Cute Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With P

114 Hindu Girl Names Starting With 'P' Found
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PadmaGoddess Lakshmi Lotus; Lotus coloured; A thousand bilLion 8Unisex
PahiPetal of a flower 7Girl
PakheeBird 1Girl
PakhiBird 9Girl
PakshiBird 1Girl
PalKing; Guardian; Moment 11Girl
PalkaA remote place 5Girl
PambaName of a river 6Girl
PampaRiver 2Girl
PamphaA flower 1Girl
PanchiBird 6Girl
PankhiBird 5Girl
PanktiLine; Sentence 8Girl
PannaEmerald 1Unisex
PanyaAdmired; Glorious; Excellent 3Girl
ParaBest; The Goddess who is above the five elements 9Girl
ParaaBest; The Goddess who is above the five elements 1Girl
PariBeauty; Fairy; Angel 8Girl
ParmaComfort 22Girl
ParniLeafy 4Girl
ParooThe Sun; Fire; Goddess Parvati; Graceful or flow of water 11Girl
ParshaPious; Pure or chaste or devout or holy or Persian 9Unisex
ParthiQueen 9Girl
ParuThe Sun; Fire; Goddess Parvati; Graceful or flow of water 2Girl
PavaSuggest meaning 4Girl
PaviPure 3Unisex
PearlGrand 7Girl
PearlyPearl; Pearly just similar to Pearl 5Girl
PeehuShe is great; Sweet sound; Pea-hen 1Girl
PeyaEveryone's favorite 2Girl
PhalyaFlower; Bud 9Girl
PiaBeloved 8Girl
PihooShe is excellent; Sweet sound; Pea-hen 9Girl
PihuShe is excellent; Sweet sound; Pea-hen 9Girl
PikuSmart; Honest 3Girl
PingaGoddess Durga; A bowstring; A kind of yellow pigment; An epithet of Durga 11Girl
PinkyLike a Rose; Pinkish 3Girl
PiushaElixir 11Girl
PiyaBeloved; Pious 6Girl
PoojaIdol worship 3Girl
PoortiSupply; Satisfaction 3Girl
PoorvaEarlier; One; Elder; East 6Girl
PoorviA classical melody; From the east 5Girl
PraachiEast; Orient 11Girl
PraadhaSupreme; Prominent 4Girl
PraagyaLord Vishnu; Prowess; Intellect 6Unisex
PraashaDesire; A mark of Love 1Girl
PrabhaLight; Glow; Shine; Brilliance; An Apsara or celestial nymph 1Girl
PrachiEast; Orient 1Girl
PragiSuggest meaning 6Girl
PragnaBuddhi 3Girl
PragyaLord Vishnu; Prowess 5Girl
PragyaaLord Vishnu; Prowess; Intellect 6Unisex
PrakshiOne who protects light 1Girl
PrangiSuggest meaning 11Girl
PranjaVery cute 6Girl
PrankiSuggest meaning 6Girl
PranshiGoddess Lakshmi; Of great stature 4Girl
PrashaDesire; A mark of Love 9Unisex
PrashiAccomplishment; Fame 8Girl
PrashviA Mark of Love; Soulmate 3Girl
PrathaTrend; Custom 1Girl
PratiOne who appreciates and loves music 1Girl
PratviGoddess Sita; Princess 5Girl
PraudhaOne who is old 6Girl
PraviLord Hanuman 3Girl
PreanaCreativity 1Girl
PreetLove 1Girl
PreethaHappy; Dear one; Another name of Kunti (Mother of Pandavas) 1Girl
PreethiLove; Satisfaction 9Girl
PreetiAffection; Love 1Girl
PreetyAffection; Love 8Girl
PrekshaViewer; Beholding; Viewing 6Girl
PremaLove; Beloved 8Girl
PreshaTalent has given by God; Beloved; Loving; God's gift 4Girl
PrexaA form of the name, Preksha 1Girl
PreyaBeloved 11Girl
PrijaGoddess of good wishes 9Girl
PrimaLove, Affection 3Girl
PrinaContent 4Girl
PrishaTalent has given by God; Beloved; Loving; God's gift 8Girl
PrishiOne who attends Ukzn and is tall 7Girl
PritaHappy; Dear one; Another name of Kunti (Mother of Pandavas) 1Girl
PrithaHappy; Dear one; Another name of Kunti (Mother of Pandavas) 9Girl
PritheeLove; Satisfaction 9Girl
PrithiLove; Satisfaction 8Girl
PritiAffection; Love 9Girl
PriyaLoved one; Darling; Beloved 6Girl
PriyaaLoved one; Darling; Beloved 7Girl
PriyamLove; Beloved 1Girl
PrushtiPink 3Girl
PruthaDaughter of earth 3Girl
PruthviEarth 6Unisex
PubiThe wind which passes through east 3Girl
PuchiSweet 3Girl
PujaIdol worship 3Girl
PujiGentle 2Girl
PujyaRespectable 1Girl
PumaComplete; Content 6Girl
PunaiAchiever; Eastern; A musical raagini 7Girl