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43 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Mountain'
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AadhrikaMountain or celestial 8Girl
AadrikaMountain; Hill; An Apsara or celestial nymph 9Girl
AdriMountain valley 5Girl
AdrijaOf the mountain; Another name of Goddess Parvati 7Girl
AdrikaMountain; Hill; An Apsara or celestial nymph 8Girl
AdrisaMountain Lord 7Unisex
AgajaBorn on a mountain 11Girl
ArafaaName of a mountain close to Mecca 1Girl
ArwaFemale mountain goat 7Girl
DharasuthaGoddess Durga, She who is the daughter of the mountain 11Girl
DrishaMountain Lord 5Unisex
GiribalaGoddess Parvati, Daughter of the Mountain, Another name for Parvati 5Girl
GirijaBorn of a mountain, Goddess Parvati, Daughter of Himalaya 9Girl
GirikaSummit of a mountain; Mountain peak 1Girl
HayudA mountain 5Girl
HeemalIce; Snow mountain 8Unisex
HemaadriMountain of gold 5Girl
HimaadriSnow mountain; The Himalayas 9Girl
HirahMount Hirah; Named after the mountain where the holy Quran was delivered to prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) 8Girl
JabalahMountain; Hill 8Unisex
JudiName of a mountain mentioned in the Quran 8Girl
KudajaadriThe name of the mountain where Shankaracharya did Tapas 8Girl
MarwahA mountain in Makkah (Al-Safa and Al-Marwah) 1Girl
MerwaA mountain in makkah 6Girl
MuntazMountain 5Girl
NaganandiniMountain born 7Girl
NajyaOptimistic and full of hope; Princess; Queen 6Girl
NamarName of a mountain 2Girl
NeelajaRiver starting from the blue mountain (Neel Parvat) 3Girl
NilshikhaTop of the blue mountain 1Girl
NoufThe highest point on a mountain 2Girl
OrwiyaFemale mountain goat 1Girl
PaarvatiGoddess Durga, A patronymic of Daksha; Living in the mountain, Of the mountains 7Girl
ParvatiGoddess Durga, A patronymic of Daksha; Living in the mountain, Of the mountains 6Girl
RadhwaName of a mountain in Medina; Contentment 1Girl
RadwaName of a mountain in Medina; Contentment 2Girl
RazwaLook; Blessed with beauty; Shape; Beauty; The Earth; Silver 6Girl
SaahiraAlert; Nocturnal; Mountain 3Girl
SahiraAlert; Nocturnal; Mountain 11Girl
SahyaA name of a mountain in India 9Girl
SailajaA river; Daughter of mountains, Name of Goddess Parvati, Wife of Shiva 8Girl
ShailaAnother name of Goddess Parvati; Who is living in mountain 5Girl
ShailashaGoddess Parvati, One who lives in the mountain 6Girl