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Top Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With N

89 Hindu Girl Names Starting With 'N' Found
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NaavyaWorth praising; Young; Praiseworthy 1Girl
NadiyaThe beginning; First; Black 9Girl
NaharThe day 6Girl
NaijaDaughter of wisdom 8Girl
NaimaBlessing; Living an enjoyable life; Belonging to one 2Girl
NainaName of a Goddess; Beautiful eyed 3Girl
NainikaPupil of the eye 5Girl
NainshiBeautiful Like Eyes 11Girl
NairitiApsara (Angel) 8Girl
NaishaSpecial; Lovely flower 7Girl
NaishiJewel; Rose 6Girl
NaiteeA little gift; End less 9Girl
NakshaKing of stars; Map 9Unisex
NaliniLotus; Pond of Lotuses; Flower; The stalk of the water lily; Beautiful; Fragrant the stalk of the water lily 5Girl
NamiaBowed down; Modest; Polite; Venerable; Night 2Girl
NamitaHumble; Bowing; Worshipper 22Girl
NataliPrincess 3Girl
NatashaChild of Christmas; Born on Christmas 1Girl
NaveshaLord Shiva 7Girl
NaveshniSuggest meaning 11Girl
NavetaNew 9Girl
NayaniSure; Doubtless 1Girl
NayasaSuggest meaning 7Girl
NaysaAffable 6Girl
NeejaLily, A flower 8Girl
NeeliThe skys color 9Girl
NeelimaA beauty by its blue reflection; Blue complexioned; Blue Sky 5Girl
NeeraliUnique and different from all 1Girl
NeeshikaHonest; Night; Gold; Pure 9Girl
NeetalThere is no ending, ne-no tal-ending; The forehead 3Girl
NeethiTruth; Morality; Justice; Good behavior; Policy; Code; Conduct 7Girl
NeetiTruth; Morality; Justice; Good behavior; Policy; Code; Conduct 8Girl
NeevaOne of the 1000 names of river Narmada; The Sun 2Girl
NehaDewdrop; Admired for a look; Love; Rain; Bright one; Naughty one; Affectionate 1Girl
NehalNew; Rainy; Handsome; Gratified 22Girl
NeishaSpecial; Lovely flower 11Girl
NeityA little gift; End less 1Girl
NemaliPeacock 9Girl
NemishaMomentary; Twinkling of an eye 6Girl
NemishtaSweet; Satisfies 8Girl
NeysaIntelligent 1Girl
NibhaSimilar; Resembling 7Girl
NicikaPerfect 11Girl
NidhiBrilliant; To bestow; Treasure; Wealth 8Girl
NigiSuggest meaning 3Girl
NihaliPassing clouds 8Girl
NijuPansophist 9Girl
NikhilaComplete 1Girl
NikhitaFlowing; Another name for the river Ganges; Covered 9Girl
NilakshiBlue eyed 11Girl
NilamSapphire; Blue stone; Precious stone 22Girl
NilaniThe Moon 5Girl
NilashriBlue beauty 9Girl
NiliniPerpetuator of the Kuru race 4Girl
NilsaLife; Good 1Girl
NimaBorn to wealthy parents, the mother of Kabir; To adjust; To measure; Younger; Smaller 1Girl
NimiA friend of fire; Sparkling eyes 9Girl
NimitaFixed; Determined 3Girl
NimmiA friend of fire; Sparkling eyes 4Girl
NimmyFriend of fire; Sparkling eyes 11Girl
NinaDarling; Dear; Little girl; Lovely eyed; Bejeweled; Slender 2Girl
NiralUnique; Calm 9Unisex
NiraliUnique and different from all 9Girl
NirmitiCreation 11Girl
NisaNight; Women; Dream 7Girl
NishaliDifferent Style 9Girl
NishargNature 4Unisex
NishayNight 4Girl
NishiGetting stronger; Invigorating; Evening 5Girl
NishiraSuggest meaning 6Girl
NishnaBliss 11Girl
NishtaVery dedicated; Sharp 8Girl
NishuFrom the word of Nishkarsh 8Girl
NitalThere is no ending, ne-no tal-ending; The forehead 2Girl
NitiWell-behaved; Guided; Modest; Moral; Carried; Red; Morality 7Girl
NitishaArdhanareeshwar, Goddess of Justice, Name of a Goddess 8Girl
NituBeautiful 1Girl
NityaEternal; Constant; Another name for Durga 6Girl
NivaOne of the 1000 names of river Narmada; The Sun 1Girl
NivaliTribute 4Girl
NivanshiCute little baby that will be sweet 6Girl
NiviNew 9Girl
NivitaCreative 3Girl
NivritiBliss 11Girl
NiyaA desire for something; Purpose; Bright; Lord Hanuman 22Unisex
NritiApsara; Dance 7Girl
NrityApsara; Dance 5Girl
NutiWorship; Praise; Reverence 1Girl
Nitya SreeConstant; Eternal; Goddess Parvati; Ever present 8Girl