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68 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Wise'
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AbhignaThe knowledgeable; Wise one 6Girl
AbhignayWise 4Girl
AbhignyaKnowledgeable; Wise one 4Girl
AjmiExtremly wise 6Girl
AleemaKnowing or knowledgeable; Wise 1Girl
AlimaKnowing or knowledgeable; Wise 9Girl
AnshumatiBrilliant; Wise 7Girl
AqeelaWise; Sensible 5Girl
AqeelahA wise; Sensible; Intelligent woman 4Girl
AqilahA wise; Sensible; Intelligent woman 3Girl
AreebahWitty; Smart; Wise 4Girl
AribahWitty; Smart; Wise 3Girl
BeenaA musical instrument; Wise; Far-sighted; Lute; Melodious; Perceptive 9Girl
BinaA musical instrument; Wise; Far-sighted; Lute; Melodious; Perceptive 8Girl
ChathuraWise; Clever 8Girl
ChaturaWise; Clever 9Girl
ChaturyaWise; Clever 7Girl
DaanaLearned; Intelligent; Grain; Wise; Another name for God 3Girl
FaekahWise 5Girl
FahmeedahIntelligent; Wise 6Girl
FahmidaIntelligent and wise 6Girl
FemidaWise 11Girl
FikriyaWise 7Girl
GayaWise 7Girl
HakeemaWise; Ruler; Queen 8Girl
HakimaWise; Ruler; Queen 7Girl
HakimahWise; Judicious 6Girl
HasifaJudicious; Wise; Prudent 8Girl
HazeerahWise; Clean 9Girl
HaziraJoy; Love; Beauty; Intelligent; Wise 9Girl
HazirahWise; Clean 8Girl
ImseeraWise 7Girl
LabeebahIntelligent; Wise; Brilliant; Sensible 9Girl
LabibaWise; Intelligent 9Girl
LabibahIntelligent; Wise; Brilliant; Sensible 8Girl
LoukyaWorldly wise; Goddess Lakshmi 22Girl
MaitrayeeWise woman 7Girl
ManasviniGoddess Durga; Self-respecting; Self-controlled; Wise; Sensible; Intelligence; Virtuous wise 3Girl
ManaswiIntelligent; Wise; Sensible; Self-respecting; Self-controlled 8Girl
ManeeshiWise; A learned person; Knowledgeable person; Desired 11Girl
ManishiWise; A learned person; Knowledgeable person; Desired 1Girl
ManuWise; Attractive; Ruler of the Earth; Founder father of human beings; An Apsara or celestial nymph; Intelligent; Humankind; Paradise; Thought 4Unisex
MedhaaviWise; Very intelligent 9Girl
MedhaviWise; Very intelligent 8Girl
MenithaWise 7Girl
NashemaWise; Blossom 7Girl
NojoodNoble; Wise 1Girl
NujudNoble; Wise 7Girl
PrachetaLord Varun; Wise 9Unisex
PragalbhaGoddess Durga; Bold or confident woman; An epithet of Durga; Wise; Fearless; Serious; Powerful 3Girl
PragyaparamitaWise 3Girl
PragyawatiA wise woman 4Girl
QabilaAble; Wise 6Girl
RaashidaWise; Mature; Intelligent; Sober 7Girl
RameesahWise 7Girl
RasheedaWise; Mature; Intelligent; Sober 7Girl
RashidaWise; Mature; Intelligent; Sober 6Girl
RisnaWise; Black; Dark; Name of Hindu God 7Girl
SoodnyaOne who has achieved her goal; Wise; Blessed; Celebrated 3Girl
SudhanyaOne who has achieved her goal; Wise; Blessed; Celebrated 3Girl
SudnyaOne who has achieved her goal; Wise; Blessed; Celebrated 3Girl
SumantaWise or friendly 8Girl
SumayaWise; Learned 8Girl
SumedaWise; Clever; Sensible 9Girl
SumedhaWise; Clever; Sensible 8Girl
SurinaA Goddess; Wise 1Girl
TaaqulWise thought 9Girl
UlimaAstute; Wise 2Girl