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Top Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With H

86 Hindu Girl Names Starting With 'H' Found
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HaanSun 6Unisex
HaarshiniCheerful; Happy 6Girl
HaasitaHappy or full of laughter; Always smiling; Delightful 5Girl
HaimaGoddess Parvati; Snow; Made of gold; Another name for the river Ganges; An Apsara or celestial nymph 5Girl
HaimiGolden 4Girl
HaithWho wants good for every one; Lovable 1Girl
HaiyaHeart 8Girl
HamsaSwan 6Girl
HamsikaGoddess Saraswati; The one who has a swan as her vehicle 8Girl
HaneeshaBeautiful night 7Girl
HanikaSwan 8Girl
HanimaA wave 1Girl
HanishaBeautiful night 6Girl
HanishiSwan 5Girl
HansiniSwan 11Girl
HardiniNear of heart 9Girl
HariniDeer; Goddess Lakshmi 5Girl
HarishaCultivator; Lioness; Happiness 1Girl
HaritaGreen; Gold 3Girl
HaritiGreen; Name of a Goddess 11Girl
HarleenAbsorbed in God 9Girl
HarmyaPalace 3Girl
HarshalaHappiness; Delighted 5Girl
HarshaliAnand (Happiness) 4Girl
HarshashriHappiness 1Girl
HarshiJoyous 9Girl
HarshniJoyful 5Girl
HaruniA deer 8Girl
HashiniPleasant; Wonderful; Happy or full of laughter; An Apsara or celestial nymph 5Girl
HasmitaPopularity 8Girl
HavisaGoddess Lakshmi; Sanctuary; Safe harbor; God Lakshmi 6Girl
HeemalIce; Snow mountain 8Unisex
HeenalGoddess of beauty and wealth 9Girl
HejalFruit 9Girl
HemaGolden 9Girl
HemagniGoddess Parvati; Golden body 3Girl
HemakshiGolden-eyed 11Girl
HemalGolden 3Unisex
HemangiGirl with golden body 3Girl
HemaniGoddess Parvati; Made of gold; As precious as gold; Epithet of Parvati 5Girl
HemishaHappiness; Golden 9Girl
HemitaCovered with gold 11Girl
HenaMehndi; Fragrance 1Girl
HenalGoddess of beauty and wealth 22Girl
HenishiLove 9Girl
HensiCuteness 1Girl
HeralWealthy 8Girl
HetaLove 7Girl
HetalFriendly 1Unisex
HetarthiLove; Good thinking 8Girl
HetiSunray 6Girl
HetikaSunrays 9Girl
HetiniSunset 11Girl
HetuVanquisher of all evils; Vices & sins 9Girl
HetviLove 1Girl
HimaGoddess Parvati; Of the snow; Golden; Name for Parvati and Ganga 22Girl
HimaliIce; Cold like ice; Golden skinned 7Girl
HimanshiIce 9Girl
HinalGoddess of beauty and wealth 8Girl
HirPowerful; Power; Diamond; Darkness 8Girl
HiraPowerful; Power; Diamond; Darkness 9Girl
HiralLustrous 3Girl
HirshaIs associated with Lord Vishnu 9Girl
HirvaOne of the four Vedas; Blessing 4Girl
HishaYea 9Girl
HitaWho wants good for everyone; Lovable 2Girl
HitaishiWell wisher 11Girl
HitanshiSimplicity and purity 7Girl
HitaxiWell wisher; Friend; Well-wisher 8Girl
HiteeLove and care 11Girl
HitiLove and care 1Girl
HitulWell Wisher 7Girl
HiyaHeart 7Girl
HoneySweet 4Girl
HridyesaHeart 8Girl
HridyeshaHeart 7Girl
HrishaLord Vishnu; Saintly 9Unisex
HrishikaThe village of birth 11Girl
HrishitaJoyful; Who brings happiness; Deep knowledge; The best 11Girl
HrithikaJoy; Of a truth; Generous; A small flowing river or stream; Truthful 3Girl
HritiHappiness 1Girl
HritikaJoy; Of a truth; Generous; A small flowing river or stream; Truthful 4Girl
HritviRight guidance; Happy; Scholar; Lady Indian priest who fullfill particularly completing the Vedic heaven 5Girl
HritvikaJoy of Love 8Girl
HrutiLove 4Girl
HrutviName of an Angel meaning season; Love and saint; Speech 8Girl