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Top Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With L

68 Hindu Boy Names Starting With 'L' Found
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LabhProfit 5Boy
LaganAppropriate time; Devotion; Love; The rising of the Sun or planets 8Boy
LaghunQuick 9Boy
LaharWave; Surf; Ripple; Whim 22Unisex
LakhanBrother of Lord Rama; Successful; Achiever; Distinguished; With auspicious marks 2Boy
LakshAim; Target; Goal; Sign 6Boy
LakshanThe aim; One with auspicious signs; Propitious; Distinguished; Mark; The half- brother of God Raam 3Boy
LakshanyaOne who achieves; Successful; Distinguished; Objective 11Boy
LakshayDestination 5Boy
LakshinOne with auspicious marks; Propitious; Distinguished 11Boy
LakshitDistinguished; Regarded 8Boy
LakshithDistinguished 7Boy
LakshyaTarget; Aim; Destination; Meaning 5Unisex
LaksminGoddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu together 7Unisex
LalamJewel 3Boy
LalanNurturing 4Boy
LalitBeautiful; Desirable; Voluptuous; Gentle; Graceful; Charming; Sporting gentle 9Boy
LangithSuggest meaning 8Boy
LaranThe Psychic powers and abilities of the Comyn Caste 1Boy
LateshNew; Warrior 2Boy
LatishHappiness 6Boy
LavenFragrance; Lord Ganesh 9Boy
LaveshGod of Love 22Boy
LavinFragrance; Lord Ganesh 22Boy
LavishRich 8Boy
LavitLord Shiva; Lovely; Small 1Boy
LavithLord Shiva; Lovely; Small 9Boy
LavnyaBeauty; Grace 3Boy
LayakFit; Clever; Capable 5Boy
LayamRhythm 7Boy
LehanOne who refuses 22Boy
LekhDocument; Writing; Signature; Deity 9Boy
LekhanWriting; Article 6Boy
LekhitWritten 11Boy
LekithWritten 11Boy
LemarTalented one 22Boy
LeninLover 9Boy
LibeeshSuggest meaning 6Boy
LidinSpecial 3Boy
LijeshBright feature; Light 9Boy
LikeshName of lord Shiva 1Boy
LikhilGoddess Saraswati 7Boy
LikhitWritten; Drawn 6Boy
LikileshGoddess Saraswati 4Unisex
LikithWritten; Drawn 6Boy
LinaySuggest meaning 7Boy
LinuA cry of grief 2Boy
LishanTongue; Language; Defender of humanity 9Boy
LoakhanSuggest meaning 8Boy
LochanThe eye; Sight 8Unisex
LogeshName of a God 3Boy
LogithanLeek garden 5Boy
LohitRed; Made of Copper; Mars; Lord; Battle; Sandalwood; Saffron 1Boy
LohithRed; Made of Copper; Mars; Lord; Battle; Sandalwood; Saffron 9Boy
LokeshKing of world 7Boy
LokitThe enlightened one 22Boy
LomeshName of Rishi 9Boy
LopeshGod Shiva 3Boy
LovepalLove to God 11Boy
LoveshLove 9Boy
LoveyVery cold as Moon 7Boy
LovishFamous battle 4Boy
LuhitName of a river 7Boy
LukeshKing of the empire 22Boy
LukeshaKing of the empire 5Boy
LupeshSuggest meaning 9Boy
LuvFirst of Lord Rama's twin son 1Boy
LuvyaLovable 9Boy