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Top Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With G

43 Hindu Girl Names Starting With 'G' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Gajra Garland of flowers 1 Girl
Gamini Silent 8 Girl
Ganesa Lord Ganesh; Lord of the army 2 Girl
Gangi Sacred; Pure; Comparable to the Ganges; Another name for Goddess Durga 11 Girl
Ganika Jasmine flower; Conscious; Flower 7 Girl
Ganjan Surpassing; Excelling; Winning; Vanquishing; First 2 Unisex
Gargi The person who inspires to think; An ancient scholar 6 Girl
Garima Warmth 4 Girl
Gaura Fair skinned; White; Beautiful 3 Girl
Gauravi Honour; Pride 7 Girl
Gauthami River Godavari; One who enlightens; One who removes darkness; Another name for Durga 8 Girl
Ghaena Ornament 9 Girl
Gini Gold 3 Girl
Girija Born of a mountain, Goddess Parvati, Daughter of Himalaya 9 Girl
Girisha One belonging to the mountains; Another name for Paarvati 8 Girl
Gitali Lover of the song; Musical; One who appreciates the song 4 Girl
Gitansh Gita ka Ansh (Part of Gita) 6 Girl
Gitika A little song; A small song 3 Girl
Giva Hill 3 Girl
Gomini Goddess Lakshmi; Owner of cattle 4 Girl
Gool Flower; Rose; Red; Precious; Fortune 22 Girl
Gopa Gautama's wife 3 Girl
Gopi Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna 11 Girl
Gopika A cowherd; Cowherd woman; Defender; One who protect cows; Another name for Raadha 5 Girl
Gopikashri Cowherd; Cowherd woman 5 Girl
Gopu Smart 5 Girl
Gouthami River Godavari; One who enlightens; One who removes darkness; Another name for Durga 4 Girl
Govindi A devotee of Lord Krishna 8 Girl
Gowri Bright; Goddess Parvati 9 Girl
Grahi Accepting 7 Girl
Greeshma Warmth; Kind of season 4 Girl
Greeshmi A kind of season 3 Girl
Greha Planet 3 Girl
Greshy Loves God; Graceful 1 Girl
Grishma Warmth; Kind of a season 3 Girl
Grisma Warmth; Kind of a season 4 Girl
Griva Girls who have beautiful singing throat 3 Girl
Gul Flower; Rose; Red; Precious; Fortune 4 Girl
Gulika A pearl; Circular; A shot 7 Girl
Gunakshi Kind; One who is good by nature 9 Girl
Gunjana Buzzing of a bee 5 Girl
Gyana Full of knowledge; A Devi name 3 Girl
Gyanvi Knowledgable person 6 Girl