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143 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Lamp'
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AkaaldeepEternal lamp; Lamp of the God 11Boy
AkaldeepEternal lamp; Lamp of the God 1Boy
AkshdeepThe lamp of light in the Sky 6Boy
AmandeepSharp witted; Light; Lamp of peace; Lamp of tranquility 5Boy
AndeepModest lamp 9Boy
ApardeepThe lamp of the infinite 3Boy
BhavandeepTemple lamp 6Boy
BhavdeepThe lamp of the world 9Boy
ChandandeepSandal lamp 3Boy
ChetandeepLamp of consciousness 9Boy
ChintavLamp 5Boy
ChiragBrilliance; Lamp 1Boy
DayadeepLamp of compassion 7Boy
DeepA lamp; Brilliance; Beautiful; Light 3Boy
DeepakLampe; Kindle; Brilliance 6Boy
DeepakrajLamp; Kindle; Radiant 8Boy
DeepenLord of the lamp; Name of poet 4Boy
DeepjotLamp flame 3Boy
DeepleenAbsorbed in the lamp 3Boy
DharamdeepLamp of religion 3Boy
DipakLampe; Kindle; Brilliance 5Boy
DipanjanEye of lamp 6Boy
DipayanLight of a lamp 7Boy
DipenLord of the lamp; Name of poet 3Boy
DipjyotiThe light of the lamp 9Boy
DiyanBright light 8Boy
DnyandeepA lamp of knowledge 7Boy
FatehdeepLamp of victory 7Boy
GiaandeepThe lamp of divine knowledge 8Boy
GiandeepA lamp of divine knowledge 7Boy
GuldeepRose lamp 7Boy
GulshandeepThe lamp of the rose garden 4Boy
GundeepLamp of excellences 9Boy
GurdeepThe lamp of the Guru 4Boy
GursandeepThe Guru's shining lamp 11Boy
GurudeepThe lamp of the Guru 7Boy
GyandeepThe lamp of divine knowledge 5Boy
JagandeepThe lamp of the world 9Boy
JaldeepJal means water and deep means lamp, so it means a lamp in the water 8Boy
JasdeepThe lamp radiating God's glories; Lamp of glory 6Boy
JatinderdeepThe pure lamp of the Lord 3Boy
JivandeepThe lamp of life 7Boy
JusdeepLamp of glory 8Boy
JyothiFlame; Lamp; Light; Brilliant; Passionate; Scared; Fire; Vitality dawn; Energy and intelligence; Dawn 6Unisex
JyotiFlame; Lamp; Light; Brilliant; Passionate; Scared; Fire; Vitality dawn; Energy and intelligence; Dawn 7Unisex
KaladeepLamp of art 1Boy
KanchandeepGolden lamp 1Boy
KanwaldeepA lamp of the heart 11Boy
KarandeepThe lamp with the first ray of sunlight 3Boy
KarmdeepThe lamp of the god; grace 1Boy
Gyan KarthikLord Shiva; Lamp of knowledge 8Boy
KewaldeepIndependent lamp 1Boy
KomaldeepSoft lamp 1Boy
KuldeepThe enlightened one in the family; An entire region of the family; The lamp of the family 11Boy
KuldipThe enlightened one in the family; Entire region of the family; The lamp of the family 1Boy
LaavindeepIlluminated; infused lamp; Bright future 8Boy
LavindeepIlluminated; infused lamp; Bright future 7Boy
MahandeepThe lamp of exalted light 4Boy
ManohardeepCharming lamp 1Boy
MisbaahLamp; Light 8Boy
MisbahLamp; Light 7Boy
MisbahuddinThe lamp of the religion (Islam) 5Boy
MohandeepCharming lamp 9Boy
MuneerBrilliant; Shining; Moon's light; Lamp 4Boy
MunirBrilliant; Shining; Moon's light; Lamp 3Boy
NabdeepLight; The ever new light; New lamp; 11Boy
NamritadeepHumble lamp 7Boy
NarinderdeepKings lamp 5Boy
NavadeepLight; The ever new light; New lamp; 5Boy
NavdeepLight; The ever new light; New lamp; 4Boy
NavdipLight; The ever new light; New lamp; 3Boy
NekdeepNoble lamp 6Boy
NibrasLamp; Light 9Unisex
NimmardeepModest lamp 8Boy
NirmaldeepHoly lamp 7Boy
NoordeepA lamp of light 11Boy
ParamdeepThe lamp of the divine 7Boy
PavandeepFirmament illuminated; Lamp of heavens 3Boy
PrafuldeepBlooming lamp 5Boy
PrakashdeepLight of lamp; Lighthouse 5Boy
PremdeepThe lamp of Love 1Boy
QindilOil lamp; Light 11Boy
RaagdeepMusic and Lamp 3Boy
RameenajitThe lamp of all pervanding God 6Boy
RameshpalLords lamp 3Boy
RangaatamThe lamp hero of the battle 4Boy
RatangiaanPrecious like God's lamp 5Boy
RaushandeepThe lamp of a gem 4Boy
RaushanpreetFamous lamp 11Boy
RavinderpreetThe lamp of the Lord Sun 11Boy
SadhuEternal lamp; Flame 8Boy
SagaljotEternal lamp; Flame 22Boy
SaihajleenThe religion of peace and bliss; Lamp of peace and bliss 3Boy
SamarjotLamp of war 7Boy
SamranHero of battle; Lamp of equality 3Boy
SandeepA lighted lamp; Brilliant; Ablaze 1Boy
SandipA lighted lamp; Brilliant; Ablaze 9Boy
SangatpreetA lighted lamp; Always there for you 9Boy
SangatpremA lamp 6Boy
SantokhjotLamp of satisfaction 7Boy