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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Saaksh True; Witness; With eyes 5 Boy-E
Sai A female friend; A flower 11 Boy-E
Saivi Prosperity; Wealth; Auspiciousness 6 Boy-E
Sanju Hanuman; Similar to Sanjay; Victory; Triumphant 11 Boy-E
Seenu Positive energy; Horseless 1 Boy-E
Shaar Habit; Custom; Name of Lord Ayyappa; Arrow 2 Boy-E
Shail Mountain; Rocky 22 Boy-E
Shaiv Pure and innocent; Holy; A sect worshipping Shiva 5 Boy-E
Shaji Bold; Courageous; King of noble men 2 Boy-E
Shami Fire; Name of a tree; Work 5 Boy-E
Shay Gift 8 Boy-E
Sheil Mountain; Rocky 8 Boy-E
Sheya Shadow; Divine 22 Boy-E
Shibu Born to Win 5 Boy-E
Shoor Valiant; Bold; Mighty; Brave; Lion; Tiger 3 Boy-E
Shubh Fortunate; Brilliant; Attractive; Auspicious; Wealthy 22 Boy-E
Shuk A Parrot; Bright 5 Boy-E
Shuli Lord Shiva 6 Boy-E
Som The Moon; Distinguished; Nectar; Ambrosia; Juice of the Soma plant that grants immortality; Another name for Shiva 11 Boy-E
Subh Fortunate; Brilliant; Attractive; Auspicious; Wealthy 5 Boy-E
Saumy Mild; Pearl; Goddess Durga; Beautiful 7 Boy-E
Shabd Word 7 Boy-E
Shibhya Lord Shiva 9 Boy-E
Shivam Auspicious; Lord Shiva; Fortunate; Elegant 9 Boy-E
Shreel Beautiful 4 Boy-E
Shreesh Lord of wealth; Lord Vishnu 1 Boy-E
Shrey Credit; Marvelous 3 Boy-E
Shwet White 3 Boy-E
Shyam Dark blue; Black, A name of Lord Krishna 3 Boy-E
Smeet Divine smile 8 Boy-E
Smit Divine smile 7 Boy-E
Snehin A friend 6 Boy-E
Srini Beautiful 6 Boy-E
Sunny Sunshine 3 Boy-E
Swet White 4 Boy-E
Saahil Sea shore; Guide; Shore; Bank 5 Boy-E
Saamir Early morning fragrance; Entertaining companion; Wind 7 Boy-E
Sachet Joyful; Consciousness 2 Boy-E
Sachin Lord Indra; Pure existence; Affectionate; Epithet of Shiva 9 Boy-E
Sachish Lord Indra 4 Boy-E
Sachit Joyful or consciousness 6 Boy-E
Sachitan Rational 3 Boy-E
Sachiv Friend 8 Boy-E
Saharsh With joy; Happy 11 Boy-E
Sahas Valour; Bravery; Happy; Laughing 3 Boy-E
Sahay Helpful; Friend 9 Boy-E
Saihish Lord Saibaba and Shiva 1 Boy-E
Sailik 7 Boy-E
Sainit Created by Vilas 9 Boy-E
Saket Lord Krishna; Having the same intention 11 Boy-E
Saksham Capable; Skilful 9 Boy-E
Sakshan 1 Boy-E
Sambhav Born; Manifested; Possible; Practicable; Meeting; Creation 3 Boy-E
Sameep Close 5 Boy-E
Samen Precious; Invaluable; Happy; Self-disciplined 7 Boy-E
Samesh Lord of equality; God-like 2 Boy-E
Samiksh Near to Sun 8 Boy-E
Sanat Lord Brahma; Eternal; Accompanied by a protector; Immortal; Another name of Brahma 1 Boy-E
Sanav The Sun 3 Boy-E
Sanay Ancient; One that will last forever 6 Boy-E
Sanchay Collection; Riches; Mass 8 Boy-E
Sanchit Collected; Gathered 11 Boy-E
Sandesh Message 7 Boy-E
Sandip A lighted lamp; Brilliant; Ablaze 9 Boy-E
Saneesh The Sun; Brilliant boy 8 Boy-E
Sanehi Beloved Lord Hanuman stuti 11 Boy-E
Sanidh Holy Place 1 Boy-E
Sanil Clean 1 Boy-E
Sanish The Sun or brilliant boy 7 Boy-E
Sanjan Creator 5 Boy-E
Sanjeet Who is always victorious; Winner from 4 directions; Perfectly victorious 2 Boy-E
Sanjeev Giving life; Re animating; Love 22 Boy-E
Sanjeevi Name of the mountain with auspicious and medicinal plants on it, In Hinduism, this mountain is said to be very sacred 4 Boy-E
Sanjib Giving life; Re animating; Love 1 Boy-E
Sanjit Who is always victorious; Winner from 4 directions; Perfectly victorious 1 Boy-E
Sanjiv Giving life; Reanimating; Love 3 Boy-E
Sanket Signal; Goal; Stipulation; Agreement; Indication; Sign 7 Boy-E
Sanketh Signal; Goal; Stipulation; Agreement; Indication; Sign 6 Boy-E
Sankul Dense; Full of; Fiery; Torch 6 Boy-E
Sanmit Symmetry; Harmony 22 Boy-E
Sanoop Powerful 8 Boy-E
Saral Very easy; Honest; Simple 6 Boy-E
Saransh Summary; In brief; Precise; Result 8 Boy-E
Sarav Clump of reeds 7 Boy-E
Saresh Simple 7 Boy-E
Sarish Equal; Morning 11 Boy-E
Sarup Beautiful; Shapely 3 Boy-E
Sashank The Moon 1 Boy-E
Satesh Lord of hundreds; Ruler of hundreds; Happiness 9 Boy-E
Satin Real; A vedic text 9 Boy-E
Saumil Love to meet different persons; A friend; Calm 3 Boy-E
Saumit From Sanskrit Samit: someone who has got everything; Easy to get 2 Boy-E
Saurin Sun Power in 1 Boy-E
Shabin From the name Sabine; An Italian culture 8 Boy-E
Shahan King; One of the Kauravas 6 Boy-E
Shahant Slayer of Aksha 8 Boy-E
Shailen King of mountains 5 Boy-E
Shalik A sage 6 Boy-E
Shameek Ancient sage; Peaceful; Restrained 8 Boy-E
Shamik Ancient sage; Peaceful; Restrained 7 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 283
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