
Jairaj Lord of victory; Brilliant 22 Boy
Jayaraj Lord of victory; Brilliant 3 Boy
Jayraj Lord of victory; Brilliant 2 Boy
Jyot Brilliant 7 Boy
Kaashin Brilliant; Lord of Kashi, Varanasi or Lord Shiva 9 Boy
Kanal Shining; Brilliant 3 Boy
Kanch To shine; Brilliant; Glass 1 Boy
Kashik The shining one; Brilliant; Another name for the city of Banaras 5 Boy
Mahatej Lord Shiva; Most brilliant; Powerful; Having energy or vigor; Name of Shiva; Vishnu; Epithet of Agni 22 Boy
Mayuk Brilliance; Brilliant; Splendor 8 Boy
Mayukh Brilliance; Brilliant; Splendor 7 Boy
Mishry Sweet; Brilliant 11 Boy
Muneer Brilliant; Shining; Moon's light; Lamp 4 Boy
Munir Brilliant; Shining; Moon's light; Lamp 3 Boy
Mustan Brilliant 7 Boy
Mustaneer Brilliant 8 Boy
Ninny Flowery; Blossom; Pure; Brilliant 4 Boy
Nithilan Brilliant like a Pearl 6 Boy
Pavak Purifying; Fire; Brilliant; Pure 6 Boy
Prasarm Pure; Clear; Brilliant; Peaceful; Pleasant 5 Boy
Rajak Radiant Prince; Brilliant; Ruler 5 Boy
Rajul Brilliant 8 Unisex
Revat Brilliant; Wealthy; Attractive 3 Boy
Rukmnat Brilliant; Another name for Agni 8 Boy
Sabuh Shining; Brilliant 6 Unisex
Saneesh The Sun; Brilliant boy 8 Boy
Sanesh The Sun or brilliant boy 3 Boy
Sanie Brilliant; Majestic; Exalted 3 Boy
Sanish The Sun or brilliant boy 7 Boy
Shampak Created by thunderbolts; Brilliant 6 Boy
Shobhak Brilliant; Handsome 1 Boy
Srivathsan Brilliant; Lord Venkateswara 5 Boy
Srivatsan Brilliant; Lord Venkateswara 6 Boy
Surochan Amiable; Brilliant; Illuminating 9 Boy
Suvarn Lord Shiva; A beautiful colour; Brilliant in hue; golden.aspx'>Golden; Yellow; The thorn Apple; Epithet of Shiva; A gold coin 5 Boy
Taral Brilliant; Shining; Splendid; Ruby; Gem; A wave 7 Boy
Tejal Lustrous; Energetic; Gifted; Brilliant 3 Unisex
Tejasvin Lustrous or bright or radiant or intelligent; Brave; Powerful; Celebrated; Energetic; Noble; Brilliant 1 Boy
Tejul Brilliant; Sharp 5 Boy
Thinakaran Brilliant like the Sun; Intelligent 7 Boy
Tvish Brilliant; Bright 6 Boy
Ujagarmeet Brilliant friend 11 Boy
Ujagarpreet Brilliant Love 5 Boy
Ujval Splendorous; Lit; Brilliant; Attractive; Sunshine 3 Boy
Vaidyut Brilliant 3 Boy
Vicknesh Brilliant 1 Boy
Vidhyuth A flash of lightening; Brilliant 9 Boy
Vidwath Highly qualified; Most brilliant 6 Boy
Vidyadhari Highly qualified; Most brilliant 11 Boy
Vidyut A flash of lightning; Brilliant 11 Boy
Vidyuth A flash of lightening; Brilliant 1 Boy
Vikach Brilliant; Hairless; Shaven; Open 9 Boy
Vilash Entertainment; Faithful; Brilliant; Active; Liveliness; Enjoyment; Playful; Grace; Attractive 8 Boy
Vishad Vishtrata- enlarge; Apparent; Calm; Gentle; Happy; White; Brilliant 9 Boy
Waddah Bright; Brilliant 5 Boy
Zahyan Brilliant 3 Boy