Top Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With D

137 Hindu Boy Names Starting With 'D' Found
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DaanishTo be clever; Full of knowledge and wisdom; Merciful; Intelligence; Consciousness 11Boy
DaarshikPerceiver 8Boy
DahakPowerful 7Boy
DaivanshFrom God's familiy 6Boy
DaivatLuck; Powerful; Divinity; Heart of the God 3Boy
DakshCapable; Son of Lord Brahma; Fire; Gold; Talented; Excellent; Vigorous talented 7Boy
DakshakAble daughter 1Boy
DaksheshLord Shiva; Lord of Daksha; An epithet of Shiva 3Boy
DakshiGolden; Son; Son of Daksh; The glorious 7Boy
DakshinSouth direction; Clever; Competent; Talented; Sincere 3Boy
DakshithLord Shiva; Derived from Daksh, Daksh - competent; Adroit; Expert; Intelligent; Honest; Epithet of Som, Shiva, Vishnu, Agni 8Boy
DanishTo be smart; Full of knowledge and wisdom; Merciful; Intelligence; Consciousness 1Boy
DanujBorn of Danu, A Danava 5Boy
DarpadLord Shiva; One who endows those who walk the path of righteousness with a sense of self-respect regarding their way of life 8Boy
DarpakKamdev, God of love pride, Another name for the Love God Kaama 6Boy
Darpanmirror 9Boy
DarpitOur Reflection 5Boy
DarshSight; Handsome; Lord Krishna; When the Moon becomes visible 5Boy
DarshakSpectator 8Boy
DarshalPrayer of God 9Boy
DarsheelSomething that looks good and sober; Perfection 9Boy
DarshikPerceiver 7Boy
DarshilSomething that looks good and sober; Perfection 8Boy
DarshishContemplation; Examination 5Boy
DarshitDisplay; Signs 7Boy
DaxWho is aware in all thing always 11Boy
DaxeshLord Brahma; Ruler of Daksa 7Boy
DeepalLight; Charm full girl 7Unisex
DeepanLighting up; Brilliant; Invigorating; Passion; One who lights lamps 9Boy
DeepenLord of the lamp; Name of poet 4Boy
DeepeshLord of light 8Boy
DeepitLighted; Inflamed; Passionate; Made visible 5Boy
DeepjayBeautiful name 3Boy
DeshikGuru 11Boy
DevGod; King; Light; Heavenly; Cloud 4Boy
DevaanshPart of God; Eternal part of God; Demigod 11Boy
DevakDivine 7Unisex
DevalName of a saint; Divine; Holy; Dedicated to Gods 8Boy
DevamshPart of God 9Boy
DevanLike a God; Food offered to Gods; Holy 1Boy
DevangDivine; Part of God; Like a God 8Boy
DevankGodly 3Boy
DevanshPart of God; Eternal part of God; Demigod 1Boy
DevanshaPart of God; Eternal part of God; Demigod 11Boy
DevarshGod's gift 5Boy
DevarsheeA God likes a saint. Devarshee was used for naradmuni because he was the son of Brahma and was the saint of Lord Vishnu Bhagwan, Goddess Lakshmi 6Unisex
DevarshiTeacher of the God; Sage of the Devas 5Boy
DevenKing of Gods, Another name for Lord Indra 5Boy
DeveshKing of Gods; Another name for Indra; God of the Gods 9Boy
DevyamA part of the divine 7Boy
DeweshKing of Gods; Another name for Indra; God of the Gods 1Boy
DeyaanConcentration 5Boy
DhairyaPatience; Patient; Courage 3Boy
DhaneeshLord of wealth; Star or name of a Nakshatra; Good little boy 1Boy
DhanushA bow in hand 3Boy
DharishGlistening 4Boy
DharmiReligious 8Boy
DharmikOne who gives charity; A name of Lord Ganesh 1Boy
DharmilGood religeonist 11Boy
DharvinBlend of Daryl and Marvin 4Boy
DhavnitBard 6Boy
DheerGentle; Wise; Calm; Clever; Resolute; Firm; Patient 4Boy
DheeranAchiever; Devoted 1Boy
DhikshitInitiated 7Boy
DhilanSon of the waves 3Boy
DhilenName of thilai 7Boy
DhrishSight 3Boy
DhritiCourage; Morale; Steadiness; Command; Pleasure; Determination; Patience; Virtue 5Unisex
DhritilMan with patience 8Boy
DhrumilNil 4Boy
DhrushilCharming 9Boy
DhrutMotion 8Boy
DhrutavThe Immovable; Constant; Pole Star; A derivative of name Dhruva 4Boy
DhruvPole star; Immovable; Eternal; Firm; Steady 1Boy
DhruvanshA part of the polar star 7Boy
DhruvavThe immovable 6Boy
DhruvenIt is derived from Dhruv meaning constant or polestar 11Boy
DhruveshAtut Lakshya 6Boy
DhruvinGreat person 6Boy
DhruvishDerived from Dhruv pole 1Boy
DhruvitTo observe; Happy 3Boy
DhuvinComb 6Boy
DhvanilSound of wind 7Boy
DhvanshDemolish 4Boy
DhvanyaSound 3Boy
DhvenGodly 8Boy
DhwanilSound of wind 8Boy
DhwanitVoice 7Boy
DhwnitGod is my judge 6Boy
DhyanReflection; Meditation 7Boy
DhyanaMeditation 8Unisex
DhyaneshMeditative 3Boy
DhyeyAim 4Boy
DiaDivine 5Boy
DiashaSuggest meaning 6Boy
DigantHorizon 1Boy
DiganthHorizon 9Boy
DijeshOne who rules by the day 1Boy
DijulInnocent 2Unisex
DikshitInitiated 8Boy