Top Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With K

148 Hindu Boy Names Starting With 'K' Found
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KahaanThe world; Lord Krishna; Universe 9Boy
KairavWhite Lotus; Born of water; Gambler 8Boy
KajishLord vinayagar 22Boy
KalapThe Moon; Intelligent; Collection; The tail of a peacock; Totality; Decoration 5Boy
KalashSacred pot; The pinnacle of a temple; Holy urn 7Boy
KaleshLord of everything 2Boy
KalkiWhite horse 8Boy
KalkinTenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu 22Boy
KalolChirp of birds 6Boy
KalpThe Moon; Thought; Appropriate; Competent; Rule; Healthy; Perfect; A day in the life of Brahma; Another name for Shiva 4Boy
KalpaAble; Fit 5Boy
KalpitImagined; Creative; Appropriate; Exact; Invented 6Boy
KalvaHeroine 11Boy
KalyanWelfare; Worth; Fortune; Noble; Auspicious; Wealthy; Joyful 1Boy
KameshLord of Love 3Boy
KamikDesired 9Boy
KanalShining; Brilliant 3Boy
KananA garden; Forest; The mouth of Brahma 5Unisex
KanavKundal in Lord Krishna's ear; Name of a sage; Wise; Beautiful 4Boy
KandarpGod of Love 11Boy
KandarpaCupid 3Boy
KanhaYoung; Lord Krishna 8Boy
KanhuOne of the childhood name of Lord Krishna 1Boy
KanilPower; Indestructible Lord Vishnu like 2Boy
KanishCaring 8Boy
KanishkAn ancient king; Small; A king who followed Buddhism 1Boy
KanishkaAn ancient king; Small; A king who followed Buddhism 11Boy
KannanAnother name of Lord krishna 1Boy
KanvName of a saint; Skilful; Intelligent; Admired 3Boy
KanvarYoung Prince 22Boy
KapiMonkey; The Sun 1Boy
KapilName of a sage; The Sun; Fire; Another name of Lord Vishnu; An incarnation of Vishnu 22Boy
KapishLord Hanuman; Lord of monkeys; Name of Sugreev 1Boy
KaranKarna, The firstborn of Kunti; Talented; Intelligent; Ear; Document; Another name for Brahman or the supreme spirit 9Boy
KarhikSon of Lord Shiva and leader of Deva army; Kartik means Hindu month 4Boy
KarmDeed; Action; Destiny; Code; Duty 7Boy
KarmaDeed; Action; Destiny; Code; Duty 8Boy
KarnThe ear 8Boy
KarnaThe firstborn of Kunti 9Boy
KartikName of one of the month's; Inspiring with courage and joy 7Boy
KarvLove; Desire 7Boy
KashishLord of Kashi, Another name for Lord Shiva; Attraction 3Unisex
KasishLord Shiva, Lord of Kashi, An epithet of Shiva or any king of Banaras 22Boy
KaustavA legendary gem; A gem worn by Lord Vishnu 5Boy
KautikJoy 1Boy
KavalNivala (Morsel) 11Boy
KavanWater; Poem 4Boy
KavinHandsome; Beautiful; Another name for Ganesh 3Unisex
KavishKing of poets; Name of Lord Ganesh 7Boy
KavishaLord of poets; Lord Ganesh; Small poem 8Unisex
KavitPoem 9Boy
KavyA wise man; Poet; Talented; A physician; Another name for Brahma; A singer talented; Knowledgeable 5Boy
KavyanPoet 2Boy
KayanshPart of body 7Boy
KeethanHoly song 1Boy
KesanSon of Ky; Home sweet home 5Boy
KesavName of Lord Krishna; Lord Venkateswara; Lord Vishnu; Long Haired; Slayer of Keshi demon 4Boy
KesavanLord venkateswara 1Boy
KeshanSon of Ky; Home sweet home 22Boy
KeshavName of Lord Krishna; Lord Venkateswara; Lord Vishnu; Long Haired; Slayer of Keshi demon 3Boy
KeshvinAttachment 7Boy
KetavAnother name of Lord Vishnu 5Boy
KetuLord Shiva; The node; Form; Banner; Leader; Brightness; A ray of light; Ensign; Any eminent person; Intellect; Knowledge; A descending node considered the 9th planet in astronomy; Epithet of Shiva 3Boy
KetulName of planet Ketu 6Unisex
KevaFair; Beautiful; Gentle; Lotus 3Unisex
KevalOnly; Sole; One; Complete; Perfect; Unblemished 6Boy
KevinComely; Loved one 7Boy
KevitLord Krishna 22Boy
KewalOnly; Sole; One; Complete; Perfect; Unblemished 7Boy
KeyurArmlet 8Boy
KhajitLord Buddha; A kind of Buddha; Conquering heaven 5Boy
KhsitijHorizon 5Boy
KhusalHappy 9Boy
KhushHappy 22Boy
KhushhalHappy; Prosperous 7Boy
KhushilHappy; Pleasant 7Boy
KianThe grace of God; Ancient or distant 8Boy
KillanLittle church or Little war 5Boy
KinalExtremes in fortune; Health and spirituality 2Unisex
KineeshTo Succeed 8Boy
KinnarSinging Gods in Heaven 4Boy
KinshuAnother name of Shri Lord Krishna 1Boy
KinshukA flower 3Boy
KinteshSon of Sathamurthi 5Boy
KiranRay of light; Heat 8Unisex
KiratSing God's praise or glory; Lord Shiva 5Boy
KirikSparkling; Brilliant 4Boy
KirinPoet; Writer; Orator 7Boy
KirnSuggest meaning 7Boy
KirteshOne who owns praising 9Boy
KishinKishin refers to a Hindu Lord Krishna 7Boy
KishlayLotus 4Boy
KishnaLord Krishna; Black; Dark-skinned 8Boy
KislayLotus 5Boy
KiyaanKings; Royal 7Boy
KiyanshA person having all qualities 6Boy
KiyashLord Shri Krishna 1Boy
KohidA Weapon 11Boy
KoshalClever; Skilled; Welfare; Wealth; Happiness 3Boy
KoshinA delicate bud 4Boy