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Top Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With P

70 Hindu Girl Names Starting With 'P' Found
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PadmalLotus 2Girl
PahalFacet; Beginning; An initiative 2Unisex
PahelTo start 6Girl
PahiPetal of a flower 7Girl
PalKing; Guardian; Moment 11Girl
ParaviBird 4Girl
PariBeauty; Fairy; Angel 8Girl
ParinaFairy 5Girl
ParinitiBird 6Girl
ParisTo seek; Search for; Searcher 9Girl
ParisaLike Paris; Fairy or like a fairy; Beautiful 1Girl
ParishiLike a fairy; Beautiful; Like an Angel 8Girl
ParisiLike a fairy; Beautiful; Like an Angel 9Girl
ParitaIn each direction 11Girl
ParmitaWisdom 6Girl
ParnaviBird 9Girl
ParniLeafy 4Girl
ParnikCreeper; A small leaf; Goddess Parvati 6Girl
ParnikaCreeper; A small leaf; Goddess Parvati 7Girl
ParnitaAuspicious Apsara (Auspicious angel) 7Girl
ParthiQueen 9Girl
ParthiviGoddess Sita; Princess 4Girl
ParulBeautiful; Practical; Kind; Name of a flower 5Girl
ParviniFestival 8Girl
PavakiName of Lord Murugan; Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Education); Purifying; Fire 6Unisex
PaviPure 3Unisex
PavikaName of Lord Murugan; Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Education); Purifying; Fire 6Girl
PavishikaSuggest meaning 6Girl
PavishnaDivine; Beauty of Goddess 9Girl
PavniHoney; Lord Hanuman; True; Holy 8Unisex
PearlGrand 7Girl
PearlyPearl; Pearly just similar to Pearl 5Girl
PeehuShe is great; Sweet sound; Pea-hen 1Girl
PinakiniBow shaped; Armed with a bow; A river 11Girl
PinalGod of child 7Girl
PiyushaMilk; Amrit; Drink that makes one immortal 9Girl
PoorvaEarlier; One; Elder; East 6Girl
PrachitiExperience & realisation 3Girl
PrahasSmiling girl; Cheerful; Joyful; Laughter; Colourful; Brilliance; Another name for Shiva 9Girl
PrahasaGoddess Lakshmi 1Girl
PrahasiniContinues smiling Girl 5Girl
PrajinaAmar (Immortal) 6Girl
PrajishaMorning 1Girl
Prajna Goddess Saraswati; Clever and sensible woman; Intelligence; Understanding; Discernment; Wisdom personified as Goddess Sarasvati; Insight 6Girl
PrakalpaProject 4Girl
PramitaBest friend; Wisdom 6Girl
PraptiAchievement; Discovery; Gain; Determination 8Girl
PrashiAccomplishment; Fame 8Girl
PrathaTrend; Custom 1Girl
PrathavAlways First 5Girl
PreetLove 1Girl
PremaLove; Beloved 8Girl
PreshaTalent has given by God; Beloved; Loving; God's gift 4Girl
PreshtiRay of light 5Girl
PrexaA form of the name, Preksha 1Girl
PreyaBeloved 11Girl
PrinaContent 4Girl
PrishaTalent has given by God; Beloved; Loving; God's gift 8Girl
PrishiOne who attends Ukzn and is tall 7Girl
PrishitaGentle; Creative and Ambitious; God 1Girl
PritalLoved one 4Girl
Priyalloved.aspx'>Beloved; One who gives love 9Girl
PriyamLove; Beloved 1Girl
PriyanGoddess Lakshmi; Loving 11Unisex
PriyankaBeautiful; Lovable act; Symbol; Body 5Girl
PriyanshiLovable; Dear; Loving 11Girl
PriyashaDear one 7Girl
PujitaPrayer; Worshipped; Respected; A Goddess 5Girl
PurvaEarlier; One; Elder; East 6Girl
PurvikaOrient; Formerly 8Girl