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Respect; Hope and need Suggest meaning
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Similar names for Aadab

Name Meaning Numerology
aadab Respect; Hope and need 9
adab Respect; Hope and need 8
adeeb A literary person; Cultured; Civilized 8
adeebah One who has excellent manners 8
adeep The light of Lord Vishnu 22
adhip King; Ruler 11
adhipa King; Ruler 3
adib A literary person; Cultured; Civilized 7
ateeb Very pious 6
atubah Soft; Delicate 8
ijtiba Chosen 6
uddip Giving light; Flood 9
udeep Giving light; Flood 6
utaib Gentleness 8
utbah Threshold 7
yadab Lord Krishna; Descendant from Yadu; Name of Krishna 6

Variant names for name Aadab

Name Numerology
aadab 9