Top Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With K

112 Hindu Girl Names Starting With 'K' Found
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KaamlaPerfect; Goddess; Flower 3Girl
KaavyaPoetry in motion; Poem; Laden with a sentiment; Worth; Learning; Foresight; With the qualities of a sage or poet learning 7Girl
KahiniYouthful; Spirited; Young 7Girl
KairaPeaceful; Unique; Lady 22Girl
KairviMoonlight 7Girl
KajalMuscara Surma; Eyeliner; Kohl; Decoration for women's eyes 8Girl
KalikaDark; Fog; Flawed gold; Perfumed; Earth; A bud 9Girl
KalpiniNight 9Girl
KalyaPraise; Pleasant; Morning; Clever; Auspicious; Healthy 5Girl
KamaDesired; Cherished; The golden one or Love; Beauty; Briliance 8Girl
KamakyaGoddess Durga, Granter of wishes 9Girl
KameeshaSuggest meaning 9Girl
KaminiDesirable; Beautiful; Affectionate; A beautiful woman 3Girl
KamyaBeautiful; Lovable; Assiduous; Successful 6Girl
KananA garden; Forest; The mouth of Brahma 5Unisex
KanasuDream 4Girl
KandhalAttractive 6Girl
KaniGirl 8Girl
KanikaAn atom; Small; Girl 2Girl
KaniraGrain 9Girl
KanisaBeautiful 1Girl
KapaliniAnother name of Goddess Durga 1Girl
KapilaYellowish brown coloured; Name of the celestial cow; Fragrance; Kapish, Kuhp-ihsh; Lord of the monkeys; Golden incense; Another name for Shiva and the Sun 5Girl
KareenaA pure; Innocent; Female friend; Manner; Mode; Order; 1Girl
KarenAbbreviation of Katherine; Pure 22Girl
KashinBrilliant; Lord of Kashi, Varanasi or Lord Shiva 8Girl
KashishLord of Kashi, Another name for Lord Shiva; Attraction 3Unisex
KashniFlower; Special girl; Goddess Lakshmi 8Girl
KashtiA canoe 5Girl
KashveeShining; Bright; Glowing 8Girl
KashviShining; Bright; Glowing 7Girl
KausheySilken 9Girl
KaushikaSilk; Cup 9Girl
KavinHandsome; Beautiful; Another name for Ganesh 3Unisex
KavinaRemover of universal agonies 22Girl
KaviniComposes beautiful poems 3Girl
KavishaLord of poets; Lord Ganesh; Small poem 8Unisex
KavishriGoddess Lakshmi; Poetess 7Girl
KavniA small poem 3Girl
KeeshaImmense joy; God is gracious 22Girl
KehaniGift of Wisdom 3Girl
KejalEyeliner; Kohl 3Girl
KeshiA woman with beautiful hair 7Girl
KeshviGoddess Radha; Long beautiful hair 11Girl
KetulName of planet Ketu 6Unisex
KevaFair; Beautiful; Gentle; Lotus 3Unisex
KeyaA monsoon flower; Speed 6Girl
KhaivyaPoet 5Girl
KhusbuPerfume; Fragrance 1Girl
KhusheeHappiness; Smile; Delight 5Girl
KhushiHappiness; Smile; Delight 4Girl
KhusiHappiness; Smile; Delight 5Girl
KimayaMiracle; Divine 6Girl
KinaIntelligence 8Girl
KinaariShore; Musical instrument; Goddess of wealth 9Girl
KinalExtremes in fortune; Health and spirituality 2Unisex
KinariShore; Musical instrument; Goddess of wealth 8Girl
KinjalRiver bank 3Girl
KinjuCalm river 2Girl
KinnariShore; Musical instrument; Goddess of wealth 4Girl
KiraThe Sun 3Girl
KiraliSuggest meaning 6Girl
KiranRay of light; Heat 8Unisex
KirtanName of Lord Murugan; Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Education); Purifying; Fire 1Girl
KirtanaHymn, A song in praise of God 11Girl
KivaFair; Beautiful; Gentle; Lotus; Shelter 7Girl
KiyaThe cooing of a bird; Melodious; Pure; Happy; Beloved pure 1Girl
KreenaBeautiful 9Girl
KrinalBrave 11Girl
KripaMercy; Compassion; Grace; Gentleness 1Unisex
KripiBeautiful 9Girl
KrishaDivine; Thin 3Girl
KrishiAgriculture; Farming 11Girl
KrishikaGrower; Prosperity 5Girl
KrishnaLord Krishna; Name of the river 8Unisex
KrishnanLord Krishna; Black; Dark-skinned 4Girl
KrishtiCulture; Mostly referring to the rich Indian culture; Sanstriki 4Girl
KrishyaTensity of purpose 1Girl
KristyFollower of christ 3Girl
KrituGrace; Favor 7Girl
KrivaGift from god; Unique 7Girl
KriyaPerformance 1Girl
KrshnaviThe thing which is sweetest to Lord Krishna 3Girl
KrupaGrace; Favor 22Girl
KrupalRuler of the world 7Girl
KrupaliWho always forgives 7Girl
KrushaDelicate 6Girl
KrushiHard work 5Girl
KsemaSafety; Security; Welfare; Tranquility; Goddess Durga 4Girl
KshamaForgiveness 8Girl
KshemaSafety; Security; Welfare; Tranquility; Goddess Durga 3Girl
KshemyaGoddess Durga; One who brings peace; Healthy; Wealthy; Auspicious; Another name for Shiva; Goddess of welfare 1Unisex
KshipaNight 1Girl
KshipraOne who is easy to appease; Name of a river in India; Fast; Stream 1Unisex
KshipvaElasticized 5Girl
KshirajaGoddess Lakshmi; Born of milk 5Girl
KshirinFlower; Milky 7Girl
KshithiEarth; Home; Soil; Races of men 3Girl
KshitiEarth; Home; Soil; Races of men 4Girl
KukurFlower 1Girl