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Top Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With V

101 Hindu Girl Names Starting With 'V' Found
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VaaniSpeech 2Girl
VadhiLord of Gods 8Girl
VahiniFlowing 9Girl
VaibhaviLandLord; Rich person 11Girl
VaidehiGoddess Sita, Sita, Daughter of Janak; Long pepper; A cow 4Girl
VaishaviGoddess Parvati, Lord Vishnu's devotee 1Girl
VaishuGoddess Lakshmi; Nickname of Vaishnavi 8Girl
VaishviA devotee of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Parvati 9Girl
VakulaA flower; Clever; Patient; Circumspect; Attentive 5Girl
ValiniStars 4Girl
ValliCreeper 2Girl
VamaWoman 1Girl
VamilBeautiful 3Girl
VanditaThanking; Adored; Praised; Saluted; Worshipped 8Girl
VaneetWished for; Loved; Desired 22Girl
VanhiFire 9Girl
VaniSpeech 1Girl
VanitaLady; Loved; Desired 22Girl
VanshiFlute 1Girl
VardaGranter of boons; Goddess Lakshmi; A deity; A river 1Girl
VardaniName of a Raga 6Girl
VariWater; Sea 5Girl
VarnishaGarnishing; Beautiful Night; Rain 11Girl
VarsheniGoddess of rain 6Girl
VarshiniGoddess of rain 1Girl
VarshinyGoddess of rain 8Girl
VartikaLamp 1Girl
VarunaName of a river; Wife of Vann 5Girl
VaruniThe Goddess who is the power of Varuna; A Goddess 4Girl
VarushaYear; Rain 9Girl
VaryaTreasure; Valuable; Illustrious; Excellent; Another name for the Love God Kaama 22Unisex
VasanaGoddess Durga; Knowledge derived from past perception; Fancy; Imagination; Idea; Desire; Inclination 4Girl
VasantiOf Spring; Name of a musical Raagini 5Girl
VasutaProsperous 3Girl
VatsalaAffectionate; Gentle 4Girl
VatslaDaughter; Loving 3Girl
VedaPious; Writing of the Aryans; Devout; Celebrated; Worthy 5Unisex
VedangiA part of Vedas 8Girl
VedantaThe term Veda means knowledge and anta means the end, and originally referred to the Upanishads 22Unisex
VedantiKnower of the Vedas; Knowledgeable about the Vedas; Theologian 3Girl
VedhaPious; Writing of the Aryans; Devout; Celebrated; Worthy 22Girl
VedhikaFull of knowledge; Altar; A river in India; Consciousness; An Apsara or celestial 6Girl
VediScience; Knowledge; Another name of Sarasvatee; Learned; Teacher 22Unisex
VeekshaVision; Knowledge; Intelligence 8Girl
VelaTime; Season; Shore 4Girl
VelliSilver in Kannada and Tamil; Silver; A companion 6Girl
VenahPining 5Girl
VencyPony 6Girl
VetaliGoddess Durga 6Girl
VetriVictory 11Girl
VibhaNight; The Moon; Beauty; Ray of light; Brilliance 6Girl
VibhiFearless 5Girl
VibhutiGreat personality 1Unisex
VibushaBright 1Girl
VidyaKnowledge; Learning 7Girl
VidyulLightning 3Girl
VihanaEarly morning 1Girl
VihangiFree bird 7Girl
VihaniEarly Morning 9Girl
VijetaVictorious; Victory 22Girl
VikishaTo win; To conquer 7Girl
VineelaMoon light; Black Sky 5Girl
VineetaHumble; Unassuming; Obedience; Knowledge; Venus; Requester 4Girl
ViniModest 9Girl
VinitaHumble; Unassuming; Obedience; Knowledge; Venus; Requester 3Girl
ViraajMost significant in the universe; The Sun or the King; Resplendent; Splendor; Ruler; Beauty; Brilliant; Excellence; Majesty; Another name for Agni and Buddha; Pure 7Unisex
VirahiGenius; Loving; Passionate; Successful; Brave; Trustworthy 4Girl
ViranshuStrong 4Girl
ViriFlower 4Girl
VirtaBravery 7Unisex
VishaPoison 5Girl
VishalyaPainless 7Girl
VishikaLamp; Stars 7Girl
VishmaGoddess Parvati; Very special 9Girl
VishrantiRest; Relaxation 3Girl
VishvaEarth; Universe 9Unisex
VismayaAmazing 9Girl
VismitaWonderment; Amazement; Wondering 3Girl
VitiLight; Knowledge; Pleasure; Brilliance; Fire; Acquisition 6Girl
VivaFull of life 9Girl
VivekaProper knowledge; Discernment; Reaspm 7Girl
VivikaDifferent 11Girl
VivikshaIntelligent; Smile; Something Special 11Girl
ViyaPoem 3Girl
ViyonaSky 5Girl
ViyoniVery special 4Girl
VriddhiGrowth 11Girl
VrindaBasil; Goddess Radha; Holy; Many; All; A chorus of singers; Tulsi or sacred Basil 5Girl
VrishaCow 5Unisex
VrishaliKarna's wife name in Mahabharata; Success 8Girl
VrishtiRain 6Girl
VruddhiGrowth 5Girl
VrundBasil; Goddess Radha; Tulsi 7Girl
VrundaBasil; Goddess Radha; Holy; Many; All; A chorus of singers; Tulsi or sacred Basil 8Girl
VrushaliKarna's wife name in Mahabharata; Success 11Girl
VrushtiRainfall; Heavy rain 9Girl
VrustiRainfall; Heavy rain 1Girl
VrutaUniverse 1Girl
VrutikaSuccess in life; Thought 3Girl
VyomaWho lives in the Sky; Bird 22Girl