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59 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Bird'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Andlib A bird; One who is always happy 6 Girl
Arnavi Heart as big as ocean; Bird 11 Girl
Balbala Name of a bird, Bulbul 4 Girl
Chaarani A bird; Nomad 1 Girl
Chakori A bird enamored of the Moon 11 Girl
Chanchari Bird; Vortex of water 11 Girl
Charani A bird; Nomad 9 Girl
Huma Bird of Paradise, Auspicious bird; Phoenix 7 Girl
Humera The imaginary bird who soars the highest 3 Girl
Kakoli The preaching of a bird 5 Girl
Kanjari A bird 1 Girl
Kanjri Bird 9 Girl
Kharo Bird 8 Girl
Kivyaa Bird of queen 6 Girl
Kiya The cooing of a bird; Melodious; Pure; Happy; Beloved pure 1 Girl
Koel The cuckoo bird 7 Girl
Konika Related to bird Koyal 7 Girl
Koyal A bird, The Cuckoo 1 Girl
Koyel A bird, The Cuckoo 5 Girl
Kuhu The Cuckoo bird sings Kuhu 7 Girl
Kunalika The cuckoo bird 8 Girl
Kuyil A sweet voice like a Cuckoo bird 6 Girl
Kuyilsai A sweet voice like a cuckoo bird 8 Girl
Linnet A singing bird 11 Girl
Madhura Sugar; A bird 3 Girl
Madura Sugar; A bird 22 Girl
Maina A bird 2 Girl
Mainavi Intellectual; Singing bird 6 Girl
Manaal Attainment; Achievement; A bird 6 Girl
Manal Attainment; Achievement; A bird 5 Girl
Manali A bird 5 Girl
Mania The quiet one; Worthy of honor; Respected; Honourable 2 Girl
Monal Bird 1 Girl
Monil Bird 9 Unisex
Muniya Name of a bird 11 Girl
Naurus Bird in Arabic 22 Girl
Pakhee Bird 1 Girl
Pakhi Bird 9 Girl
Pakshi Bird 1 Girl
Pakshini Day of the full Moon; Bird 6 Girl
Pallavee Bird; Hot 11 Girl
Palvi Bird; Hot 6 Girl
Panchi Bird 6 Girl
Pankhi Bird 5 Girl
Papiha A sweet singing bird 6 Girl
Paravi Bird 4 Girl
Parinda Bird 9 Girl
Pariniti Bird 6 Girl
Parnavi Bird 9 Girl
Poupak One kind of bird 8 Girl
Rucha Vedic lyrics; Light; Brilliance; Desire; Melodious; The voice of the Mynah bird 6 Girl
Sita Goddess Sita; Genus of a bird 4 Girl
Sitta Goddess Sita; Genus of a bird 6 Girl
Tiya Gift of God; A bird 1 Girl
Tuhi Bird sound 22 Girl
Tweety Singing bird 8 Girl
Vihangi Free bird 7 Girl
Vyoma Who lives in the Sky; Bird 22 Girl
Zarka Bluish green eyes 3 Girl